The Holistic Approach Of Accupuncture Is Being Used To Treat The Opioid Epidemic

One of the most current topics of discussion nationwide is the opioid epidemic. The leaders in national health, families and advocates for recovery have discussed government funding, possible improvements and prescriber guidelines. There is good news for those whose loved ones are afflicted and those experiencing this addiction. Alternative therapies are under consideration in treatment centers and medical facilities including holistic medicine such as acupuncture, art therapy and yoga.

Acupuncture is proving to be beneficial in the opioid crisis due to the ability to reduce and even eliminate the need for opioids. Researchers believe acupuncture is effective due to the ability to stimulate the endogenous opioids of the human body. Acupuncture use the chemistry of the body and exceeds the benefits received from synthetic drugs with risky side effects. Additional benefits of acupuncture include a reduction in stress, the relief of pain and an increase of chemicals found in the bodies central nervous system including dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, endorphin, epinephrine and enkephalin. For more information on the benefits of holistic medicine please visit

There are more than 250 treatment centers and hospitals in the United States and the United Kingdom who use acupuncture in their detoxification process. The World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health have both accepted acupuncture as an alternative therapy. A study conducted in April of 2016 looked at the results of acupuncture used for drug therapy. They analyzed studies conducted between 2000 and 2014 regarding using acupuncture to treat addictions for alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, morphine and opiates. Many of the results from these studies were positive and acupuncture was effective when treating addiction. Despite the fact acupuncture has not yet shown a scientific value in the treatment of addiction it is becoming a viable treatment in the reduction of prescribed opiates. This alone will reduce the number of individuals who become addicted.