Youth-Enhancing Dietary Supplements from Jeunesse

The Youth Enhancement System developed by Jeunesse consists of skin care products and supplements that are designed to keep users feeling and looking young. Jeunesse’s YES caters to various skin care needs from anti-aging to moisturizing and a comprehensive range of supplements that are built to meet diverse requirements from fighting free radicals that cause aging to boosting energy levels for more youthful looks.

The AM & PM Essentials is a line of supplements that improve the vitamin and mineral intake of the user for better health. Jeunesse has used a proprietary formula that reduces premature aging. AM Essentials is designed as a daytime formula to improve the mood and increase energy while PM Essentials restore the body and prepare it for rest. Vitamins A, C, D, E, B6 & K, thiamin, biotin, and riboflavin are some of the ingredients present in the supplements.

Reserve is a diet supplement that is built to help the body defend itself by combating free radicals and the damage they cause. Jeunesse has used superfruits that are rich in antioxidants to give the supplement great potency. The fruits include dark sweet cherries, blueberries, concord grapes, pomegranate, and acai.

Another diet supplement from Jeunesse that improves health is FINITI, which is blended with fruits and vegetable extracts. It contains pomegranate extract, turmeric, coenzyme Q10, L-Carnosine, Astragalus root extract, and quercetin to boost the nutritional intake.

For rejuvenation of the mind, Jeunesse offers the M1ND dietary supplement that contains CERA-Q, which has been clinically proven to improve mental acuity. The blend of ingredients is inspired by eastern medicine and includes Gamma-aminobutyric acid, L-Theanine, and N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine.

Nevo is a caffeinated energy drink from Jeunesse that is designed to boost energy levels and refreshes the body. The drink contains 20% real fruit juice and available in four flavors. It doesn’t contain artificial flavors or sweeteners.

About Jeunesse

Jeunesse launched on September 9, 2009, and since then, has developed a range of revolutionary products that are tailored towards maintaining youth. The direct selling company created the Youth Enhancement System, YES, that combines skincare and nutritional products for a broad category of users. Jeunesse has had success selling cosmetics, supplements, and gear globally through its direct distributors who leverage the power of technology.

Jeunesse Global Product Review

One of the first places where aging can be seen is on the delicate facial skin, which is most open to the air and to pollutants, dirt and other chemicals that can speed up the aging process. With Jeunesse’s Instantly Ageless product, individuals around the world can look instantly younger, can feel more confident in their own skin and can minimize many of the most common effects of aging.

Instantly Ageless provides a wide array of benefits for men and women when used across the face. It can lift sagging skin, particularly around the eyes, and it can treat lines and wrinkles, including expression lines. It even decreases the size of large pores, improves the tone of the skin and creates a beautifully healthy glow. Those with crow’s feet, sagging under-eyes or brows, horizontal wrinkles across the forehead, nasolabial folds and sagging cheeks have all experienced great results. The amazing thing is that it can do all of this in just two minutes flat.

Jeunesse uses safe and effective ingredients to target the tissues deep within the skin. This microcream quickly penetrates the skin, making it into the deeper tissues where growth hormones, collagen and elastin lie. Each application of Instantly Ageless can last up to nine hours, providing results that last through work, meetings and social events. No longer is older, sagging skin unable to be treated. With one small, multi-use vial, individuals can experience youthful skin and can feel more confident than ever in their bodies.

Jeunesse provides a variety of whole-body treatments that use safe and effective ingredients to treat the whole body from the inside out for results at the cellular level. Jeunesse is offered around the world through direct marketing that is based on a wonderful model first developed when the company was founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Their mission has always been to help people live longer and to help them to thrive as they do so. Founded as a family business, Jeunesse grows more popular every year as thousands around the world find out about “Generation Young.”

New Harvard Study Suggests Probiotics Could Be Viable Alternative Therapy For MS

A new study out of the Harvard Medical School suggests probiotics might be a good alternative therapy for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. This new research also proves that these “good” bacteria can survive MS patients’ stomach acid and significantly reduce inflammation in the gut.

22 people took part in this tiny study. Nine of these study participants suffered from MS.

All participants were required to visit the hospital three different times during throughout a period of five months. At each check-up, doctors examined samples of each patient’s blood and stool. Doctors also took detailed brain scans and DNA swabs of every patient.

The first hospital visit was taken before patients went on the probiotic supplement. After two months of taking probiotics, doctors performed their second test. Lastly, study authors told patients to stop taking the probiotics and invited them back for a third checkup three months later.

The specific probiotic formula used in this study is called Visbiome, better known on the market as VSL#3. While there is an over-the-counter version of VSL#3 available, doctors chose to use the stronger prescription-grade VSL#3 in this study.

Amazingly, researchers said it was difficult to tell the difference between the guts of the control group and the MS group as they were taking probiotic supplements. They also found that MS patients had less overall inflammation while on Visbiome.

This study proves probiotics can survive and thrive in the gut microbiome of MS patients. While the results from this study are promising, Harvard researchers now want to conduct a larger clinical trial to learn more about how probiotics can help MS patients.

Stephanie Tankou, who works as a research fellow in the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, was the lead author of this study. In her previous work, Dr. Tankou discovered that MS patients’ have extremely different gut flora to non-MS patients.

Researchers involved in Dr. Tankou’s previous work found that MS patients tend to have “bad” bacterial strains like Methanobrevibacter and Akkermansia in their guts. These two bacterial strains are known to cause severe inflammation throughout the body.

Both the Ann Romney Center for Neurologic Diseases and Teva Neuroscience Inc. provided funding for Dr. Tankou’s work. This study was published in Vol. 24, Issue 1, of Sage Journals under the title, “Investigation of probiotics in multiple sclerosis.”

Yoga Is Officially For Everybody

For years, most of us have associated yoga with hip young people looking for ways to stay fit. While yoga certainly serves as an excellent form of fitness, it has benefits beyond sculpting the body. Yoga also helps to improve mood, energy and concentration. Its mind-body benefits make it appealing to just about everyone.

In a recent Sidney Herald article, yoga practitioners from all walks of life discussed their love of this ancient practice. One yoga studio owner discussed how her love of the sport was born not from a desire to stay fit, but rather a desire to feel rejuvenated after a difficult pregnancy and labor.

“I’m very holistic and into natural remedies,” Kayla Fox told the publication, adding that she prefers holistic medicine and tends to opt for natural solutions to health concerns.

While yoga is certainly for everyone, many older people or those who aren’t in peak physical condition worry that they won’t be able to keep up with some of yoga’s more challenging poses. While yoga can certainly be a rigorous form of exercise, it’s a rule in yoga that participants are allowed to go at their own pace. It’s very common to see yoga practitioners go into the reclining posture known as child’s pose when they feel as if they need a break. It’s definitely the norm in yoga to go at your own pace.

In response to those who say they can’t do yoga, Fox asserts that the only requirement for attending a yoga class is the ability to breathe. She states that she’s taught paraplegics and that all are truly welcome in her studio.

Fitness: It Starts in Our Heads

Our health and longevity may depend as much on what we think as what we do. A recent study published in Health Psychology proposes that what we believe about our exercise habits may significantly impact our level of fitness, even if our beliefs are not factual. This suggests that changing our thoughts about working out may help improve our health, whether or not we exercise more.

The study was birthed out of research by Alia Crum, who heads Stanford University’s Mind and Body Lab. With her co-author, Crum examined over 80 female hotel housekeepers who believed that they did not exercise much or at all, although most of their work was physical exertion. The researchers informed half of the housekeepers that they were meeting or surpassing national daily exercise guidelines of 30 minutes. When Crum studied the women one month later, the attendants reported that they felt that they were exercising more than previously. Although their routines had not changed, the women had reduced body fat and weight as well as lower blood pressure.

Crum and another co-author, Octavia Zahrt, consulted the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and the National Health Interview Survey, which comprises health statistics on representative groups throughout the country. The researchers zeroed in on data from over 60,000 participants who responded to questions regarding how they felt about their level of exercise. Next, Crum and Zahrt integrated the samples to information from the National Death Index to ascertain if and when participants passed away.

The scientists discovered a striking interconnection between early deaths of people and their belief that they were not active, even when their data suggested that they were exercising as much as others their age. The risk of premature death was as much as 71 percent higher than for the people who felt (accurately or not) that they got more exercise – even when Crum controlled for factors including tobacco use, socioeconomic status and chronic illnesses.

Changing the Face of Elective Healthcare: Dr. Mark McKenna’s OVME

The idea of having retail establishments for elective healthcare had been percolating for awhile when Dr. Mark McKenna decided to launch OVME in 2017. McKenna’s experience in the medical aesthetics industry goes back to his investment in ShapeMed. ShapeMed was a wellness and medical aesthetics organization dedicated to helping people look and feel beautiful. It was the first time that the connection between wellness and cosmetic surgery was established. Those first few months between the time ShapeMed was launched in November 2007 and when the idea took off were rough.

The idea did take off. Other organizations noticed and adapted the medical procedures as part of their services. ShapeMed became the go-to place to get BOTOX treatments. Life Time Fitness made Dr. Mark McKenna an offer he couldn’t refuse to sell ShapeMed in November 2014. McKenna was asked to serve as the National Medical Director and served in that capacity for over a year. It was during this time that his idea of having a network of medical aestheticians available for consumers to select like they would a ride on Uber or a room on Airbnb bloomed.

Dr. Mark McKenna felt that the medical aesthetic field was too fragmented to assist consumers. He wanted consumers to have the ability to choose providers based on specialty and availability. He also felt that the overhead could be reduced so doctors could choose when they would be available. The nationwide application could possibly eliminate the guesswork in scheduling appointments.

This consumer based, technology-driven company is poised to change the face of elective healthcare forever. Clients using Dr. Mark McKenna’s OVME services will have tremendous opportunities to choose the medical aesthetics they want to perform the services they need.

The real “beauty” of this new network application is the connections both physicians and their clients can have in real time. Physicians like the application because they can schedule times and select hours they want to work. Consumers like the application because they can choose providers and get the service they need. McKenna does think that the popularity of this new network will only grow in the future.

Cleaning as Unhealthy as Smoking New Study Reveals

A recently released Norwegian study claims that cleaning products may be as detrimental to the lungs as smoking. The twenty-year study examined the effects of cleaning products on men and women. Researchers compared the lung function of people who did not clean with those who cleaned at home at least once per week and those who professionally cleaned. The results were surprising. According to the study’s authors, lung function decreased significantly in the groups who professionally cleaned and cleaned at home. The rate of decline in women was comparable to smoking 10-20 pack/years.

Researchers stated the fact that cleaning products can have detrimental effects on the body is not new news. According to the United States Poison Control Centers in 2000, ten percent of calls to poison control centers were due to toxic exposure to cleaning products. Popular cleaning products are filled with chemicals that are caustic, give off gases, or are cancer causing. Others have chemicals that irritate the eyes, skin, and respiratory system or even block hormones. These hormone disruptors can decrease sperm count and cause birth defects.

According to the Organic Consumers Association, there is good news. An increasing number of stores, like Sprouts, Aldis’s, Earth Fare, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods, offer organic and natural cleaning product alternatives. Some companies’ may push products filled with fragrances and chemicals, however, more are offering cleaners that use simple solutions with safer ingredients, like vinegar, citrus, baking soda, and Castille soap. These products are non-toxic and do provide fewer user side effects even with prolonged usage.

The Norwegian study did not say if the effects of prolonged cleaning chemical use were reversible, and further research into the subject may be needed. In the meantime, the American Lung Association says the way to healthier lungs is by limiting exposure to chemicals, reading product ingredients, avoid mixing cleaners, and following all product directions.

Harsh Flu And Expensive Antiviral Medication Leads Some To Alternative Treatment

Heartbreaking stories continue circulating the media about children, young adults, healthy adults, and the elderly dying from the flu, which has been dominated by the H3N2 strain this year. This epidemic is on track to kill 50,000 Americans this year. According to Bloomberg, that number is 650,000 worldwide, and pandemic flu numbers could be upwards of a million lives.

While there are a lot of factors at play in why this epidemic has been so deadly this year, the end result has left a lot of consumers turning to holistic medicine, or alternative medicine, for an answer. Stores across the country are reporting that they can’t keep elderberry on the shelves.

The flu vaccine has been all but ineffective this year, with some speculating as little as 10% being protected.

This year’s strain has also been particularly harsh and resilient, even toward otherwise healthy patients.

And, there’s the added consideration that many are forgoing the preferred prescribed antiviral, Tamiflu, because they’re unable or unwilling to pay its high cost, especially considering its questionable effectiveness against mutated strains. Such as was the case of a Texas mom who died after deeming $116 co-pay for Tamiflu was too much, according to Fox News.

At the moment, however, doctors have little other Western treatment options other than Tamiflu available to prescribe suffering patients. Bloomberg reports that consumers will see several additions in global influenza products by 2025 from Baloxavir, a flu drug being developed by Roche and Shionogi & Co. in Japan; pimodivir, a flu drug by Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen unit; and nitazoxanide, a licensed waterborne parasitic drug being studied for cross flu effectiveness.

However, this is neither here nor there since it doesn’t help people today suffering with the potentially deadly flu. Many parents, family doctors, and pediatricians are turning to elderberry.

An older CBS News looked at a study that found an elderberry extract called Sambucol could potentially shorten the duration of flu symptoms by around 3 days, which is similar to what Tamiflu touts but at a fraction of the price. Other studies purport that elderberry, an old medicinal herb, lessens the severity of flu and cold symptoms and could even stave off the flu all together.

With all the combined facets of the flu strike this year, multiple local news outlets across the country, such as WPDE,are reporting elderberry supplements are flying off the shelves as an alternative treatment for the flu.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, black elder, also called European elder, is the most often used for medicinal purposes. They do warn, though, that it’s not safe to consume unripened or raw elderberries because of a toxic compound similar to cyanide that’s only destroyed during the cooking process.

How to Combat the Flu

It’s flu season and many Americans are getting the flu a lot more often it feels like. Even though preventing the flu isn’t entirely impossible, there are many things you and I can do to decrease our chances of getting it. In this article, I’m going to show you easy steps you can implement to dodge the flu this season. Let’s get started!

1. Wash your hands
This step is pretty common sense but most people fail to do it. Shaking someone’s hand can transfer a great amount of germs onto yours, making you more susceptible for disease. When you wash your hands, wash them thoroughly with soap and hot water. The longer you wash them, the more likely the germs are off your hands. Also, never touch your mouth or eyes after shaking someone’s hand as this will increase your chance of getting the flu as well. The eyes and the mouth are the most common places for germs to enter your system.

2. Get a flu shot
Some people don’t like getting flu shots because they have a chance at getting sick if they take one. However, it is in society’s best interest that you take one. If more Americans receive the flu shot, there will be less transfer of the disease. You are not only helping yourself in the long run but society as well.

3. Exercise regularly
The reason that exercise is so great for preventing the flu is because it builds up your immune system, your body’s defense mechanism. Exercising helps flush away bacteria and toxins out of our system through sweat and exhalation. Exercise has also been shown to boost your white blood cells, your body’s main protectors against disease.

4. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep
Getting enough sleep allows your body to rebuild and fight off your nasty bug. On the contrary, not getting enough sleep weakens your immune system leaving you more susceptible to disease. In general, you should be getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night. If you have the flu, bump it up to 10 hours.


In recent years, scientists have done research and have found that Americans are actually sleeping longer than back in 2003. The average American sleeps an average of 18 more minutes a weeknight compared to 2003. As other research has shown, a good night’s sleep is linked with higher levels of thinking, better judgement, more awareness, and more creativity. In general, there have been incremental gains over the past 13 years in the total time a person sleeps per night. On average, Americans have been gaining a whopping 1.4 minutes of sleep each night each year over the past 13 years. As you’d expect, more people slept longer on the weekends.

Overall, most Americans are now getting over 8 hours of sleep each night. However, the CDC predicts that at least a third of adults suffer from insufficient sleep. The insufficiency has been linked to many health problems like heart disease and type two diabetes. The good news is that there are many things you can focus on to make sure you get the sleep you deserve. One of the biggest factors is limiting screen time before bed. The blue light from your device messes with your body’s natural melatonin levels, causing your brain to think that it’s the middle of the day when in reality it’s nighttime. Another thing you could do is create a consistent routine. Go to sleep at the same time each night and follow the same activities leading up to sleep, whether that be reading a book or meditation. Also, avoid daytime naps as these can also affect your natural sleep cycle.

In the end, sleep is very important to our body both physiologically and mentally. It balances hormones, repairs the body, and refreshes our brain. If you fail to make sleep a priority, your body will feel it later on.