Bob Reina: He Does Not Take Life For Granted

One of the fatal mistakes that people make in life is taking it for granted. They need to always make sure they have their eye on the prize and they have goals they want to accomplish. For some people, it helps to write down those goals. This way, they never forget them and they never get ignored. Life does move very fast and sometimes people get caught up in unimportant details. It is vital to know what is important and what is a time-waster. An individual like Bob Reina is someone that always makes sure to make time for the important things in life such as Talk Fusion. Learn more:


It is the company he founded and created going all the way back to 2007. It is hard to believe how fast time flies and how much has changed in those 11 years. Now, there are iPads, iPhones, and so much technology. It is a great thing, no question, but it needs to be used for the right reasons. When people don’t use it for the right reasons, it can be a distraction and it can cause people to lose sight of their goals and lose sight of what is truly important to them. Bob Reina wants people to use technology to further their lives and further their careers.


With Talk Fusion, it is all about reaching a large audience through video newsletters and video chats. By reaching so many people at once, it allows the product to grow and it allows more eyes to see it. It is important to have as many eyes on it as possible. You never know who is watching and who is taking an interest in your product. All it takes is the right pair of eyes, and they can fund the company or become an investor.


Bob Reina knows he has a lot of responsibility on his plate and a whole host of people are looking at him and depending on him. In his mind, he wouldn’t have it any other way. He enjoys the opportunity and does not view it as pressure.




Jeunesse Global Product Review

One of the first places where aging can be seen is on the delicate facial skin, which is most open to the air and to pollutants, dirt and other chemicals that can speed up the aging process. With Jeunesse’s Instantly Ageless product, individuals around the world can look instantly younger, can feel more confident in their own skin and can minimize many of the most common effects of aging.

Instantly Ageless provides a wide array of benefits for men and women when used across the face. It can lift sagging skin, particularly around the eyes, and it can treat lines and wrinkles, including expression lines. It even decreases the size of large pores, improves the tone of the skin and creates a beautifully healthy glow. Those with crow’s feet, sagging under-eyes or brows, horizontal wrinkles across the forehead, nasolabial folds and sagging cheeks have all experienced great results. The amazing thing is that it can do all of this in just two minutes flat.

Jeunesse uses safe and effective ingredients to target the tissues deep within the skin. This microcream quickly penetrates the skin, making it into the deeper tissues where growth hormones, collagen and elastin lie. Each application of Instantly Ageless can last up to nine hours, providing results that last through work, meetings and social events. No longer is older, sagging skin unable to be treated. With one small, multi-use vial, individuals can experience youthful skin and can feel more confident than ever in their bodies.

Jeunesse provides a variety of whole-body treatments that use safe and effective ingredients to treat the whole body from the inside out for results at the cellular level. Jeunesse is offered around the world through direct marketing that is based on a wonderful model first developed when the company was founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Their mission has always been to help people live longer and to help them to thrive as they do so. Founded as a family business, Jeunesse grows more popular every year as thousands around the world find out about “Generation Young.”

End Citizens United: Advocates Net Neutrality

The recent decision by the Federal Communications Commission to no longer support net neutrality has risen significant controversy in the American political system. The issue of net neutrality has been growing in prominence over the last year as corporations are vying for control over the population’s access to the Internet.

While just several decades ago it would have been impossible to foresee the impact of the Internet on our nation’s economy today it seems impossible to imagine a world without the global network of information. Corporations have been trying to gain control over the population’s ability to access this global network, but so far legislation has kept the Internet free. The Issue of net neutrality regards the ability to access all of the Internet freely and until recently was legislatively supported in America. The Federal Communications Commission decision to abandon support of net neutrality has been met with outrage particularly by our nations youngest generation of voters.

Political action committee and grassroots political organization End Citizens United has publicly taken a vowel to support politicians who are in favor of net neutrality. End Citizens United has become one of the nations most influential political action committees in the last three years since it was originally founded in 2015. The organization’s mission statement is to help eliminate the influence of big money in politics by supporting of the Reformation of campaign finance policies in America. Tiffany Muller, the organization’s executive director, has stated that the support of net neutrality was made in an effort to increase voter turnout for millennial’s the nations youngest demographic of voters.

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Millennials have in surveys been shown to be significantly more interested in their ability to freely access the Internet. They are also much more likely to spend significant amounts of time on the Internet. Because of these facts, the issue of net neutrality has the greatest impact in this demographic of voters. Already several politicians of the Democratic Party have taken a public stance in favor of supporting net neutrality. Members of the Republican Party believe that net neutrality is unnecessary regulatory legislation. They believe that there is no need for this legislation and that without net neutrality there will be no significant impact on our nations populace ability to access the global network of information. Democratic candidates believe that the freedom to access the information unfettered by corporate interests is a fundamental human right and should be protected in our nation’s Constitution.

While the primary purpose of political organization End Citizens United is to eliminate the influence of the economic elite on our nation’s politicians by supporting net neutrality, they hope that they can gain significant traction in our nations youngest group of voters. By getting their support, End Citizens United will also be able to help change campaign finance laws in our country.

Improved Sleep Hygiene Could Lead to Better Sleep

Most of us could stand to get a good night’s sleep (or two), but with busy schedules and a ton of obligations to fulfill on a daily basis, it pretty likely that we don’t. A number of Americans also suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders, and are working during unconventional hours, which means they aren’t able to rest according to their body’s natural circadian rhythm. Acupuncturists and other Eastern medicine specialists assert that good sleep hygiene could be the key to getting more restful sleep, which could reduce conditions like anxiety, depression, mood swings and even weight gain.

One of the best ways to practice good sleep hygiene is to shut off all electronics about an hour before going to bed. Some specialists even suggest not introducing phones or tablets back into your room until the next morning when you wake up.

It’s also important to have a relaxation ritual before going to bed. This prepares the body and mind for sleep and can help you stay asleep longer. Drinking a cup of chamomile or lavender tea soothes the nervous system and makes it easier for your body to fall asleep. You may also want to take a hot bath or shower before bed to relax tired muscles and rid your body of the day’s impurities. If you have a hard time staying asleep all night, taking a melatonin supplement a couple of hours before you want to get to sleep could help. The supplement resets your body’s internal clock, which is why it also comes in handy for people who travel to different time zones often.

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How Exercise can Be the Best Medicine

Studies all around the world show how important exercise is. Not only does it slow our natural aging process but it also prevents certain diseases like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. In this article, I’m going to be breaking down how exercise is the best form of medicine out there. Let’s get started!

1. Better overall health
Exercise has been shown to improve properties in our overall body. First, it causes us to have a lean and healthy BMI. Second, exercise lowers our blood sugar levels along with our blood pressure levels. The reasons why we call exercise “the best medicine” is that by performing daily amounts of exercise, you dramatically decrease your chances of being diagnosed with a serious disease like heart disease, coronary artery disease, and multiple other ones. If you want to really decrease your odds of coming up with a heart problem, perform daily amounts of cardiovascular exercises such as jump rope, running, jogging, swimming, and biking. These exercises are all extremely heart healthy and will keep you in shape over the course of your life. In general, the more you exercise, the better off you’ll be when it comes to health

2. It’s not about the intensity
Doctors all around the world have shown that performing little exercise is better than no exercise at all. Like I mentioned earlier, exercise is one of the biggest things you can do to slow down the aging process. My recommendation would be to find out what exercises you like to do the best and do them often. By doing this, you are not only strengthening your body but you are also having fun in the process. Also, science has shown that regular exercise reduces stress and provides mental clarity for the individual. At the end of the day, exercise is of extreme importance. Make it a goal everyday to get out of the house and do something active.

How to Get Ripped

Many Americans want to lose some pounds for the upcoming summer. However, some of them really don’t know how to effectively do it. A lot of Americans have created many fitness misconceptions that have resulted in poor results. The good news is that losing weight is relatively easy and simple. However, one must maintain the discipline to fulfill their goal of losing weight. This is the tricky part. In this article, I’m going to be breaking down just how easy it is to lose weight. Let’s get started!

1. Caloric deficit
Through evolution, our body had to hold on to every bit of energy in order to survive. Fortunately, we are not in primitive times anymore. In order to lose fat, you must be in a caloric deficit. In other words, you must be consuming less calories per day than what your body is burning per day. To find out the amount of calories you should consume daily, I’d recommend going to an online calorie calculator. These calculators are fairly accurate and are a great first step on your weight loss journey. As you consume a fixed amount of calories every day, make sure that you are tracking your progress. When you wake up in the morning, go straight to the scale to measure your weight. At the end of the week, average those seven weights and that will be your most accurate weight for the week. Repeat that process the following week. Your goal should be to lose 1-2 lbs per week.

2. Exercise
Like they say, exercise is the best medicine. For losing weight, focus on high intensity cardio exercises like jump rope, burpees, sprints, and tuck jumps. These will burn the most calories while preserving the most muscle. Then again, you don’t want to get to the end of your weight loss journey with only skin and bones left.

Michael Burwell the Financial Expert and CFO of Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell is a financial expert based in the United Kingdom. He is currently the chief financial officer of the Willis Towers Watson. Willis Towers Watson is a world’s leading broking and advisory solutions company. They provide solutions that manage risks, expand the power of capital, cultivate talent and optimize benefits. He joined the company in 2017 as he replaced the former chief financial officer Rodger Millay who voluntarily retired. Willis Towers Watson has 1828 branches worldwide and has a workforce of 40,000 employees serving in more than 40 countries. He also serves as a board member of the sacred heart rehabilitation center. Burwell has over three decades experience in financial and professional services. Refer to This Article for additional information.


He holds a bachelors of Arts degree in Business Administration and an accounting certificate from Michigan state university. In 2010, he was recognized by Michigan State University as an alumnus of the year. In his career path, he worked as a global and US transformation manager at the PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. In 2006, he became a partner of the Pricewaterhouse. Michael also served as the head of Pricewaterhouse Coopers global automotive shareholder value awards team that recognizes global parts suppliers and vehicle manufacturers. From 2006 to 2008, Mike worked as head of transaction services group at the PWC. Burwell has also led a wide range of buy and sell-side projects for small enterprises, multinational companies and private firms. Additionally, Michael has served as the chairman of the automotive suppliers and M&A Institute conference. He is also a speaker and writer for the automotive industry.


John Haley, the chief executive officer of Willis Towers Watson, commented on the appointment of Michael Burwell. He said he is excited to have Burwell in the company. He also said that Mike has joined the leadership team at a crucial time of evolution, and he is confident that his vast experience and expertise in finance will guide the company towards bigger profits. Michael was honored to be appointed to the position and assured he will work to ensure the company becomes a success. The Willis Towers Watson company is lucky to have Burwell as their new chief financial officer as he brings in 11 years of auditing experience and 12 years of transaction services experience.


Michael Burwell helps people with great business ideas by making sure they get proper light and evaluation. He believes in technology because it causes people to be more productive. He continually shares apps that may seem exciting and helpful to others.



New Harvard Study Suggests Probiotics Could Be Viable Alternative Therapy For MS

A new study out of the Harvard Medical School suggests probiotics might be a good alternative therapy for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. This new research also proves that these “good” bacteria can survive MS patients’ stomach acid and significantly reduce inflammation in the gut.

22 people took part in this tiny study. Nine of these study participants suffered from MS.

All participants were required to visit the hospital three different times during throughout a period of five months. At each check-up, doctors examined samples of each patient’s blood and stool. Doctors also took detailed brain scans and DNA swabs of every patient.

The first hospital visit was taken before patients went on the probiotic supplement. After two months of taking probiotics, doctors performed their second test. Lastly, study authors told patients to stop taking the probiotics and invited them back for a third checkup three months later.

The specific probiotic formula used in this study is called Visbiome, better known on the market as VSL#3. While there is an over-the-counter version of VSL#3 available, doctors chose to use the stronger prescription-grade VSL#3 in this study.

Amazingly, researchers said it was difficult to tell the difference between the guts of the control group and the MS group as they were taking probiotic supplements. They also found that MS patients had less overall inflammation while on Visbiome.

This study proves probiotics can survive and thrive in the gut microbiome of MS patients. While the results from this study are promising, Harvard researchers now want to conduct a larger clinical trial to learn more about how probiotics can help MS patients.

Stephanie Tankou, who works as a research fellow in the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, was the lead author of this study. In her previous work, Dr. Tankou discovered that MS patients’ have extremely different gut flora to non-MS patients.

Researchers involved in Dr. Tankou’s previous work found that MS patients tend to have “bad” bacterial strains like Methanobrevibacter and Akkermansia in their guts. These two bacterial strains are known to cause severe inflammation throughout the body.

Both the Ann Romney Center for Neurologic Diseases and Teva Neuroscience Inc. provided funding for Dr. Tankou’s work. This study was published in Vol. 24, Issue 1, of Sage Journals under the title, “Investigation of probiotics in multiple sclerosis.”

Jeremy Goldstein: Why Stock Options are the Best Way to Go

Not a lot of people these days understand what stock options are. Back in the day, more people paid attention to the stock market and planned for retirement as a way of life. These days, people tend to live in the here and now.

Stock options aren’t as appealing as they used to be. For that reason, many corporations have stopped providing stock options as an employee benefit. Since this trend has taken effect, there a lot of business lawyers and experts, like Jeremy Goldstein, advising against this new trend.

While every corporation has its own reasons for doing this, they are three main reasons they seem to all have in common. For once, money isn’t really the issue here. It’s more about how corporations and their employees feel about stock options. Lately, stock options seem to have more disadvantages than advantages.

First, stock values can drop like a rock. People have seen stock values be up one day and take a tremendous fall the next day. If a stock falls too low, employees lose their ability to exercise that option, potentially leaving them in option overhang. Corporations don’t want that risk anymore.

Not only do corporations not want that risk; employees don’t want to risk either. That’s the second reason more corporations are offering different types of benefits. Employees don’t want potentially worthless stocks when they can have real cash they can control. Stock benefits behave too much like casino tokens.

Also, corporations don’t want to deal with all the paperwork and accounting burdens. It’s just easier to offer things like higher salaries, equities, or more personalized insurance coverage. While those benefits all sound amazing, Jeremy Goldstein still recommends that corporations give stock options another chance. In the end, stock options might be more preferable. Learn more:

Jeremy Goldstein is a highly educated business lawyer with over 15 years of experience. His experience started back in his college days. He has degrees from New York University School of Law, the University of Chicago, and Cornell University. After college, he started working at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz.

After perfecting his craft, he opened his own boutique law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC. Since then, he’s become most corporations’ go-to guy when it comes to compensation advice.


Holistic Mental Health Services Hit Bureau County

Pam Heil and Sarah Scruggs decided to try a different approach to mental health care in Illinois Valley. Instead of focusing on medication and the latest technological advancements in mental health wellness, the two founders decided to launch a holistic mental health facility. The facility focuses on the three key areas of the self, which are mind, body and soul. They use a several-point program that enriches various areas of their lives at once.

Toning the Body
Exercise and a healthy body can be the gateways to overall wellness. This facility focuses on providing Yoga lessons and ongoing Yoga classes. Yoga is a type of exercise that teaches relaxation, balance, and a connection with nature.

Improving the Mind Through Relationships
The program directors beleive that mental health can improve if an individual changes the relationships in his or her life. That could mean terminating relationships, beginning them or even changing them to more fruitful situations. Therefore, they pay close attention to their members’ upbringing, parenting styles, and overall relationships that they have in their lives. The specialists help such people to improve relationships that may be failing at this time.

Experiencing Community Love
Another unique aspect of this particular program is that it pushes community involvement and bonding. Many people are alone with no support, and that situation may contribute to their poor mental health state. This program is designed to encourage fruitful relationships that will help each member to grow immensely.

The new institute offers affordable Yoga lessons and membership. Its goal is to encourage people to join, not scare them away with outrageous fees. Many people are flocking to such facilities because they want to live healthy lives that don’t include a heap of medication. The company CEO is dedicated to continuing the programs and improving the lives of their members.