Things you need to know about Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is not only a profoundly successful entrepreneur, but he has also strived to see that USHEALTH Group achieves the best to be among the most prestigious companies in the world. Through his expertise, he saw the firm establish itself in a vast number of countries thus increasing its production. Troy has over the past years received a high accreditation from prestigious organizations as well as individuals for his notable achievements and contributions in developing the firm. He recently won a very prestigious Planet Gold Award apprehending him as the chief executive officer of the year, and with this, USHEALTH Group has also gained a chance to enjoy the honor.

Troy McQuagge Son has always put success at the forefront in all his business operations, and since he took his current role in USHEALTH Group, he has always had a determination towards turning it into one of the best lucrative ventures in the world. Rebuilding the business into a captive distribution was one of Troy`s greatest steps and equipping the company’s Advisors with the knowledge to be the best saw his role in the substantial rise quickly.

Troy always targets to achieve the best, and he is never turning back. Troy`s turn at USHEALTH Group has seen him increase the firm`s level of production at a tremendous rate and his great establishment is one of the major proves of its prestigious nature. USHEALTH Group has also turned out to be one of the best insurance firms in the United States and has attracted a broad range of customers that are always pleased with their unique products as well as services.

The renowned entrepreneur was highly satisfied with the award and perceives it to be a significant step for the USHEALTH Group in general. He insists that the firm has always achieved most of its set goals, thanks to the considerable commitment of its team of employees towards offering the best to its clients. Troy looks forward to providing the best healthcare products to the firm`s customers and has a great determination towards addressing their issues and claims at haste. Read more about Troy McQuagge Son at

The One Planet awards have also profoundly contributed to the smooth operations of most firms through their exclusive awards and great motivation as well as reinforcement to the companies and particular individuals. Their awards act as an encouragement and total appreciation of the individuals for their great contributions towards giving people a better living.

Apart from Troy being into achieving success in his ventures, he is also highly concerned about peoples welfare as well as giving back to the community. With his kind heart, Troy has taken part in a significant number of charitable organizations through which he contributed massive amounts of money in aid of the disadvantaged individuals in the society.


Karl Heideck Explains Why Employers Should Comply With Philadelphia’s New Salary Law

Since the onset of 2017, workers’ rights advocates in Philadelphia have every reason to be happy. The enactment of workers’ rights has effectively prohibited employers operating from the private sector from examining applicants’ salary histories prior to enrollment into a particular profession. Signed by Mayor Jim Kenney on January 23, the law is guaranteed to provide workers with remuneration geared at maintaining their professional discretion.

However, the enactment of such a law hasn’t been a smooth sailing experience. Prior to implementation, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia sought to challenge its constitutionality in relation to outlined laws.

Interpretation of the Law

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, lawmakers uniquely crafted various ordinances to tremendously assist in bridging the wage gap between male and female workers in Pennsylvania. Such rules are aimed at producing the desired effect, such as preventing employers from:
• Punishing job candidates who fail to disclose their salary details
• Forcing job applicants to reveal their salary histories in an effort to gain employment
• Using a candidate’s salary data without their express approval
• Directly asking job applicants to disclose their previous salaries

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Setbacks to Implementing the Law

Just like any other law, the Bill was subjected to constant disputes before its final implementation into law. For starters, Comcast Communications surprisingly threatened to seek legal action on grounds that the First Amendment rights were directly under assault. Several other companies also jumped on board and criticized the potential burdens of compliance coming their way.

To avoid the ballooning protests, the Chamber of Commerce sought legal action by filing a motion aimed at pursuing preliminary injunction on April 6, 2017.

Legal Response from the Court

After careful and intense deliberation, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania opted to operate within the law regarding the filing lawsuit. Such a move was widely tipped to rub employees the wrong way, especially considering the uphill battle they will surely have to face.

Karl Heideck in Brief

Karl Heideck has cemented his status as one of the most in-demand attorneys in the U.S. Aside from spending ample time offering compliance and risk management services, Karl Heideck has also delved into writing a popular blog that helps Pennsylvanians understand intricate details about the law.

With over a decade’s worth of experience, Karl Heideck has impressively built a portfolio that spans across employment law, product liability and corporate law. For best legal services, don’t hesitate to contact Karl Heideck.