The Great Victories of Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden has brought many changes to the health sector through her ability to perform a vast number of aesthetic surgeries to women. Walden has always been passionate about beauty and cosmetic surgery since she was young and she has strived to emulate her parent’s steps, as they all served in the medical sector. She showed her expertise in the field since in school and always performed better than most of her other classmates. Dr. Jennifer Walden received a lot of appraisal from her instructor due to the skills she showcased at school and her impressive attitude and passion to be the best was prove of her dedication and possible success in her career.

She attended her fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, and after successfully completing it, she, moved to New York City where she began her career practice in the field of cosmetic and aesthetic surgery. She has been practicing cosmetic surgery for the last eight years and her operations have been received with a positive attitude since the beginning of her career. Walden currently focuses on cosmetic surgery with her major focus being the breast augmentations, face lifts, nose jobs among many other procedures that are specifically meant to bring a brand new look in women and mroe

Besides her career, Walden has also taken the initiative to educate people through the various books that she has published. She is a great author of the book Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and through it, she has educated people on the importance of the procedure as well as the possible risks associated with the procedure, especially if someone visits an unqualified medical personnel. Her career has been marked by positivity and a vast number of individuals that have sought her expertise regarding the various types of surgeries that she conducts have been highly pleased with the results.