Rocketship Education Enables Children a Rare Opportunity

Rocketship Education is changing lives one person at a time. It is a non-profit, public charter elementary school organization that offers students in economically distressed areas a new chance for a quality education. Rocketship locates its learning centers in lower-income areas where the quality of education is poor, or non-existent.

In areas such as this, the tax base has more than likely largely disappeared, leaving little to no funds with which to fund a good school program. This situation leaves students in a difficult situation called an educational gap. This is a dilemma in which students will likely never recover from, and it is a permanent situation in most instances.

Rocketship is an elementary school because this is the age where it is so important that these children get started on the right foundation properly, or they will be forever slighted in the basics of reading, math, reasoning, and so many other basic skills.

Rocketship believes that children are full of amazing potential and all it takes is to help them discover that potential and turn it into a reality. They believe in educating the whole child by not only teaching basic skills, but also instilling the core values of responsibility, empathy, persistence, and respect. These are values that are necessary for being a good citizen as well as a good student.

Rocketships Educations takes a great deal of time to develop partnership relationships with the community, the parents, the talented teachers, and the students. The parental partnership is one of the key drivers of the whole program. When the parents get fully involved, and they do, the difference in student performance is positively multiplied many times over.

Students have a rigorous curriculum in math, science, social studies, along with art, dancing, music, and other lifestyle subjects. Each child learns differently, yet can reach the same levels of achievement by individual mapping what the student’s capacity is and where they need to be to achieve mastery in a subject.

Rather than just the traditional classroom where students sit and listen for 7 or 8 hours a day, the students move through larger class settings for organizational and general announcements but spend most of their time in smaller groups, digital centers, and individual tutoring.

The results are staggering as the average Rocketship student completes the requirement for graduation a full year ahead of peers in the public schools.