Is Your Online Reputation Important To You?

In less than 10 seconds you can research a company, which is great when you’re looking to make a decision about a big purchase or whether you want to make a connection with an individual – but what if the researcher is investigating you or your business? Roughly 85% of your prospects research your company on the Internet before they make that big purchasing decision. And increasingly more online shoppers post their reviews of their purchases online in written or video form as well. Social media offers exponential opportunities to get opinions out there.

While online reputation awareness is key, you can’t monitor it 24/7. So just as there are tools to help you manage and improve your online reputation, tools exist to help you monitor it; according to Huffington Post contributor Lucinda Watrous, some are free. Depending on your situation, explore Google Alerts to find out whenever your brand, product or service is mentioned on another site. Twitter offers similar help – search your brand, save your search and set your options to keep track of tweets about you or your company in Advanced Search. Companies like Reputation Defender Reviews, Trackur, Reputology,, and Complaint Site Search provide similar services at a price.

When it comes to maintaining your online reputation, start with the simple assumption that everything you do or say online is open to the public. So use online feedback to your advantage. While we would love only glowing reputations, that’s not realistic. If you get negative feedback, how you respond can actually help improve your online reputation. Remember the saying, “it’s our actions that define us.” That said, if you need to take it another step further, there are many online reputation management companies that can help you improve and even restore your reputation. According to the 10 Best SEO, Denver, CO-based is the No. 1 ranked reputation management firm out there. Since 2010, they have provided thousands of individuals and businesses from all over the globe reputation management solutions.

If you find you can’t go it alone, don’t. The internet has made the world a smaller place and your reputation has a further reach than ever before. While we’d all like to believe we don’t care what others think of us – if the future of your business or your personal success hinges on the opinions of others, there are resources out there to help you manage your online reputation.