Innovative Wine Tasting Ideas For Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides

The Traveling Vineyard’s direct selling opportunity is open to all adults who are gregarious and would enjoy promoting exclusive wines that everyone can afford.

Anyone who is new to direct selling, which is simply a method companies use to sell their products through independent distributors, will find that the Traveling Vineyard is an ideal place to begin. The company is transparent about the startup costs and they will pair a new Wine Guide with an experienced person in their community for support, so no one feels alone as they start out.

As The Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guides gain experience, their income increases as they build their own teams and encourage repeat orders from previous tastings. Once the new Wine Guide completes their training and starts feeling comfortable hosting wine tastings, he or she can browse Pinterest and Facebook to see how other Wine Guides spice up the wine tastings with themes or by combining them with other, related demonstrations.

In addition to in-home wine tastings, innovative Wine Guides are arranging invite-only tastings for 10 to 24 people with an educational presentation that takes about one hour and includes information about wine and food pairings and the four steps to properly taste a wine. Wine Guides have people register in advance, so there is enough wine for all. With a little imagination, a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide can supplement the sales from his or her in-home tastings while finding new team members.