Securus Technologies Customer Experience

Securus Technologies is one of the country’s leading technology firms which deals with the provision of revolutionizing technology for the incarceration environment and assisting these facilities in improving public safety. Securus develops at least one new product every week to help law enforcement officials prevent and solve crimes.


Many of Securus’ clients write back to the company, either through email or through formal letters, and give feedback on the services provided by Securus and how its products have helped keep inmates, their families, parolees and the society safer.


Through call monitoring, facilities have been able to obtain information on corrupt staff, drug and alcohol use in the facilities, threats and suspicious conversations. One of the writers mentioned that they were able to arrest a corrupt staff member for introduction of contraband after they obtained information from phone calls made. In another facility, a civilian admitted to selling prescription drugs to inmates at a discounted price. In another instance, a past incident that involved shots being fired was captured during call monitoring. This was made possible by Securus and the writer expressed his gratitude to the company and its staff.


Their clients are impressed by the vision that Securus has and its commitment to progressively helping in the improvement of public safety and revolutionizing the incarceration environment. Through Securus, facilities are able to carry out exhaustive investigations and improve jail security. Investigative tools have been instrumental in conducting investigations in the event there is a security threat to the facility or when there are complaints of harassment. With the help of the LBS software, the sheriff’s department has been able to recover drugs, illegal assets and cash. One of the clients felt that Securus is the country’s leading jail phone provider.


Securus headquarter is in Dallas, Texas and currently serves over 1.2 million inmates across North America.



Superior Securus Technologies Services.

Prison facilities desperately need to have efficient and reliable communication protocols which can be enforced without any extravagant waste of resources. Such protocols and policies may be easy to fathom, but to design and enforce is hard. Only when communication within prisons is regulated can prisons be truly secure. Unregulated prison communication causes the manifestation of organized crime. Criminals may corrupt officials, organize escapes, hate crimes, drug sales and abuse, and escapes. Securing prisons communication secures prisons. Securing prisons can allow any country to secure its communities and rehabilitate its criminals. However, the task of keeping prison communications in check is a daunting task. Well at least it used to be before Securus Technologies decided to dedicate all of its innovative processes into supporting the correctional department.

Over 2,200 correctional and holding institutions in America and Canada rely on Securus Technologies to effectively carry out their mandate. Very few corporations, let alone institutions, can match the talent and technology at Securus. Since traditional security functions within prisons can be made easier and more transparent through automation, the institutions have been wise enough to leave such tasks to the most qualified; secures technologies. The company protects their cyber and mobile spaces from illegal and malicious correspondences. The information and technology company was not always focused on the prisons market, but it has made the most impact in the American continent right after it did.

According to PR Newswire, Securus Technologies has over 1,000 employees who work hard to come up with new and cutting edge technologies for communication every week. The company heavily invests in patents and acquisitions. Tax reports indicate that the company has used over 600 million dollars in the pursuit of innovation in the prisons communication. The company, through its innovation and shared innovation through partnerships, has managed to keep America and Canada safe. It recently partnered with the Harris Corporation to conjure the ’cell defender’ which bars any prohibited phone gadgets from accessing mobile networks.

Securus Company receives a lot of email from stakeholders who feel that the company has had a general good outcome in the lives. Some of the stakeholders include inmates, relatives of the inmates, prison officials and relatives of prison officials.

Why Choosing Securus Technologies For Communications Is a Viable Option For Many

There are a myriad of reasons why an individual may want to consider acquiring the services that are provided by Securus Technologies. If you are unsure about what Securus Technologies provides for you to take advantage of, perhaps you haven’t necessarily needed it.


Securus Technologies is a program that has made it possible for people to stay in touch with those who are incarcerated without actually being obligated to physically attend the jail to have such forms of communicative sessions conducted. Oftentimes, many people have found it difficult to have appointments scheduled in the times that were most beneficial to them. This is why many people prefer flexible scheduling for just about anything. However, jails are a place of business that are so busy on most days that it can be difficult for people to have visitation sessions scheduled during times that are considered to be most convenient for them. Due to such dilemmas in scheduling, it’s imperative to know that there’s a solution that’s available for them to take advantage of.


Securus Technologies enables people to conduct communications sessions through the operations of video chatting in which people are able to connect with one another through means of connecting in a program over a reliable, fast, and secure Internet connection. It is also a program that has been a catalyst in solving crimes as police departments are capable of using anything that’s said in the video conversation segments as evidence and causes to begin investigative efforts if need be. If you want to learn more about the program, feel free to visit the website as any pertinent details that may be needed are available on the site.