Flavio Maluf Gives Business Tips

Flavio Maluf currently serves as president of the company Ecuatex and has been in the business since 1987. He first began in the trade sector of Evuatex but later transitioned into the industrial sector. Finally, in 1996 he was invited by his uncle to become an Executive within the company. Flavio Maluf’s uncle had been serving on the board for numerous years and believed that he could contribute a lot to the companies overall success. He has played a huge role in helping to modernize and partner Ecuatex in the community. Flavio Maluf is responsible not only for charity and community partnerships but of the rapidly expanding network of businesses that are currently being built in Brazil as part of Ecuatex. Visit Flavio Maluf on facebook.

Recently, Flavio Maluf spoke about the myths and truths behind building a business and the kind of work it takes to become a succesful entrepreneur. He explained that just because one becomes their own boss, doesn’t mean that they will be working any less. They actually have to put in more work and more effort because they become the sole leader and only one responsible for a big network of people. They often don’t get the days off they want or even vacations they want to take because they must put a lot of time into growing the business. Flavio Maluf also explains that people don’t have to take huge risks to become succesful. While risks do play a large hand in helping a company develop, all risks are very well calculated and actually make sense to take. One of the last topics Flavio Maluf goes over is the idea that it doesn’t take a giant sum of money. While it does take a good amount of financial planning, not all business models require owners to have a lot of capital. There are investors who aren’t interested in helping companies get on their feet when they really believe in the business and model.

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