O2PUR Venture in E-cigs

The Tobacco industry is still going through the revolutionary process to all the major cigarette companies. Their portfolios are full of a wide range of combustible cigarette alternatives.

The cigarette market is moving from the traditional cigarettes, which requires the user to burn the tobacco in order to taste the nicotine and the flavor from the cigar. The heat-not-burn (HNB) technology is slowly stealing the show in the cigarette industry and companies like British American Tobacco (BAT) are banking on the technology.

The HNB technology is an electronic cigarette but unlike the earlier version, heats the real tobacco which creates a vapor that brings the nicotine and the flavor to the user. This vapor is free from the toxin chemicals produced once tobacco is burned making them an easier alternative. Since this tobacco-filled cigar needs replacement after use, the manufacturing companies enjoy a steady stream of revenue.

Basing on how the BAT HNB products are doing since they were rolled out in the market, it is evident the e-cigs have quickly gained. In just 10 weeks of being in the Japanese market, they have gained 5.4% shares. Today, e-cigs are already in 12 markets in which various e-cig devices exist from the traditional ones to the hybrid e-cigs.

O2PUR E-Cigs

O2PUR is another cigarette company that has taken over the E-cigs market with a bang. The co-owned company by Mr. Scott Barth, victor E Juice, and Vapex. It’s already five years since the company was founded.

O2PUR fame in the market is probably because of their various E-Cigs flavors. Their differently flavored e-liquids and e-cigs are available in different quantities, favorable for the users. In addition to this is the favorable prices for their e-cigs. As a matter of fact, they also do have special offers for some of their products.

However, O2PUR is very strict on the age of the consumer of their products, who should definitely be 21 years and above.