Should Dogs Eat a Vegan Diet?

Dog owners normally believe their dog should eat a meat-rich diet. However, vegans do not consume anything of animal origin. Researchers and the life experiences of millions attest to the many benefits of a plant-based diet including weight loss and the prevention or management of various health issues including diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Vegan for Dogs?

Can dogs enjoy the same benefits of a vegan diet? There isn’t a clear answer to that question. A brief review of the pros and cons of a plant-based diet for dogs could be helpful in deciding if you should feed your dog a vegan diet.


• A vegan diet could help a dog suffering from allergies, recurring hot spots and other health issues.
• Dogs (unlike cats) are able to draw nutrients from a plant-based diet.
• Vegan dog foods contain healthy plant protein and are supplemented with vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
• Eating vegan has positive environmental and ethical considerations.

may not meet the standardsAssociation of Feed Control OfficialsDiseased animals
• Commercial vegan dog foods may not meet the standards for dog nutrition established by the Association of Feed Control Officials.
• Diseased animals have been used in the production of some commercial dog foods.
• Dog nutrition is very complicated and not fully understood.
• There are no long term studies of dogs eating only vegan diets.
• Veterinarians disagree as to whether or not a vegan diet is good for dogs.

Anyone considering switching their dog to a vegan diet might consider doing so for 12 weeks and then taking their dog to their vet for a checkup. Also, be sure to use a high-quality vegan dog food. However, be aware that it could take years for a nutritional deficiency to become apparent. With that being said, going vegan could be just what your dog needs for improved health and a happy, energetic life.