Yoga Is Officially For Everybody

For years, most of us have associated yoga with hip young people looking for ways to stay fit. While yoga certainly serves as an excellent form of fitness, it has benefits beyond sculpting the body. Yoga also helps to improve mood, energy and concentration. Its mind-body benefits make it appealing to just about everyone.

In a recent Sidney Herald article, yoga practitioners from all walks of life discussed their love of this ancient practice. One yoga studio owner discussed how her love of the sport was born not from a desire to stay fit, but rather a desire to feel rejuvenated after a difficult pregnancy and labor.

“I’m very holistic and into natural remedies,” Kayla Fox told the publication, adding that she prefers holistic medicine and tends to opt for natural solutions to health concerns.

While yoga is certainly for everyone, many older people or those who aren’t in peak physical condition worry that they won’t be able to keep up with some of yoga’s more challenging poses. While yoga can certainly be a rigorous form of exercise, it’s a rule in yoga that participants are allowed to go at their own pace. It’s very common to see yoga practitioners go into the reclining posture known as child’s pose when they feel as if they need a break. It’s definitely the norm in yoga to go at your own pace.

In response to those who say they can’t do yoga, Fox asserts that the only requirement for attending a yoga class is the ability to breathe. She states that she’s taught paraplegics and that all are truly welcome in her studio.