How To Naturally Alleviate Tooth Sensitivity

March 20 was World Oral Health Day. Tooth sensitivity is just one of the few oral health problems that people today have. It is a good idea to see a dentist if your teeth are more sensitive than usual. However, there are some things that you can do to alleviate tooth sensitivity while you are waiting to see a dentist.

You can use baking soda to treat tooth sensitivity. If the PH of your mouth is too low, then it can cause the enamel of your tooth to wear down. Baking soda can raise the PH of your mouth. You can rinse your mouth with baking soda water. Baking soda is abrasive, so you do not want to apply it directly to your teeth.

Rock salt can alleviate tooth sensitivity because it has antibacterial properties. You can use it along with mustard oil in order to get the best results. Mustard oil can help strengthen the gums. You can mix mustard oil with one teaspoon of rock salt. Massage the paste onto the gums and leave it there for five minutes.

You can also use regular salt to get rid of the tooth sensitivity. You can mix two teaspoons of rock salt with a glass of water. The warm salt water will act as a mouth cleaner.

Propolis is made from a substance that comes from the glands of a bee. It can help strengthen your dentin, which is the layer below the enamel. This can reduce tooth sensitivity.

You can get relief from tooth sensitivity by swishing sesame oil in your mouth. It helps remineralize your teeth and destroys bacteria. Additionally, you can use oregano oil. This is a powerful pain killer.