The Bone of Contention Between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Mainstream Therapies

The rich history of Traditional Chinese medicine dates back to thousands of years ago. The skill is referred by many as a ‘treasure’ for the human healthcare. The treatment puts more emphasis on treating the subject other than the disease itself. With its various treatment modalities such as proprietary Chinese Medicine, herbal, moxibustion acupuncture, and qigong millions of people across the globe have gotten a cure for diseases. Depending on the kind of illness, a tailor-made therapy will be tailored to identify patterns of disharmony.

However, CM is lately receiving a lot of negative critics for the fact that it lacks scientific evidence. This creates a vast knowledge gap to explore both scientific and evidence-based information on Chinese Medicine. The world demands the safety evidence and more efficacies that demonstrate the effectiveness of this mode of treatment in this day and age.

CM critics complain that experience alone cannot qualify a mode of treatment to be an excellent treatment. They claim that even rich experience can at times be misleading and should not be a scientific study replacement. They rubbish astrology, terming it as old and ancient nonsense. The critics go ahead to say that the therapy has misleading buzzwords to falsely lure patients to come for treatment. They rubbish phrases such as holistic, patient-oriented, treating people instead of the disease, etc. Instead, such medical terms were borrowed from the mainstream medical practice.

Patients should take caution when deciding on what type of medication to use. While some studies are branding therapies such as acupuncture to be a theatrical placebo, some remedies might have been studied adequately, making the decision-making process daunting. By carrying out more research and taking caution, you can quickly identify mislabeled, contaminated, and adulterated products. While mainstream medicine may not be perfect, TCM may almost be a gamble and therefore taking great caution is advised.