Kim Dao Visits Bambigirl In Seoul

People who watch Kim Dao’s vlogs know how much she loves traveling to South Korea. Over the past few years, Kim Dao has posted dozens of vlogs on her YouTube channel exploring the exciting city of Seoul. In one of Kim’s latest vlogs, she takes viewers on an incredible tour of Seoul with fellow YouTuber Bambigirl. This new video is called, “Lunch & Shopping in Gangnam & Express Bus Terminal | ft. Bambigirl.


At the start of the video, Kim Dao films Sunnydahye’s adorable corgi. She also tells us that she’s heading out to meet Bambigirl for lunch.


Next, Kim Dao films her metro and taxi ride to meet Bambigirl. Bambigirl gives Kim Dao a cute makeup bag featuring both Bambi and Thumper.


For lunch, Bambigirl takes Kim Dao to a restaurant called Way Better. While they’re eating, Kim and Bambigirl plan their exciting trip to Paris. Learn more:


After lunch, Kim Dao goes shopping around the Express Bus Terminal. When they’re done taking a peek at all the clothes there, Kim and Bambigirl drive to Gangnam Station. Kim says she’s just window shopping now and that she plans on actually buying clothes when she comes back to South Korea later in the year.


When Kim Dao gets back to Sunnydahye’s pad, she shows us the one item she bought at Gangnam Station. She bought a cute white blouse for ₩10,000.


At the end of the video, Kim Dao answers two questions from her fans. The first fan asks about the differences between Japan and South Korea, and the second person asks about how Kim Dao relaxes.

Watch here:

Kim Dao Relaxes With Asland and Family

Kim Dao was taking it easy after getting back to Denmark from her trip to Amsterdam. She let Asland rest his head on her shoulder. Dao had macarons, not macaroons, for breakfast. Dao went out for an hour. When she returned, Asland thought he would join her and took a step out the door. After Asland did not listen to Dao’s request to come in, she begged him. He decided to come in. She came back from getting some hot dogs and a smoothie at a convenience store.


Kim Dao decided to show different videos of her recent stay in Denmark. While she heated up a slice of pizza in the oven for lunch, Kim Dao had Asland do some tricks for her. She told Asland that he could not have any pizza. Kim Dao was planning to spend the day with family, both living and dead. She has some grandparents who have passed away.


No sooner did Kim Dao take out her pizza to eat, the video cuts to her going out to dinner for her cousin’s birthday dinner. It looked like they had burgers for dinner. This video has a lot of short scenes. After dinner, Dao and family went to a waffle place for waffles and ice-cream. After this visit to Denmark, Kim Dao and her cousin wanted to take the train to Sweden. In the mean time, more friends, family, and food. Learn more: