The Benefits of Movement Meditation

Thankfully in modern medicine, the benefits of meditation have been documented, studied, and proven helpful for a variety of health risks, and for keeping the mind in keen condition while fighting and overcoming major sickness. Unfortunately, many misconceptions of meditation still exist, and many who may benefit from the practice are turned off by what seems like a serious, somber, intricate process. What’s more, many perceive meditation as an act that can only be done sitting still and quietly, and for some sitting still and quietly doesn’t lend itself to gaining mindfulness, the purpose for which meditation is used. Unbeknownst to many, there are forms of meditation that allow for, and encourage purposeful movement to contribute to a mindful lifestyle.

Though an importance has been placed on meditation in many different production philosophies recently, better production was never the end goal of meditative practice. Mindfulness is described as the state of being fully present for each moment of your existence. In this state, we perceive God, spirituality, the universe, and ourselves in a different light, and can live in a way that in conductive to getting the most out of each moment. Consistent with this way of thinking, there are many different ways of achieving a mindfulness state, including a multitude of meditations that rely on controlled movement to channel the mind.

Those familiar with Yoga, Kung-Fu, Aikido, and many other martial arts, may be familiar with movement meditation already. Though there are several more esoteric styles of movement mediation, such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Sufi Whirling, any repeated simple movements can become a form of mindfulness meditation in itself. Japanese cultures have observed a form of movement meditation for centuries through tea ceremonies, and Zen Gardens remain a popular form of movement meditation throughout the world. Consider anything you do for long periods in short bursts of repetition, including ironing, vacuuming, cooking, and many more. Practiced correctly, all of these can be a form of movement meditation. For more information on movement meditation, visit:

The Continued Popularity of Eastern Medicines Causes Alarm

Hong Kong and the eastern bloc, in general, is known for dependence on traditional and holistic medicinal approaches. However, their popularity and use have also come under sharp criticism following claims that some patients have been victims of substandard medicines.



  1. Tony Wing Lai Mak, of the Margaret Hospital in Hong Kong, says that his clinic receives several patients each year who have suffered adverse effects of the medicines. Dr.Mak further says that lab results point to the same causes of infections almost amongst all the patients. According to the doctor, some of the medicines have been adulterated with harmful substances.


The Hong Kong Department of health issues regular warnings about the medicines but people are still using them in large numbers.



“These are illegal products that are damaging to people’s health and can even kill. Yet somehow, they’re still here.” Dr.Mak said, adding that they have been collecting data over the years to help monitor the situation.



Between 2005 and 2015, more than four hundred people of virtually all ages sought medical attention from the hospital after taking the unverified supplements.



From a test conducted on 487 products that patients brought into the clinics, Dr.Mak and his colleagues found over 1000 hidden ingredients comprising of both banned Western drugs, drug analogs and animal thyroid tissue.



One of the most prevalent components found in the supplements was sibutramine, an appetite suppressant that was banned following links to cardiovascular problems. Over 150 products contained sibutramine.



Over the years, eastern medicinal solutions and specifically Chinese products have gained popularity worldwide. This is precipitated by the perception that they are natural and safe. In Taiwan, a study of 2,600 Chinese medicine products found that at least a quarter of the drugs were contaminated with synthetic drugs.



The Food and Drug Administration in the United States found more than 800 adulterated substances in the supplements market.



With the massive penetration of Eastern medicine into various markets, regulation and consistent observation has become necessary.


Why Holitistic Medicine is Taking the World by Storm

There are a lot of reasons holistic medicine is taking the world by storm. For one, it is essential for those who are looking into this to know that you’ll first need to talk to your doctor before you make the decision to go on your own. Holistic medicine isn’t without its side effects and problems, so you’ll need and want to educate yourself before you make the decision to do anything for yourself. There are a lot of different reasons for why people decide to take a more natural approach to their health and wellness. For one, you’ll find that this helps you to get away from conventional medications that have myriads of different side effects.


Another reason a lot of people are taking a holistic approach to their healthcare is because it is a lot cheaper. You will find that it is cheaper to use herbs and supplements to take care of your health as opposed to going to the doctor and hoping that they are going to be able to take care of you. There are lots of people who do not have insurance who find it to be too expensive to make routine trips to their local doctor’s office, and this is why it pays for you to take a look at the different options that happen to be available to you.


There are a ton of people out there taking a natural approach to their health and wellness. If this is something that you feel is going to benefit your health and overall well-being, it is time for you to educate yourself and know that it is going to help a lot over the course of time. There are a lot of people out there who have made this a wonderful habit and know that it is going to benefit their own well-being because of all of the steps they are taking and the more holistic approach they are using.

Is Turmeric The Wonder Spice Your Body Needs?

If you follow latest holistic health trends, you may find yourself heading to the local grocery store for a bottle of turmeric. It’s the bright yellow spice that is often used in Indian and Asian cooking, and it’s a relative of the ginger plant. It’s potent, smells funny, but it’s packed full of beneficial elements. In fact, there are more than 300 compounds that make this spice, all of which are wonderful for your body.

Some experts are calling turmeric the long-lost spice girl. Bon Appetite Magazine posted an article about the 49 different recipes that can be used to incorporate turmeric into your diet. Thankfully, if you don’t want to cook with it, you can take it in capsule form. Though it’s gaining in popularity in the United States for its holistic benefits, it’s been around for thousands of years. The first reported use for medicinal purposes is by the Asians as a part of Siddha medicine.

The rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant is native to Southeast Asia. It’s believed to be able to help or cure Parkinson’s disease, blood clots, urinary tract infections, depression, anxiety, joint pain, inflammation, and much more. However, is this spice more hype help?

The reports from studies done on turmeric are promising. In fact, it shows that people who use 500 milligrams of this pill at least twice per day are showing dramatic improvements in health. Thankfully, there are no side effects of taking a spice, which cannot be said about prescription medications.

One of the main ingredients in this spice is curcumin, and it has been used for more than 5,000 years. This herb is an antioxidant, and it has potent antifungal and antibacterial properties. If turmeric only included this additive, it would be good, but there are 299 more additives that help gives it an even more significant punch.

What’s funny is turmeric is often used to hand-dyed fabrics and to cook wonderful meals. However, it seems that taking this spice on a regular basis is like putting your insides through a car wash. It helps remove the bad, but it keeps the good. More impressively is the fact that it’s being used in place of chemotherapy in cancer patients. Chemo destroys both bad and good cells, which causes weakened immune systems. However, turmeric can target and kill the bad and leave the good in place.

For anyone suffering from an ailment that doesn’t want to risk the side effects of medication, turmeric may be the answer. It indeed is worth looking into at the very least.

Forbes Author Discusses Celebrity Preoccupation With Alternative

In a recently published article about holistic and eastern medicine practices, journalist Jim Dobson recounted his experiences with alternative medicine and his discovery of the celebrity preoccupation with the practice. Dobson revealed that he had always held negative views about the validity and practice of holistic medicine. Because the mainstream medical community is known for its dismissive attitudes toward alternative medicine, an attitude likely rooted in the medical community’s high stake in the pharmaceutical industry’s continued prominence, Dobson had developed equally negative thoughts toward holistic healing. Dobson was forced to explore these options, however, after his mother was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of pancreatic cancer and was given very few options for healing treatments.

Although Dobson’s mother quickly died of the pancreatic cancer, Dobson spent her remaining months desperately searching for holistic treatments that could help cure her disease or ease her discomfort. During his search, Dobson discovered the fact that celebrities all over the nation were spending large sums of money to implement holistic medicine into their routines. Celebrities spent thousands of dollars on in-home health saunas, expensive vitamin IV drips, organic water wells, charcoal treatments, and the like to avoid preventable diseases during the previous fiscal year. Dobson noted that although the medical community was publishing no shortage of information to dispel any belief among the public that holistic medicine was effective at treating disease, a large percentage of the celebrities he met were completely ignoring this advice and spending small fortunes to remain healthy.

After seeking various holistic treatment, Dobson became aware of several treatments that were effective at eliminating certain diseases and ailments. After all, hospitals have only been in existence for the last hundred or so years, while thousands of years of human history have been spent developing natural medicines. Dobson then went on to discuss some of the more popular holistic remedies.

Author Discusses Integration of Holistic Medicine and Food Preparation

The author of the recent New York Times Bestseller, “The New Health Rules,” recently sat down with the Food Network Magazine reporters to discuss his new book and how holistic treatments can be integrated with daily food preparation. The book has become wildly popular in chef circles because of its delicious recipes and health implications. After the popular actress, Gweneth Paltrow, stated that this book was one of her hidden weapons for maintaining a thin physique, the book remained at the top of the best sellers list for many weeks.

Dr. Frank Lipman, the creator of the health rules and the author of the book, discussed his purposes for writing the book and his hopes for individuals who chose to follow the rules. The author is also the founder of a popular wellness center in The Bronx, New York. The center focuses on holistic treatment and the removal of toxins through adequate nourishment and the intake of nutrients. After working with hundreds of wellness patients, including famous celebrities, Dr. Lipman realized that the average person has virtually no clue how to care for themselves in a manner that produces longevity, natural beauty, and physical strength.

When discussing the book and its purpose with The Food Network, Dr. Frank Lipman discussed the difference between integrative medicine, which he practices, and traditional western medicine. Dr. Lipman stated that integrative medicine was a significant blend of mainstream medical practice and holistic or alternative medicine. The recipes reflected in the physician’s diet book represent his blended practice. As of the release of this article, Dr. Lipman had plans to continue practicing at the New York wellness center in addition to his book tours, which are scheduled for the remainder of the 2017 fiscal year.

Is Greving Considered Holistic Healing

A recently published Huffington Post article discussed whether or not the process of grieving was now perceived as a form of holistic healing or alternative medicine. Ann Brennof, an employee of Huffington Post and the article’s writer, discussed the many ways that death has become common to modern people, including the minimal response to the loss of loved ones in the work place. In ancient eastern cultures, the grieving process is considered to be a healing process. Chinese culture, as well as other cultures, traditionally take several days to bury their loved ones and mourn for them. Several eastern cultures host ceremonies that last a full month. Western culture, has never viewed death or grieving as a process that required holistic health or periods of time away from work. And in the modern climate of over production with little emphasis placed on rest or relaxation, the grieving process has become almost completely null and void.

Brennof discussed a study which found that the grieving process caused several of the same chemical reactions in the brain that holistic treatments did. Grief is also nationally recognized as a debilitating process which requires attention and focus that can take away from regular means of employment. Brennof discussed the actions taken by a leader of Facebook, who recently experienced the loss of her husband and was dismayed at the corporation’s 10 day paid time off policy. After returning to work, she lobbied for the implementation of a 21 day grieving period employees who experience the loss of an immediate family member. The Facebook leaders made statements regarding the implementation of new paid leave policies and stated that the company hopes to encourage other large corporations to implement similar policies.

In response to new grief policies and the connection between grief and holistic medicine, many companies have implemented new paid leave policies along with attempts to educate employees about the importance of taking time off during bereavement periods.

What to know about Holistic and Eastern Medicine

At some point in life, one goes through tough times battling with illness. It gets even worse when an individual is barely clueless on the type of disease they are suffering. Both Holistic and Eastern medicine cure the patients in different ways. Individuals who take holistic treatment it’s because they believe the physician knows best. However, there is a group of people who opt to go the Eastern medicine way because the too believe in natural healing through different types of plants.

There are a lot of things that differentiate Holistic and Eastern medicine.

Where to get the medicine

For the Eastern cure, the patient can visit a medical doctor who will give the drug to them. The patient used to take Eastern medicine can in other ways make their own medicine from various medicinal plants. Holistic treatment the sick have to visit the hospital and get checked by a specialist or visit a pharmacy where they will be checked out too before any prescriptions.

Accessibility of the medicine

Another factor differentiating Holistic and Eastern medicine is the ways to get the treatment. For Holistic medicine, are in hospitals and pharmacy located in most parts of every town. To get the Eastern medicine, one has to visit a medicine doctor personally or make their own medicine which takes time while in cases of urgent need one can send for Holistic medicine.

3: Specialists giving the healing

For Holistic treatment, physicians who have gone through education and taken time in practicing their career before they can qualify to treat people do the task. People with knowledge about different plants and how they can be used to treat various diseases give the Eastern prescription. Before providing the administration, the specialist has to do some test on the patient, for Eastern medicine no checks on the patient.

Holistic medicine is at times costly for the patient to buy the drugs. The drugs, however, take the shortest time, and the patient starts the recovery process. Eastern medicine is cheap; the patients receive a bit longer with the healing process.

Why Are More People Taking a Holistic Approach?

Nowadays, it’s quite simple to go to your local doctor’s office and be prescribed a myriad of medications for every physical and mental ailment that you suffer from. The problem that so many people have is that these medications come with a range of side effects that can make it difficult to get through the day without feeling horrible. This is why a lot of people have been taking a holistic approach to their health.

The one thing about holistic health is that it can be problematic if you don’t know what you’re doing. A lot of people assume that taking a holistic and natural approach to their health is completely safe, but different herbs and supplements can counteract with each other and cause more problems that is pleasant for you to handle. This is why it is still a good idea to speak with a doctor before you make the decision to choose a holistic supplement or herb for your issues.

Another important factor to consider is to work with professionals when it comes to getting what you need out of the experience. There are many holistic and natural doctors out there who are more than willing to help out with what you need. Once you make the decision to take a more holistic approach to your health, you won’t miss the side effects and other issues that come when you’re on regular medications. Be sure to talk with your doctor before deciding to begin anything on your own, especially if you are already on some type of medication and are going to need to get the okay from them that you can take some type of herb that might be a problem in the long run because of its effect on the medications that you are currently taking.

The Safety of Holistic Medicine

The problem that a lot of people have nowadays is that their medications come with a range of different side effects that can make life miserable. If you’re currently battling side effects from a medicine you’re taking, it might be time to consider a more natural approach. The beauty about holistic medicine is that it is ideal for just about anyone and everyone, which is essential for when you’re looking to take a better and more natural approach to your health and wellness.

As with any type of medicine or alternative option, you’re going to need to talk to your doctor. Not all doctors are big on the natural approach, so it is important to keep your mind open when talking to these professionals. There are also many different people and doctors who take a natural approach to healthcare, so it might be time to switch doctors so that you feel confident in what they are able to do for you. This is a benefit that you will find to be an amazing option for you when looking to make a change.

Once you make the decision to go natural with your health, you’re well on your way to ensuring that you feel confident in the choices that you’re making. There are a lot of individuals who take a natural approach to their health, and it can feel great knowing that this is something that will benefit you as much as it has for everyone else. You can look up a range of different medicine options and alternative care tips on the internet if this is something that is of interest to you, improving your health and well-being as soon as you begin to go this route and give up all of the medications that have horrible and long-term side effects.