Ancient Eastern Spice Remedy Gets Scientific Support From UCLA

Tumeric is a common spice, but in the traditional Indian medical practice of Ayurveda, the substance has long been associated with a variety of healing and health properties.

Now a modern study from the labs of UCLA has given strong evidence that turmeric may have significant effects on the health of the human brain. Specifically, eating the spice every day may prevent or lessen the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. In healthy people, it may significantly improve memory up to 28%.

The study was published in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. The active ingredient in turmeric appears to be curcumin. It gives the spice its bright orange-yellow color. Curcumin is also found in curry.

It is well known that people in India favor turmeric and curry in their daily diets. Researchers have also long known that the senior citizens of India have far lower rates of Alzheimer’s and senile dementia. The curcumin connection seems too strong a correlation to ignore.

The recent turmeric study was led by Dr. Gary Small who the works at UCLA’s Longevity Center as director of geriatric psychiatry. He said that although the precise biological mechanism curcumin sparks to produce beneficial brain effects is not yet known, he suspects it lessens inflammation of the brain. Ayurvedic doctors have long used curcumin to treat other forms of inflammation, such as that associated with arthritis.

Other subjects in the UCLA curcumin study also reported improvements in mood and relief from depression. These subjective feelings are backed up the solid data of PET scans. The scans revealed significantly less amyloid and tau signals from the amygdala and hypothalamus compared to subjects who were given placebos.

What practitioners of Eastern medicines have known for centuries about turmeric and curry now has modern science to back it up.

Dr. Mark Holterman, More than Just a Pediatrician

Nothing is more important to a sick child and concerned parent, than finding a qualified pediatrician. One that is competent, well educated and compassionate. Dr. Mark Holterman is all these things and more. Dr. Holterman is an educator, surgeon, researcher and contributes to the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam.

He grew up on a farm in Wisconsin to parents who were not college educated. His accomplishments in high school led to his teacher recommending Yale as a potential university. His biology degree from Yale led to his medical school education at the University of Virginia. As a participant in an NIH program, he became a medical scientist.

During his tenure at UVA he met his future wife. She had graduated from Texas Christian University. The influence of each of their lives encouraged Mark to become a surgeon as well as a pediatrician. His interest in pediatrics inspired her to become a pediatric surgeon.

Dr. Holterman’s two decades of experience have led him to many endeavors. His is a full professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, teaching courses in surgery and pediatrics. He is a pediatric surgeon at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois, St. Francis Medical Center as well as the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital. His surgical and pediatric prowess also leads to patients at the University of Illinois’ hospital facilities.

His research in c has led him to co-found The Hannah Sunshine Foundation. This auspicious organization seeks children that suffer from chronic illnesses that are rare and to grant them treatment on the cellular level. Stem cell treatment has become a passionate part of his research.

A visit to Vietnam was enlightening to Dr. Holterman. He and his wife visited a children’s hospital that was severely overcrowded. Many beds held three patients. Families were forced to travel long distances for help. He met with the hospitals chief surgeon and he, his wife Ai-Xuan and the surgeon created an American nonprofit in 2009. It was formed to establish clinics, reduce infection and to improve care of sick children.


Securus Technologies Shares Client Testimonials

I recently read a very interesting article regarding in-prison security technology. While, it’s something I may have not thought about in the past. It was very interesting to see how many crimes were prevented utilizing the technology from Securus.

Securus Technologies is the leading provider of technology solutions in correctional facilities. The software provided by Securus is in prisons and correctional facilities in North America. The press release included a sampling of testimonials from real clients that use the security system.


Securus has a wide array of technologies. In fact, Securus Technologies Chief Executive Officer, Rick Smith, said in the article that not a week goes by that the company doesn’t either develop a new security technology or improve on one they already have in place.


Although there were thousands of testimonials, some of the most interesting I found are below.


First, one testimonial stated that by using Securus Technologies they were able to find a corrupt staff member by monitoring phone calls. Second, one testimonial stated that by monitoring phone calls the prison was able to find a ring of people who were selling drugs, alcohol and laundering money inside the prison walls. Another one was a simple statement saying that the prison was highly impressed with Securus’ capabilities and the company’s continually emerging and evolving technologies. One I found particularly interesting was the monitoring of a phone call between two brothers. The phone call revealed that one brother, the inmate, was attempting to coerce his other brother into providing a fake alibi for him. The other brother had never been in trouble in his life and would have been prosecuted for perjury. The prosecution was able to utilize the phone call tape to prosecute the inmate.


It is interesting to think about crime inside prison walls. However, it makes me appreciate technology like this is keeping everyone safe.


How Troy McQuagge’s HOPE program Changes And Saves Lives

Troy McQuagge became President and CEO of USHEALTH Group in 2010. One of his first acts as president was to create the Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE) program. Troy intended to re-prioritize the focus of the company so that it dedicated more time and resources to making a positive impact on the lives of ordinary people.

The HOPE program first went to New Orleans, where volunteers partnered with the Phoenix of New Orleans organization to help rebuild the homes of those victimized by Hurricane Katrina. USHEALTH provided hundreds of man-hours to the razing and restoration of homes in some of the most devastated areas in the city.

More successes followed. Company leaders gave thousands of dollars in new shoes, clothes, and baby formula to the Crisis Nursery, which is a charity in Phoenix that helps homeless and vulnerable children. The following year, 2012, executives returned to the city to present a check in the amount of $25,000 to HOPEkids, a charity that helps children who are battling cancer and other serious illnesses. Not content with this outpouring of generosity, USHEALTH employees gave $45,000 to a HOPEkids chapter that opened in Texas in 2013.

Troy McQuagge Son believes that every company has a soul, and that the latter defines who the company is and what it stands for. It was his belief that the HOPE program would become the soul of USHEALTH. And this belief has been vindicated. Although money is important in every humanitarian effort, it is not the only thing that matters. The people of USHEALTH have more than gotten behind the HOPE project; they have become enthusiastic participants in it, giving their time, talents, and energy to a variety of causes.

Read more on Crunchbase about Troy McQuagge Son

Helping Other People Everyday is not just a slogan, and it is not a mere public relations ploy to make USHEALTH seem more humane. It is a call to action, and the employees of USHEALTH of responded to it with some force and vigor.

Troy McQuagge set out to change the priorities of the company. What he as actually accomplished is nothing less than the transformation of the culture and mindset of his organization.

Read more reviews:,14_KH15,28.htm


Can EPS Be Salvaged? Jeremy Goldstein Offers a Solution to EPS Manipulation

Earnings per Share is one of the most important aspects in the valuation of a company’s stocks. Utilizing it has been proven to move companies toward success, and encourage employees to work toward the company’s success. So why has it recently begun to garner so much flak? With such clear advantages, it’s a wonder why EPS has begun to fall out of favor. However, there are reasons for this, which Jeremy Goldstein has provided an explanation for, as well as a proposed solution.



What’s Wrong With EPS?

At first glance, EPS seems foolproof. The advantages are clear, and the effect on stock prices can be profoundly encouraging. But throwing caution to the wind is ill-advised, and this is no exception. So, what’s the big problem with EPS? The answer is manipulation. CEOs and executives sometimes manipulate EPS metrics in order to cause a spike in share valuation, sell more stocks, and make quick cash. However, this manipulation is often illegal, and in the end, only hurts the company.


But EPS isn’t unsalvagable either. While it is prone to manipulation, it can still be fixed, and Jeremy Goldstein thinks he’s found the answer. According to him, the solution is to find a way of holding these executives and CEOs responsible for manipulation. With the threat of consequences, they would be less prone to the shady tactic and would be forced to focus on long-term success and stable profits for the company. This would not only benefit the company, and provide steady growth to share values, but it would also benefit the executives and CEOs. It’s a clear win for everyone.



About Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is a business lawyer working for Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, a boutique law firm which specializes in compensation. His list of clients is long and filled with prestigious companies such as Bank of America and Verizon. He is widely claimed to be one of the best lawyers in America, and his positions in the Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business and the Legal 500 provide strong backing to that claim. If anyone is qualified to fix EPS, it’s Goldstein. Learn more:


But Goldstein does more than simply work on cases and provide legal counsel, he also contributes heavily to a wide array of law journals, providing his insight into pressing legal issues. Foremost upon these journals is the NYU Journal of Law and Business. His philanthropic ventures are also widely known, including significant donations to Fountain House, an organization which aims to help those with mental illnesses.


Jake Gottlieb Uses His Investment Skills To Help Homeless Youths

If nature will have its way, a person who is very much adept in financial investment will attract a lot of money resulting in him having so much money than he needs. It will only be natural for him to gravitate towards charity work to alleviate the conditions of those who are less fortunate than him. This is exactly what can best describe Jacob Gottlieb. He is a very successful investor and a fund supporter of several charitable institutions.

Gottlieb’s origin is not that impressive. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, in the city of New York. But his family is not native to the land. His father and mother were natives of Poland who have migrated to the United States in the 1960s. Gottlieb has several younger brothers. His early education in New York City is not really that impressive.

Working With Visium

It was his college years that he began to make a mark for himself. He studied at Brown University and got his B.A. in economics degree in its facilities in Providence, Rhode Island. Gottlieb also went to Medical School in New York University, NYC where he was awarded with a magna cum laude. He went further in his medical studies and got his M.D. degree at the same university. Gottlieb completed his internship in internal medicine also in NYC, specifically at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

But his passion for the stock market seemed to get the best of him and he completely stopped working in the medical field and began pursuing his goal of becoming a financial wizard. His father has encouraged him in this line of work having seen in the younger Gottlieb a natural affinity to picking good stocks to invest.

Riveting his career toward investment and finance, Gottlieb received his Chartered Financial Analyst charter in 2001. His certificate was given by the Association for Investment Management and Research. Gottlieb then put rubber to the road and took the position of a buy-side analyst investment portfolio manager in Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., LLC. He then went to work as an investment portfolio manager in Merlin Financial located in London, England. After that, Gottlieb became a founding member and worked at Balyasny Asset Management, L.P. Gottlieb then founded Visium Asset Management, LLC in 2005. This is his initial investment company. He served as the company’s Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner.

With the success of his investment ventures, Gottlieb must have more money than he can spend. He started focusing his eyes on the needs of others and turned his energies to charitable works. Gottlieb started supporting these organizations and donated hefty sums of his own money. One of the charitable institutions that he currently supports is Covenant House. It supports the needs of trafficked and homeless youths. This charitable institution has been doing its work for more than 40 years. It is glad to include Gottlieb in its list of regular donors.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Gives Plastic Surgery a Good Name

Plastic surgeon Sameer Jejurikar is based in Dallas, Texas and has positive working relationships with a number of area hospitals, including Pine Creek Medical Center and Dallas Medical Center. Jejurikar earned his medical degree from the medical school at the University of Michigan and has been practicing for over a decade.


Dr. Jejurikar also had the honor of being receiving the Compassionate Doctor Certification in 2012. He was one of a few selected doctors to earn the award. Around 100 million patients across the United States vote on the doctors who will be honored with this certification every year. Patients uses websites like UCompareHealthCare, Patient’s Choice and Vitals to share information about their experiences with their physicians. Doctors who receive the honor got nearly perfect scores from patients in bedside manner. Only three percent of the physicians in the nation were presented with this honor in 2012, and Dr. Jejurikar has a profile on that allow potential patients to see his credentials and some of the positive reviews he has received.

Concerning the recognition, Dr. Jejurikar said that he is very honored and pleased that his patients selected him and provided him with positive feedback. After receiving this honor, the American Registry also added the doctor to their Registry of Business Excellence. He also received a customized plaque to commemorate this honor. The award can be seen in his office, which can help to put patients at ease about his skills and abilities.


Patients who are interested in contacting Dr. Sameer Jejurikar can reach him via phone or email at or by calling 979.691.3300


OPSkin’s Malcolm CasSelle launches WAX

OPSkins Organization is on the limelight. It is the world’s number one bitcoin dealer, a prime candidate in the fuels of the size of market and user demand for a decentralized portal. It is the world’s leading seller of in-game virtual assets, has numerous clients from all over the planet and above all that is launching a new product by the name WAX in full, Worldwide Asset Exchange.


WAX is a p2p trading market for computer-generated assets. It is built on a blockchain basis and decentralized smart contacts that will enable for traders effectively to trade virtual products with one another. WAX is set to be a solution to the hitches of fraud and geographic fragmentation in the virtual assets market. This platform will allow the clients to tokenize their gaming assets and spontaneously trade them with fellow gamers without even clicking on their monitors. There is also the aspect of wax tokens which acts as a smart contact for trading and a store value for purchasing game tools. This new product was launched under the leadership of Malcolm CasSelle who is very positive about it.


Malcolm CasSelle is a business mogul who acts as the C.I.O of OPSkins. He has a Master’s from the University of Stanford and a degree from MIT in Computer Science. He was the founder of one of the Afrocentric culture media production sites, NetNoir. He also previously worked as a consultant to the Pacific Century CyberWorks’s CEO and also held the position of CEO of the global social network in the year 2012. CasSelle also took part in the founding of a social media tracking software called Timeline Lab and purchased SeaChance org at the end of 2012 and served as its GM and senior vice president for four years after which she Tronc’s CTO of new ventures.


In the year 2017, CasSelle took on the role of CIO at OPSkins and has since then done a phenomenal job in the establishment. Other than his work at OPSkins, He is also an active investor in companies like Zynga, Facebook and a number of companies that are in the business of bitcoins. Malcolm has shown great satisfaction and anticipation in the launch of her latest project, WAX.


Dick DeVos leads charge against elements of urban destruction

Most Americans are familiar with the idea that certain parts of the country have fallen into a state of lawlessness and degeneracy that makes them so-called no-go-zones for the law-abiding and productive. However, many people are not fully aware of the raw scale of the destruction that has been visited upon cities like Detroit, St. Louis and Camden, New Jersey.


Dick DeVos had long been a key figure in the development of charter schools and other projects to lift up the forgotten people of Detroit. DeVos’ hands-on style led him personally to spend a good deal of time in some of the most war-torn and degenerate neighborhoods in Michigan cities such as Detroit, Flint and Battle Creek. These experiences strengthened his resolve to help the poor and underprivileged residents of these poverty-afflicted areas. But it also awoke in DeVos a realization that the dismal outcomes of these areas was not some accident of history. On the contrary, responsibility for the wretched expanses of third-world misery located in the heart of one of America’s most pristine states lay squarely at the doorstep of those naively idealistic leaders who led their constituents off the fiscal cliff like so many lemmings.


DeVos painfully came to realize that the one factor that all of America’s blighted, diseased urban hellscapes had in common was a history of being infected by the socialistic mind virus both caused by and leading to Democratic leadership.


DeVos and other responsible civic leaders knew that the only way to combat the hysteric fantasies of communistic Democrats was through the instilling of sound policies and well-directed investment. DeVos knew that it was possible that the same process of civic degeneracy that led to the collapse and ruination of Detroit could repeat itself in Grand Rapids and West Michigan as a whole. Something needed to be done to prevent that catastrophic fate.


After brooding over the best course of action, DeVos decided that collective action among the area’s top business leaders would be the best path forward. Rather than one man trying to hold back the tide of civic decline, DeVos would bring together all of the greatest minds that the city had to offer. Combined, these men of good character would invest, innovate and build to ensure that Grand Rapids would be inoculated against the social disease that turned Detroit from industrial power to agonal wretch.


The name of the organization formed in aim of guiding Grand Rapids towards a future of prosperity was dubbed the Grand Action Committee. The group quickly went to work, directing billions in investments to such things as the DeVos Place convention center, the Van Andel arena and its surrounding entertainment district and the Medical Mile, a stretch of Michigan Ave featuring some of the most advanced medical facilities anywhere in the world.


These projects all would prove to be a resounding success, attracting some of the top talent in the country to Grand Rapids and building a pool of social and human capital that rivals some of America’s greatest cities. Learn more:

Nick Vertucci Can Show You His Secrets To Success In Real Estate

Nick Vertucci’s Upbringing:

As a result of his father’s death, he lived with a single mother from the time he was 10 years old. It was often difficult for his mother to support the family. Her work hours were long, and she often worked the night shift. He was only able to see her occasionally, and this gave him a lot of stress.

His Early Career:

He was living on his own at the age of 18, but he was struggling financially. His only option was to live in his vehicle. Luckily, he was able to make a career out of selling electronics.

Business was good quite a while, and his business grew quite a lot during the dot com bubble. He also got married and had several children.

Unfortunately, he began to struggle financially during the dot com crash. Debt piled up, and he needed to find a way to support his family. Luckily, the family didn’t lose their home, but they lost many other possessions.

His Real Estate Success:

Nick Vertucci is currently widely known in the real estate business. His career in real estate began with a three-day conference that a friend of his invited him to. While he was unfamiliar with many of the topics that were discussed, he saw that people in the field were making quite a lot of money from real estate. This inspired him to go into the field, and he started educating himself on how to make money in the real estate business.

After he started a business in real estate, he ultimately got a lot of clients. In fact, real estate made him a millionaire.

Nick Vertucci Can Show You How To Succeed In Real Estate:

He started the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Many people have taken classes from the academy, and most of them have had great experiences. Not only can you purchase a class from them, but the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy also offers free workshops. You can sign up for a class or workshop online.

It’s not just Nick Vertucci that teaches the classes. In fact, he has a team of employees and student educators.