Kratom: A Natural Pain Remedy?

The United States is undergoing a severe epidemic of opioid addiction, and the effects can be seen throughout the nation. While the causes of opioid addiction are varied, many experts point to the excessive use of prescription pain medication. As such, many are interested in finding less addictive, more holistic ways to manage chronic and acute pain. These medicines are often considered to be more natural and healthy, and America’s addiction to pharmaceutical drugs certainly supports the call for more natural medicines.

One such remedy has been found, the exotic South-Asian Kratom plant. One article outlines the basics of Kratom, and details how some people are recommending Kratom as a safer alternative to opioids. Kratom is a plant extract made from powdered leaves of the Kratom plant. It is most often available as a ground green powder; however, it may also be available in the unprocessed leaf form. The Kratom plant is from the same genus as the coffee plant, and as such it is known to have stimulant effects in small doses.

Kratom’s effects vary greatly based on dosage, and the dosage varies based on individual body composition and tolerance. At low doses, the plant is said to have a stimulative effect. At higher doses, the plant provides pain relief, drowsiness and a sense of euphoria. This sedative effect is what gives Kratom appeal for some users, and some groups have posited that this plant could be used to help treat opioid addiction and alcoholism. The negative side effects are greatly reduced, and switching to this less-addictive plant extract could save opioid users from an untimely death. While Kratom is not currently regulated by the FDA or approved for official medical treatment, some groups are pushing Kratom as a harm-reduction measure in America’s fight against opioid addiction.