Michael Burwell And The Indelible Reputation And Factors That Make Him Stand Out

A company that aspires to being triumphant in its ventures, glowing in its reputation and gracious in its approach to its workforce starts in having the right business leaders. These leaders should not just arm chair leaders who do nothing to contribute to the growth of a business. These leaders should know about finance and the importance of innovation to grow the business to where it should be. Fortunately, despite the brain drain and the cyclical academic thinking usually happening these days among leaders, we still have executives like Michael “Mike” J. Burwell, who is now the new CFO of Willis Towers Watson.


The Experienced CFO

The big factor that may have been the most significant contributor to the success of Michael Burwell is in his healthy approach to business operations. Before becoming Willis Towers Watson’s new CFO, he has about 30 years of experience at Pricewaterhouse, offering his financial skills and auditing expertise to make sure that the company stands to where it is right now. He’s insightful level of competence has also been a factor why he was a top executive in the U.S. branches of PwC, helping PwC with how it handles its Transactional Services. Read This Article for related information.


The 31 years of finance experience of Michael Burwell at PwC is also the factor that equips him with the credentials that made Willis Towers Watson trust his agility and ability to make the right decisions for the company. In an article from ReinsuranceNews, we also learned that this new position of Michael Burwell is met with excitement with the management and CEO of Willis Towers, John Haley. He even commented that the leadership, management and driving force to inspire of Michael Burwell would be fantastic fuel to make sure that Willis Towers achieve its optimal market position.



About Michael Burwell

Mr. Burwell was also the Head of Global Transformation of PwC before becoming the CFO of Willis Towers Watson. Burwell is known in the industry as the man in finance with the indelible reputation of providing fantastic service for the clients of the companies he works for.


Indeed, Mr. Burwell is today’s most sought-after executives in the corporate market.


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