Dr. Schnuffie’s Is A Natural Remedy For The Flu

The flu season has been winding down. It is known for being one of the worst flu seasons that we have had in years. Fortunately, there is a product that can help people naturally fight off the flu. The product is known as Dr. Schnuffie’s. It is a natural supplement that has the nutrients that your body needs to fight off viruses.

Dr. Schnuffie’s contains high doses of vitamin A, vitamin D, herbal extracts and zinc. It is different from many other supplements that are on the market today because it is highly-potent. Every ingredient in the supplement is known for the positive effects that it has on the immune system.

Dr. Mark Pettus is the director of medical education and population health at Berkshire Health Systems. He stated that supplements benefit most people because they do not get enough nutrients from their food. The vast majority of the vitamins in the supplement are fat-soluble. Many people follow a low-fat, which makes it even harder for them to get enough fat-soluble vitamins.

Every ingredient in the supplement can work on its own. However, it is the blend of ingredients that makes each one more effective. Vitamins are never found alone in food. Most foods contain a blend of vitamins. That is why taking vitamin C by itself will not be as effective for fighting off an illness as taking it with other vitamins.

Dr. Alan Inglis is one of the people who helped create Dr. Schnuffie’s. He has been trained in functional medicine. This is a practice that often incorporates the use of alternative medicine. His approach to medicine is to look beyond the symptoms and look at the whole person.

Dr. Inglis has also explained why Dr. Schnuffie’s is better than cold medicine. Cold medicine only treats the symptoms. However, Dr. Schnuffie’s helps the body fight off the virus and curbs inflammation.

Harsh Flu And Expensive Antiviral Medication Leads Some To Alternative Treatment

Heartbreaking stories continue circulating the media about children, young adults, healthy adults, and the elderly dying from the flu, which has been dominated by the H3N2 strain this year. This epidemic is on track to kill 50,000 Americans this year. According to Bloomberg, that number is 650,000 worldwide, and pandemic flu numbers could be upwards of a million lives.

While there are a lot of factors at play in why this epidemic has been so deadly this year, the end result has left a lot of consumers turning to holistic medicine, or alternative medicine, for an answer. Stores across the country are reporting that they can’t keep elderberry on the shelves.

The flu vaccine has been all but ineffective this year, with some speculating as little as 10% being protected.

This year’s strain has also been particularly harsh and resilient, even toward otherwise healthy patients.

And, there’s the added consideration that many are forgoing the preferred prescribed antiviral, Tamiflu, because they’re unable or unwilling to pay its high cost, especially considering its questionable effectiveness against mutated strains. Such as was the case of a Texas mom who died after deeming $116 co-pay for Tamiflu was too much, according to Fox News.

At the moment, however, doctors have little other Western treatment options other than Tamiflu available to prescribe suffering patients. Bloomberg reports that consumers will see several additions in global influenza products by 2025 from Baloxavir, a flu drug being developed by Roche and Shionogi & Co. in Japan; pimodivir, a flu drug by Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen unit; and nitazoxanide, a licensed waterborne parasitic drug being studied for cross flu effectiveness.

However, this is neither here nor there since it doesn’t help people today suffering with the potentially deadly flu. Many parents, family doctors, and pediatricians are turning to elderberry.

An older CBS News looked at a study that found an elderberry extract called Sambucol could potentially shorten the duration of flu symptoms by around 3 days, which is similar to what Tamiflu touts but at a fraction of the price. Other studies purport that elderberry, an old medicinal herb, lessens the severity of flu and cold symptoms and could even stave off the flu all together.

With all the combined facets of the flu strike this year, multiple local news outlets across the country, such as WPDE,are reporting elderberry supplements are flying off the shelves as an alternative treatment for the flu.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, black elder, also called European elder, is the most often used for medicinal purposes. They do warn, though, that it’s not safe to consume unripened or raw elderberries because of a toxic compound similar to cyanide that’s only destroyed during the cooking process.

How to Combat the Flu

It’s flu season and many Americans are getting the flu a lot more often it feels like. Even though preventing the flu isn’t entirely impossible, there are many things you and I can do to decrease our chances of getting it. In this article, I’m going to show you easy steps you can implement to dodge the flu this season. Let’s get started!

1. Wash your hands
This step is pretty common sense but most people fail to do it. Shaking someone’s hand can transfer a great amount of germs onto yours, making you more susceptible for disease. When you wash your hands, wash them thoroughly with soap and hot water. The longer you wash them, the more likely the germs are off your hands. Also, never touch your mouth or eyes after shaking someone’s hand as this will increase your chance of getting the flu as well. The eyes and the mouth are the most common places for germs to enter your system.

2. Get a flu shot
Some people don’t like getting flu shots because they have a chance at getting sick if they take one. However, it is in society’s best interest that you take one. If more Americans receive the flu shot, there will be less transfer of the disease. You are not only helping yourself in the long run but society as well.

3. Exercise regularly
The reason that exercise is so great for preventing the flu is because it builds up your immune system, your body’s defense mechanism. Exercising helps flush away bacteria and toxins out of our system through sweat and exhalation. Exercise has also been shown to boost your white blood cells, your body’s main protectors against disease.

4. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep
Getting enough sleep allows your body to rebuild and fight off your nasty bug. On the contrary, not getting enough sleep weakens your immune system leaving you more susceptible to disease. In general, you should be getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night. If you have the flu, bump it up to 10 hours.