Co-CEO, Peter Briger

Peter Briger has over 20 years of background and skills in asset management. He is currently co-chairman, co-chief executive officer and principal at Fortress Investment Group. He started working there in March 2002, joined the board in November 2006 and was voted co-chairman in August 2009. His job is to supervise the credit fund and also the real estate of the group. The Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998. The investment firm is located in New York, New York. In 2016, they had a net income of $180 million and revenue of $1.1 billion. Before working at Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger was at Goldman Sachs & Co for 15 years.

At this company he had many positions. He was co-head of Loan Sales, Fixed Income Groups, Asian Debt Business and the Asian Real Estate Business. Peter Briger attended Princeton University and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree. He also attended the University of Pennsylvania and received a Masters Degree in Business Administration.Outside of work, Peter Briger donates and supports many philanthropic causes. He is a member of The Council on Foreign Relations, Grace Wilsey Foundation and the Global Fund for Children. The Council of Foreign Relations was founded in 1921 and has a goal to have Americans better comprehend the world.

Grace Wilsey Foundation has a goal to treat and cure diseases such as, NGLY1 deficiency. The Global Fund for Children are a diverse group of people who are very passionate and support all children who face poverty and unfair treatment all over the world today. The Global Fund for Children was founded in 1994 and works within 78 countries across the world. Tipping Point and Caliber Schools are also organizations that Peter is a board member of. Tipping Point helps families with low income and Charter Schools prepare students to be successful in college and afterwards. Learn More.

Stream Energy – Leading Philanthropic Company of The 21st Century

Stream Energy is a dallas-based business, company, and corporation that involves itself and its employees in many different philanthropy projects. Stream Energy’s most recent and notable philanthropic effort was after Hurricane Harvey struck and poured over 56 inches of rain in the Houston area.

Stream Energy used financial earnings from its successful energy sales business and company to be one of the first to fund recovery efforts, as well as attempt to ease the financial burdens of its own consumers. For Stream Energy, corporate philanthropy is part of the company’s DNA from the ground up. The energy company recently started its charity foundation, “Stream Cares”, to formalize its ongoing community efforts throughout Texas and all over the United States.

Releasing a philanthropy arm as a business or corporation is generally a new phenomenon in the 21st century. Doing so offers dual advantages for businesses and companies. The company gets to give back to the community, while earning the respect and long-term loyalty of current and potential customers along with the public.

For Stream Energy–which has built long-term ethical and philanthropic relationships with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross– employees and corporate leaders also participate in local giving. The company’s employees and associates give back to their communities in multiple ways–homelessness, especially in Dallas– being one they care very deeply about. Stream Energy played a unique role helping battle homelessness in the Dallas area. Partnering up with Hope Supply Co., Stream and its associates covered park entrance and meals of 1,000 plus North Texas homeless children at the annual Splash For Hope.

This event brings homeless children– many for their first time– to a local waterpark. This philanthropic event allows Steam Energy and its employees and associates to supply an experience of a lifetime, as well as provide money and supplies.

Another example of Stream’s local philanthropic efforts would be back in 2016 when Stream quickly and efficiently responded to aid Texas tornado victims in 2016. Working closely with the Salvation Army, Stream and its associates raised over one-thousand dollars for those in North Texas who lost their homes and businesses to the 2016 tornado.

Flavio Maluf Gives Business Tips

Flavio Maluf currently serves as president of the company Ecuatex and has been in the business since 1987. He first began in the trade sector of Evuatex but later transitioned into the industrial sector. Finally, in 1996 he was invited by his uncle to become an Executive within the company. Flavio Maluf’s uncle had been serving on the board for numerous years and believed that he could contribute a lot to the companies overall success. He has played a huge role in helping to modernize and partner Ecuatex in the community. Flavio Maluf is responsible not only for charity and community partnerships but of the rapidly expanding network of businesses that are currently being built in Brazil as part of Ecuatex. Visit Flavio Maluf on facebook.

Recently, Flavio Maluf spoke about the myths and truths behind building a business and the kind of work it takes to become a succesful entrepreneur. He explained that just because one becomes their own boss, doesn’t mean that they will be working any less. They actually have to put in more work and more effort because they become the sole leader and only one responsible for a big network of people. They often don’t get the days off they want or even vacations they want to take because they must put a lot of time into growing the business. Flavio Maluf also explains that people don’t have to take huge risks to become succesful. While risks do play a large hand in helping a company develop, all risks are very well calculated and actually make sense to take. One of the last topics Flavio Maluf goes over is the idea that it doesn’t take a giant sum of money. While it does take a good amount of financial planning, not all business models require owners to have a lot of capital. There are investors who aren’t interested in helping companies get on their feet when they really believe in the business and model.

Learn more:,conheca-com-flavio-maluf-os-profissionais-mais-requisitados-pelas-startups-em-tempos-atuais,70001683019

With a Tweet Storm, Shervin Pishevar Dispenses Thoughts about 2018’s Economy

Shervin Pishevar is an accomplished venture capitalist. He helped Uber and Airbnb launch toward great success, and he has provided angel investment to dozens of other innovators. On February 5, 2018, Pishevar unleashed a tweet storm upon Twitter that garnered media attention.

Down Goes Dow

After the Dow Jones Industrial Average experienced its worst-ever point drop for a single day, Pishevar initially forecast additional falls. “I expect (sic) 6000 point drop in aggregate in (sic) months ahead,” he said in the spree’s first tweet.

Pishevar gave reasons for that predicted drop, as well. “Scurry and scrabble (sic) for safety that is no where (sic) to be found. Every asset class is has (sic) proven to be overvalued,” he tweeted.

Chiefly, he dislikes volatility indices. Through several tweets, Pishevar warned that this type of financial vehicle exists to create the sort of risk-taking loopholes that begot the previous decade’s Great Recession. Further, he advised that one popular volatility-index classification, the exchange-traded fund, is wildly over leveraged.

Tech World Shifts

Nine years ago, Shervin Pishevar published an essay that detailed his thoughts on the technology-innovation sector’s changing epicenter. During this year’s tweet storm, he reasserted his stance. “As I’ve said before,” he stated, “Silicon Valley is it (sic) longer a physical place but an idea that’s gone viral. Entrepreneurship is a movement.”

In the next tweet, Pishevar, a son of Iranian immigrants, critiqued current American immigration policy. “But while we build walls (sic) physical and culture (sic) to keep out immigrant talent (sic) that talent doesn’t need to come here anymore,” Pishevar wrote.

Frustrating American Infrastructure

Shervin Pishevar also highlighted America’s flagging infrastructure. “Speed of execution across many sectors from other regions is startling.Very (sic) little of frictions that are becoming systemic fractures here,” he tweeted.

Next, he offered a link to a news story, which detailed a work crew’s success in China. In one night, the 1,500-person crew built a large train station! “Meanwhile,” noted Pishevar, “our infrastructure is in tatters.”

Via his storm of tweets, Shervin Pishevar has detailed America’s economic woes. Now, leaders must decide whether to change course.

David Giertz Gives His Advisors Important Social Security Information

David Giertz is making a point to speak with his advisors about the importance of social security. He has been the leader of Nationwide for quite some time and is seeing an alarming trend with the relationship between financial agents and their clients. Social Security is very complicated issue that has more than 2,700 rules to be explained properly. Most advisors pass over the Social Security aspect of retirement. Leaving out this important element of a retirees situation can cost them a great deal of money over time. Giertz has come to notice that clients are walking away from their advisors. He has done personal studies with his firm which shows that retirees are thoroughly turned off by financial advisors who do not disclose every aspect of their retirement plan.

David Giertz has been in the financial business for quite some time. He has a high level of experience that has made him an expert in building profitable growth. David has served as President of Nationwide Financials Sales and Distribution Organization. He was directly involved with expanding the company from 11 billion to 17.8 billion dollars in revenue. Giertz continuously exceeds the goals that are set for him and has also presented wholesale strategy, life insurance, annuities and private-sector retirement plans.

David Gertz is a well-trained business coach who has experience with Financial Institutions Bank Channel. The Financial Institutions Bank Channel went on to acquire Warehouse Distribution Bank Channel in 2009. David became a member of Nationwide in 1999 and took on the title of Vice President. He was based in Miami and proceeded to increase the company’s revenue by 40% in his area, which included 7 States and Puerto Rico.

David Giertz was with Citigroup before Nationwide. He spent 10 years with the company and served as a Financial Services Advisor. He later moved up to Area Director. Giertz was promoted to Executive Vice President of Sales at Citigroup where he regularly exceeded expectations.

David Giertz is actively involved in the community. He was the Chairman of the Board of Trustees with Millikin University. David also held the position of Chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee.

David Giertz originally graduated from Millikin University and obtained an MBA from the University of Miami.

Jason Hope and the SENS Foundation are Giving People Hope

It is no secret that no man or woman wants to grow old and ugly. Everyone wants to maintain their good looks even as age keeps catching up with them. Modern consumers have invested so much in technology, and they have been looking for ways to improve their lives and maintain that great youthful look. There are people who will go to the gym several times in a day and eat all healthy foods so that they can avoid getting old. Some of the tips and tricks used by people to remain youthful have proven to be ineffective in the tight markets.Jason Hope is known for his technology expertise. For many years now, the businessman has written publications and spoken on various platforms concerning the modern technology and how it is impacting the society.

Not long ago, Jason Hope introduced a unique system that he called the internet of things. This technology is slowly becoming very common in the tight markets, and investors are doing everything possible to ensure that they keep up with the culture brought by the internet of things. Jason Hope believes that things will be difficult for the individuals who will not embrace this technique in their daily lives.In the past, the internet of things was used mostly in homes where there were disabled people so that they can control home applications without difficulties. Companies have, however, realized that they can be more productive in their operations if they choose to use this form of technology.

Jason Hope has played a key role in making sure that the internet of things is successful in the modern era. Hope has been successful in all his endeavors in technology.Jason Hope realized that the modern generation was struggling with anti-aging products that could give them excellent results. The businessman saw how many people in the society have been spending their money on products that do not have excellent results on their bodies. This is why he looked for companies that are making great strides in the anti-aging process. The businessman realized that the SENS Foundation is the right organization. This company has already impacted many lives with the kind of remedies it has been producing, and this means that it is soon going to give the consumer a great anti-aging remedy. Jason Hope and other investors have given their support to the large company in form of cash.