Korean Medicine Center to Open at Olympic Games

Markets Insider recently reported that the Korean Medicine Center in Gangneung Media Village will serve the Olympic community during the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Games. This is an exciting new development because the Korean Medicine Center is planning to offer holistic and traditional eastern medical treatments that many visitors to Korea might not otherwise get to experience in their home countries. It is also good new for the athletes from eastern countries who are accustomed to these types of medical treatments and care and would otherwise not have access to them during the highlight of their athletic careers.

The first opening of a Korean Medicine Center was in 2014, also during an international sports competition. The quality and timeliness of care was well received during that event, and word quickly spread that the Korean Medicine Center was a prime choice for these types of venues. The Korean Medicine Center will be available to spectators, athletes and members of the press corps for the entire 42 days of the Olympic games this year.

Many of the treatments offered by the Korean Medicine Center are based on Dongui Bogam, a book authored by Heo Jun that discusses eastern medicine. There is a strong emphasis on the prevention of injury and disease instead of simply treating current symptoms. Doctors trained under this method are encouraged to get at the root of patients’ problems so that they can provide the most holistic type of care.

In addition to providing treatment as needed, the Korean Medicine Center will also allow members of the press to observe some of the traditional forms of eastern medicine so that they can broaden their understanding of the healthcare options available in the eastern hemisphere. It will certainly be a cultural opportunity not be missed for those attending.