Grounding With Earth’s Natural Energy May Provide Wide-Ranging Health Effects

When all else fails, maybe the earth can heal you. That’s what advocates of a holistic treatment called “grounding” say. The idea is to spend a certain amount of time each day being directly connected to the surface of our earth.

The theory is that, in our modern society, most of us almost never make direct contact with the earth anymore. If we are outside, we almost always wear shoes. But most shoes today have synthetic soles made of hard rubber, foam or highly processed leather.

True, sometimes we go barefoot on the beach or take our shoes off to wiggle our toes in the grass, but these are rare events.

Our loss of contact with the earth cuts us off from the natural magnetic forces generated by the planet, grounding experts say. Throughout thousands of years of evolution, or ancestors were in constant contact with the ground. If they wore shoes, they were made of natural animals hides or untreated leathers.

Losing our contact with the earth is causing an array of diseases and health problems, grounding researchers suggest.

Now a scientific study has found evidence to back this up. The Journal of Sports Medicine reports that 32 men who used “grounding equipment’ could recover faster from inflammation produced by extreme exercise.

Biofield tuning expert Eileen Day McKusick was suffering from severe hot flashes and a debilitating rash on her feet. She stopped wearing synthetic shoes and switched to hand-made moccasins constructed of natural, soft leather. She says her feet cleared up in one week and her hot flashes vanished in two weeks. She is convinced that grounding with the earth’s natural energies produced the healing effect.

Grounbing can be done in many ways, from simply going barefoot a lot more, to employing special conductive mattress pads that won’t block the flow of energy between earth and body during sleep.