NIH-Supported Centers See Rise in Integrative Cancer Care

Earlier this month, a systematic analysis was released that brought great news. It showed that not only did more NIH-supported centers offer integrative medicine services, but that they offered a wider variety of services for their patients.
These NIH-Supported centers have seen a rise across the board, with almost every service being increased substantially.
Some of the services offered include: supplements, herbs, & nutrition (up by 51.8%, 45%, & 39.5% respectively, acupuncture (up by 30.3%), meditation (up by 32.8%), Ayurveda (up by 10.7%), yoga (up by 30.6%), and massage (up by 30.7%). Most of these centers also offer a wide array of creative and movement outlets, such as art, music, dance, and exercise outlets, as well as spiritual counseling and other mind & body services.
These numbers are huge, given that it was only a 7-year gap in between studies. The original took place in 2009, while the new numbers were comprised in 2016.
This is a truly welcomed change to the cancer community, as it offers a more natural, better-balanced approach to treating cancer. It gives patients a huge improvement in their quality of life and can let patients feel like they’ve regained control of their life.
Between offering a more natural and customizable approach to kicking cancer and empowering patients while improving the quality of their lives, it’s easy to understand why many people are excited to see an increase in integrative medicines at these comprehensive cancer centers.
The analysis has left many hopeful that even more centers will adopt integrative medicine practices. It’s also left many wondering if the centers that are venturing into these practices and services will continue onward, adding an even larger variety of services to their patients.