Jason Hope and the SENS Foundation are Giving People Hope

It is no secret that no man or woman wants to grow old and ugly. Everyone wants to maintain their good looks even as age keeps catching up with them. Modern consumers have invested so much in technology, and they have been looking for ways to improve their lives and maintain that great youthful look. There are people who will go to the gym several times in a day and eat all healthy foods so that they can avoid getting old. Some of the tips and tricks used by people to remain youthful have proven to be ineffective in the tight markets.Jason Hope is known for his technology expertise. For many years now, the businessman has written publications and spoken on various platforms concerning the modern technology and how it is impacting the society.

Not long ago, Jason Hope introduced a unique system that he called the internet of things. This technology is slowly becoming very common in the tight markets, and investors are doing everything possible to ensure that they keep up with the culture brought by the internet of things. Jason Hope believes that things will be difficult for the individuals who will not embrace this technique in their daily lives.In the past, the internet of things was used mostly in homes where there were disabled people so that they can control home applications without difficulties. Companies have, however, realized that they can be more productive in their operations if they choose to use this form of technology.

Jason Hope has played a key role in making sure that the internet of things is successful in the modern era. Hope has been successful in all his endeavors in technology.Jason Hope realized that the modern generation was struggling with anti-aging products that could give them excellent results. The businessman saw how many people in the society have been spending their money on products that do not have excellent results on their bodies. This is why he looked for companies that are making great strides in the anti-aging process. The businessman realized that the SENS Foundation is the right organization. This company has already impacted many lives with the kind of remedies it has been producing, and this means that it is soon going to give the consumer a great anti-aging remedy. Jason Hope and other investors have given their support to the large company in form of cash.

George Soros Prepares The Open Society Foundation In Wake Of Trump Administration.

There is a rising tide of change engulfing Washington D.C. and global climate change has very little to do with it. Instead, what we have is a political world in complete upheaval. The electoral campaign of Donald Trump, reality TV show and rich-kid heir, was one earmarked by the worst traits of humanity – anger, violent rhetoric, divisiveness, and a blatant disregard for the common man and woman. Throughout Trump’s unlikely rise there were many politicians snickering into their hands, thinking it all a joke that would eventually end on a flat punchline. This was, obviously, not the case. Donald Trump won an asterisk marked election and took his role in the White House. Among those voices never daring to crack a smile was George Soros, a progressive billionaire, and world-renowned philanthropist. In the wake of Trump’s election, it was revealed through financial disclosure forms that Soros had moved the bulk of his wealth to charity in order to establish what some may call a sort of resistance.

George Soros established the Open Society Foundations in the ’70s with the sole goal of creating a network of grants that could help to fund grassroots foundations all around the world in the hunt for progressive justice, social causes, and humanitarian equity. The Open Society Foundations has, to date, given more than $18 billion to foundations around the world en route to making a very real impact on the world. From the Ebola epidemic which received aid from the OSF all the way to the march for marriage equality in the United States, the OSF has been there. Now, it was revealed that Soros has given an additional $18 billion to the foundation, thus transferring the bulk of his wealth to the foundation. This eye-popping donation seems to make one thing clear: Soros is prepping his legacy and looking to help as many people as possible in the face of Trump’s disastrous administration.

George Soros was born in Hungary and as a teenager, he came face-to-face with the very worst that mankind had to offer: the Nazi regime. Nazis marched into Hungary and occupied the country for a full year, killing a horrific amount of Hungarian-born Jews along the way. Soros and his family were lucky to escape because they wouldn’t leave until having helped as many people as possible. Eventually, the Soros family did escape and they emigrated to London. Here, Soros would learn about the Open Society as written by renowned author Karl Popper. This work would make an impact on Soros and we can see that in the foundation he started in the ’70s.

Despite Soros’ continued efforts to bring out the best in people, he is still consistently vilified by members of the conservative party. There has been a concentrated effort to discredit progressive philanthropists over the years and it is due in large part to the work that Soros has done. Conservative media has made it abundantly clear that they are cowed by the fact that Soros can afford to go toe-to-toe with any media giant in the world and it looks like he is prepared to do it for the foreseeable future.

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Betsy DeVos. Woman of Faith, Inspiration, and Heart

Some may say that politics and spiritual beliefs don’t mix, however that is how Betsy DeVos began her journey of giving, and creating a plethora of programs that benefit the masses. Growing up in the Christian Reformed Church in North America, one her greatest influences was theologian Abraham Kuyper, a founding figure in political ideology. Her childhood was surrounded by wealth, as well as philanthropy, and while earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics, she was deeply involved with campus politics. It comes as no surprise this woman of heart and faith was appointed as Secretary of Education by President Trump.


Her primary focus is on education, giving families more freedom to choose how their children physically are enrolled in schools. Betsy DeVos very much leans towards technology, specifically the ability to educate our children via the internet, eliminating the quality of education they may not receive based on their zip code. This concept, the use of our technology is one I wholeheartedly support as my own son is in an online learning program, and excels in comparison to the brick and mortar public schools. I do believe I have Betsy DeVos to thank for being such an advocate of our parental freedoms when choosing what is best for our child’s educational needs. She is a fighter, a leader, persistent, a stronghold that cannot be moved when it comes to issues where there is need.


Yes, her positive efforts do by definition describe philanthropy, but it is her heart, her character, that has truly built, along with her husband, Dick DeVos, the strong foundations that benefit so many. Her financial giving has strongly been distributed creating opportunity for people to thrive, giving unique opportunity, and the removal of any barriers that may have stood in the way before. We should all aspire to do enact change in some way, follow her inspirational lead. With their faith as their motivation, West Michigan Aviation Academy, a place where students are empowered to achieve life goals, essentially “soaring to new heights” is just one of the programs Betsy DeVos has poured her heart into. Inner City Christian Federation that helps family’s secure safe affordable housing assists more than 2,200 families each year. DeVos Institute of Arts Management provides training for board members and managers giving them a broader avenue to educate in the field of Arts, and Project Clarity, a program designed to restore the water quality of Lake Macatawa and the Macatawa Watershed, are amongst the many causes she has poured her heart and soul into.


Betsy DeVos, a woman of strength, compassion, generosity, faith, creating true change in our world today, breaking barriers, creating extraordinary opportunity.


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Jason Hope On Helpful Purchases

Success as an entrepreneur often requires one to make some investments. When one hears investments, they often think about placing money in the stock market on a company they hope is going to profit them. However, there is much more to investments than just making the right financial choices. When it comes to business, there are many other ways to invest. If one buys something that is good for the business, he is making an investment. There are a lot of tools that can help one increase the amount of money he makes. It could be a computer or a smartphone.

Jason Hope has made some very helpful purchases himself. However, it is not what he has purchased that has helped him a lot. It is what he has sold that has brought a lot of impact to his life. He has sold his home which has freed up a lot of money. Therefore, he is able to do other things and take on other projects. Among the activities he is involved in is the funding of charitable organizations. He is especially involved in the treatment of aging diseases.

However, he is also a futurist. Therefore, he looks at all of the potential directions that technology can go in. Among the future related topics he talks about are possibilities in treatment and the Internet of Things. There is a blog that is actually related to this topic. With IOT, various items are going to be connected to the internet. Jason Hope is also someone who wants to help with the development of certain new technologies depending on how helpful they are to humanity.

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