Jeremy Goldstein: Why Stock Options are the Best Way to Go

Not a lot of people these days understand what stock options are. Back in the day, more people paid attention to the stock market and planned for retirement as a way of life. These days, people tend to live in the here and now.

Stock options aren’t as appealing as they used to be. For that reason, many corporations have stopped providing stock options as an employee benefit. Since this trend has taken effect, there a lot of business lawyers and experts, like Jeremy Goldstein, advising against this new trend.

While every corporation has its own reasons for doing this, they are three main reasons they seem to all have in common. For once, money isn’t really the issue here. It’s more about how corporations and their employees feel about stock options. Lately, stock options seem to have more disadvantages than advantages.

First, stock values can drop like a rock. People have seen stock values be up one day and take a tremendous fall the next day. If a stock falls too low, employees lose their ability to exercise that option, potentially leaving them in option overhang. Corporations don’t want that risk anymore.

Not only do corporations not want that risk; employees don’t want to risk either. That’s the second reason more corporations are offering different types of benefits. Employees don’t want potentially worthless stocks when they can have real cash they can control. Stock benefits behave too much like casino tokens.

Also, corporations don’t want to deal with all the paperwork and accounting burdens. It’s just easier to offer things like higher salaries, equities, or more personalized insurance coverage. While those benefits all sound amazing, Jeremy Goldstein still recommends that corporations give stock options another chance. In the end, stock options might be more preferable. Learn more:

Jeremy Goldstein is a highly educated business lawyer with over 15 years of experience. His experience started back in his college days. He has degrees from New York University School of Law, the University of Chicago, and Cornell University. After college, he started working at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz.

After perfecting his craft, he opened his own boutique law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC. Since then, he’s become most corporations’ go-to guy when it comes to compensation advice.


Jeremy Goldstein Proud Founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC

When we are little we all happen to have careers that we dream of. It’s just the fact of rather we actually live that dream out or not. Sadly a good majority of us do not see our dreams come to life but this is not the case when it comes to Jeremy L. Goldstein.


New York City happens to be where Goldstein has spent his time practicing law over the last few years. Working in New York City has allowed him to change up his career a little and in return let him learn more in his career than what he had imagined. Once he had more practice under his belt Goldstein then decided it was time for his next career step. This happened to be him opening his very own firm.


Early in his life, Goldstein decided exactly what he wanted to achieve in a career. After that, he right away started doing whatever he could to meet his goals. One of the first things that he happened to of done was attending New York University School of Law, this is where he proudly achieved his J.D. After having completed law school he then took the next step in his career and started practicing law with a large variety of companies. While working at these companies he learned many new skills that he was able to take and use with other clients. Some of the first companies that he had worked with was a variety of cellular companies, multiple stockholder companies, banking companies and many more. Learn more:


The biggest achievement that Goldstein is still very proud of to this days remains to be his very own law firm. His firm is known as Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. At his law firm, they are known for being able to give legal advice to many different individuals. Some of the clients that they proudly work with happen to be CEO’s, different corporations, compensation committees and also a large variety of management teams.


Currently, Goldstein is still trying his hardest to better his career each day. He is known as a man that constantly strives to make things as perfect for his clients as he possibly can. Along with all the other achievements that he happens to already have Goldstein also currently holds a seat on the American Bar Association Business Section. This is another one of his achievements that he is extremely proud of and strives to do his best at every day.

Can EPS Be Salvaged? Jeremy Goldstein Offers a Solution to EPS Manipulation

Earnings per Share is one of the most important aspects in the valuation of a company’s stocks. Utilizing it has been proven to move companies toward success, and encourage employees to work toward the company’s success. So why has it recently begun to garner so much flak? With such clear advantages, it’s a wonder why EPS has begun to fall out of favor. However, there are reasons for this, which Jeremy Goldstein has provided an explanation for, as well as a proposed solution.



What’s Wrong With EPS?

At first glance, EPS seems foolproof. The advantages are clear, and the effect on stock prices can be profoundly encouraging. But throwing caution to the wind is ill-advised, and this is no exception. So, what’s the big problem with EPS? The answer is manipulation. CEOs and executives sometimes manipulate EPS metrics in order to cause a spike in share valuation, sell more stocks, and make quick cash. However, this manipulation is often illegal, and in the end, only hurts the company.


But EPS isn’t unsalvagable either. While it is prone to manipulation, it can still be fixed, and Jeremy Goldstein thinks he’s found the answer. According to him, the solution is to find a way of holding these executives and CEOs responsible for manipulation. With the threat of consequences, they would be less prone to the shady tactic and would be forced to focus on long-term success and stable profits for the company. This would not only benefit the company, and provide steady growth to share values, but it would also benefit the executives and CEOs. It’s a clear win for everyone.



About Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is a business lawyer working for Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, a boutique law firm which specializes in compensation. His list of clients is long and filled with prestigious companies such as Bank of America and Verizon. He is widely claimed to be one of the best lawyers in America, and his positions in the Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business and the Legal 500 provide strong backing to that claim. If anyone is qualified to fix EPS, it’s Goldstein. Learn more:


But Goldstein does more than simply work on cases and provide legal counsel, he also contributes heavily to a wide array of law journals, providing his insight into pressing legal issues. Foremost upon these journals is the NYU Journal of Law and Business. His philanthropic ventures are also widely known, including significant donations to Fountain House, an organization which aims to help those with mental illnesses.


Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy explains why employers have stopped giving stock options to their employees in one of his articles. He explains that the value of a stock dropping can lead to the risk of overhanging. Another reason is that the stock benefits don’t seem realistic but behaves like tokens which do not give that warm cash feeling. The option also can lead to a tax burden on a company.

The option has its own advantages in that it is an easier method of employees understanding of stock options, it encourages hard work as its value increases with the performance of the company and it is a better option as compared to issuing shares.

According to Jeremy, the best solution is embracing knock out, a type of barrier option. As the name suggests, if a company’s share value drops significantly, the share expires. The option reduces accounting costs and overhang threats to non-employees. Knock out option reduces the executive compensation on their yearly disclosure documents. It also gives employees strong incentives.

In as long as the knock out option seems to have a solution, Jeremy notes that it is not absolute in nature. In this case, various considerations need to be put in place. There need to be an effective communication channel between the company officials and the auditor about the option being given to the employees. The companies’ accountants need to be keen on how they treat this stock option to prevent misinterpretation of the financial statements.

Jeremy Goldstein is always passionate about seeing companies succeed. A company’s success means better lives for a company’s employees. He always gives advice to both employees and employers, teaching them more about how to become better. In his articles, he talks about communication within an organization. He insists that it should be a productive communication whether it was a vertical or horizontal in nature.

Jeremy Goldstein is a boutique partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & associates LLC. He has been in the leadership position and has helped in acquisitions of some of the largest company brands. His involvement in these acquisitions has helped him to gain more knowledge and experience in Law.

Jeremy Goldstein serves as a chairman of Acquisition & Mergers subcommittee. He also writes and speaks on executive compensation and corporate governance. Most of his achievements can be related to his understanding of the law thus working within the specified boundaries and making few mistakes. Learn more:

Karl Heideck Explains Why Employers Should Comply With Philadelphia’s New Salary Law

Since the onset of 2017, workers’ rights advocates in Philadelphia have every reason to be happy. The enactment of workers’ rights has effectively prohibited employers operating from the private sector from examining applicants’ salary histories prior to enrollment into a particular profession. Signed by Mayor Jim Kenney on January 23, the law is guaranteed to provide workers with remuneration geared at maintaining their professional discretion.

However, the enactment of such a law hasn’t been a smooth sailing experience. Prior to implementation, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia sought to challenge its constitutionality in relation to outlined laws.

Interpretation of the Law

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, lawmakers uniquely crafted various ordinances to tremendously assist in bridging the wage gap between male and female workers in Pennsylvania. Such rules are aimed at producing the desired effect, such as preventing employers from:
• Punishing job candidates who fail to disclose their salary details
• Forcing job applicants to reveal their salary histories in an effort to gain employment
• Using a candidate’s salary data without their express approval
• Directly asking job applicants to disclose their previous salaries

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Setbacks to Implementing the Law

Just like any other law, the Bill was subjected to constant disputes before its final implementation into law. For starters, Comcast Communications surprisingly threatened to seek legal action on grounds that the First Amendment rights were directly under assault. Several other companies also jumped on board and criticized the potential burdens of compliance coming their way.

To avoid the ballooning protests, the Chamber of Commerce sought legal action by filing a motion aimed at pursuing preliminary injunction on April 6, 2017.

Legal Response from the Court

After careful and intense deliberation, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania opted to operate within the law regarding the filing lawsuit. Such a move was widely tipped to rub employees the wrong way, especially considering the uphill battle they will surely have to face.

Karl Heideck in Brief

Karl Heideck has cemented his status as one of the most in-demand attorneys in the U.S. Aside from spending ample time offering compliance and risk management services, Karl Heideck has also delved into writing a popular blog that helps Pennsylvanians understand intricate details about the law.

With over a decade’s worth of experience, Karl Heideck has impressively built a portfolio that spans across employment law, product liability and corporate law. For best legal services, don’t hesitate to contact Karl Heideck.

Find a Lawyer – Easier Than Ever

Being able to find a lawyer that is suitable for the particular client can handle quite the difficult task as not every lawyer will e able to fit the needs of the client and the unique preferences that a customer has towards the services and the person they will be hiring.


In order to make that less difficult Nysbalris has been created. It is a website online that is dedicated to helping clients find the right lawyer for them in the area of New York City. The site has been designed in a way that will make it less daunting to use.


There are a few steps that a client has to go through in order to find a match. First of all, the customer is asked to complete a quiz about the services they need and their situation. The answers are kept in absolute confidentiality and are never disclosed to third parties. All of the answers are viewed by experts whose job is to provide clients with a suitable lawyer. The attorneys provided have local practices in New York City.


There is also an option to use reference. It is free of charge although the first half an hour of consultation with the particular attorney charges the sum of 35 American dollars. For veterans and people with disabilities, the fee is annulled, and they do not have to pay a fee.


A part of this service is Mr. Jeremy Goldstein. He is a renowned businessman who is the founder of a large boutique law firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. The law firm entered the scene in early 2014 and has become a trusted provider for business owners who own large corporations as well as for chief executive officers. The company has been growing, and the services have been expanded as well.

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Worried About Legal Problems? Pick Up Your Phone And Call Jeremy Goldstein

LRIS is a reliable partner for your legal needs. It is a community service program that works for non-profit and is sponsored specifically by Bar Association. LRIS, founded in 2002, can be accessible through the online portal. It designed with numerous aims in mind: to provide you assistance in the search for a legal representative that matches ideally with your legal problem and to provide you assistance to determine if substitute resources would be appropriate for you.


Bar president, Claire P. Gutekunst said that they partner with attorneys who have a very good legal reputation so that they can provide heir customer, unmatchable yet efficient services for their legal needs. The NY State Bar Association has launched with modern and up-to-date online technology in partnership with is a provider of referral management technology and marketplace for the legal industry that works nationally.


Jeremy Goldstein is not just a partner in Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, but he is also a very good man. He gives proper timing to his client and understands the nature of a case thoroughly that is the sole reason why people trust him with their future and also the reason why his clientele is rising day by day. His partnering firm is a boutique law firm that is dedicated specifically to advise CEOs, compensation committees, corporations and management teams in executive compensation and much more. Jeremy Goldstein never asks you for any referral and things like that because he believes that quality work speaks for itself.


Jeremy Goldstein has played a vital role in different major corporate transactions in past few years, including acquisition of Goodrich by United Technologies and acquisition of Alltel Corporation of Verizon Wireless. Jeremy Goldstein also chairs the Acquisition Subcommittee and Mergers of the Executive Compensation Committee by American Bar Association Business Law Section.


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What You Need to Know about SEC Whistleblower Attorneys


Many people these days are concerned about the appropriate and legal methods of investment companies and their representatives and pay close attention to rules and regulations set down by the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC. We often see cases of impropriety reported in the newspaper.


Investing your money with a company comes with certain risks and it is important to understand what they are and how that can affect your future savings and retirement income. No one likes to lose money. If you are working with a firm that you feel may have been skirting the rules, it may be time to consider talking to an SEC Whistleblower Attorney for advice. These individuals understand the regulations and can help you decide if this is something you wish to pursue further.


These are serious matters and should be dealt with professionally. There is a significant website that will give you an overview of this type of situation and guide you through the process. You can access this website at


This site will provide you with a wealth of information with definitions, guidelines, and vital information. It can also be used to request an evaluation of your situation. A law was enacted in 2010 called the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act establishing a new Whistleblower Program. It is the first legislation since the Great Depression and changed the process for these important cases.


Also on the site is an SEC Insider’s Guide and SEC Whistleblower’s Handbook along with other valuable tools. Take the time to browse through the website and see if this is something you want to consider. It is vital to have someone experienced on your side.


Labaton Sucharow was the first SEC Whistleblower lawyer firm to create a team just to handle these specific cases. Look through their heading for more detailed information and find out about the talented and experienced team members ready to help whistleblowers with their cases. They are prepared to represent domestic (US) and international clients. The firm is led by Jordan A. Thomas, formerly employed by the SEC where he was instrumental in developing the Whistleblower Program and legislation. Their offices are located at 140 Broadway, New York, New York, 10005 or you can call them at (212) 907-0700.


The goal of the whistleblower is to correct and report a process that is not following the rules and to protect investors from fraud. It is up to each of us to understand who we are dealing with and make sure that the correct rules are being applied and followed. Do not be afraid to speak up. Contact Labaton Sucharow today if you have a concern and request an evaluation. You may even find an answer to your question in their information.