OneLogin Closes 2017 as a Quality Identity and Access Management Solutions

OneLogin aims to simplify identity and access management for organizations. The achievement of this is through single sign-on (SSO), real-time user provisioning, multi-factor authentication, as well as access to a unified directory and reporting capabilities. The goal is to streamline and provide secure access to enterprise information for employees, partners, as well as customers.

Experience at the Helm

Back in August of 2017, Brad Brooks took over as CEO of OneLogin. He brings experience to the helm, with 25-years working with leading global technology companies.

A Quality Employee Base

OneLogin is known for its fantastic workforce, and it was recognized by Fortune Magazine in 2017 as one of the top 10 places to work. It was in the top 10 in the Best Small Workplaces in the Bay Area category. This is the fourth such aware for OneLogin. Prior recognition had come from Glassdoor, as well as Fortune and San Francisco Business Times.

Happy, Global Customers

The OneLogin customers are global. There are over 2,000 of them. In 2017, Airbus was the biggest to join the OneLogin client base. The space manufacturer chose OneLogin as their identity and access management provider to add value and redesign their information technology systems.

Smart Technology

Technology is the driving force behind the success of OneLogin. Multi-factor authentication functionality as unveiled in 2017, only adding to the offerings from the company.

Access from mobile devices and desktops is also always available, making OneLogin friendly for all platforms. Employees are working remotely more than ever before, on iPhones, Android devices, and more. OneLogin makes it easy to function across all device types.

OneLogin continues to prove to be an ideal solution for companies large and small. Handling the security of an enterprise can be tricky, and software like OneLogin makes it easier to allow employees, partners, and customers access to your business network and applications.

The future of data security with OneLogin

With the ever-increasing reliance on technology by individuals both at the workplace and at home, the need to have a flexible security system that can deter hackers is becoming essential than before. Over the years we have witnessed the surge of cyber-attacks on both private citizens and corporations. Equifax is the latest victim of cyber-attacks. Having this in mind, it has come of age for the development of alternate ways of system authentication that can be used to protect private information from hackers and other parties who may want to of forcefully access your data illegally.

The Opportunity of Biometrics

Biometrics is becoming a more reliable option when compared to the use of passwords. For interested parties, it is worth noting that there are two types of biometric options currently available. These two options are Physiological and behavioral.

When opting for Physiological biometrics, clients acquiring the technology should know that it includes everything from the conventional fingerprint sensor to the highly sophisticated iris pattern, heartbeat facial and voice recognition.

Behavioral biometrics are different when compared to the physiological ones as they lack uniqueness, this type of biometrics are often used alongside with other data such as physiological biometrics and at times device data that include IP or the use of hardware attributes.

The Challenges of Biometrics

Just like any other technology, biometrics has its own set of challenges. The first significant point of concern is the availability of quality biometric readers to all employees within an organization and not just a section of them. Quality biometric readers, both physiological and behavioral tend to come with a hefty price tag making them unaffordable to most institutions that need to employ their use within the workplace.

When institutions, corporations, and everyday enterprises decide to use biometric authentication in their businesses, the best approach is to merge both the biometric authentication system with passwords. Using both technologies will add a layer of security to a company’s data as the firm will be combining the best of two technologies

OneLogin offers corporations data security services using its Identity management system which is cloud-based. Some of the features OneLogin provides its clients is single identity identification and multiple factor identification.

Onelogins Collaborating With Envoy Has Solved Office Data Problems

OneLogin has currently more to give to the world with its latest association with Envoy, a San Francisco-founded company that leads in giving organizations the required software to make their services the best. The new coordinated effort with Envoy gives a software that ensures business office visitors get inside just with a couple of clicks, with every one of their information recorded in a database. This development addresses the need for organizations to establish a database of every visitor entering the facility in addition to replacing the obsolete manual innovation of logbooks that are difficult to screen.

Envoy clients can have a taste of software that frequently computerizes the records of guests. The customers of Envoy can anticipate more from the attractive software that the association between the OneLogin and Envoy created. This desire is a test for both Envoy and OneLogin since their clients are presently the most demanding, tech-forward organizations that are the best developing in their fields of advancing security and efficiency administrations.

Working with software

The Envoy SCIM-equipped applications ensure that the information entered by the guests synchronize with the PC’s database network, making sure that the office location, guests’ names and emails form a system of contacts that the organization can easily access. With the new software, organizations would now be able to have a superior administration framework that screens the profiles of guests.


The vision of Envoy and OneLogin is dependable to provide diverse administration programs for a wide range of organizations. With the software it builds up, it’s presently simple to actualize sign-on framework for business workplaces that are secure as well as dependable in its IAM usefulness. The huge uptick in boosted sales among SaaS guests who visited the site is confirmation that the product established by Envoy with OneLogin portrays key guarantee.


The firm is among the big enterprises today providing various business technologies that assist in business challenges, for instance, HR management and storage. Employee Personally Identifiable Information is the leading product that has made synching of employees data across the network secure and simple with more firms applying the system.