The Great Victories of Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden has brought many changes to the health sector through her ability to perform a vast number of aesthetic surgeries to women. Walden has always been passionate about beauty and cosmetic surgery since she was young and she has strived to emulate her parent’s steps, as they all served in the medical sector. She showed her expertise in the field since in school and always performed better than most of her other classmates. Dr. Jennifer Walden received a lot of appraisal from her instructor due to the skills she showcased at school and her impressive attitude and passion to be the best was prove of her dedication and possible success in her career.

She attended her fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, and after successfully completing it, she, moved to New York City where she began her career practice in the field of cosmetic and aesthetic surgery. She has been practicing cosmetic surgery for the last eight years and her operations have been received with a positive attitude since the beginning of her career. Walden currently focuses on cosmetic surgery with her major focus being the breast augmentations, face lifts, nose jobs among many other procedures that are specifically meant to bring a brand new look in women and mroe

Besides her career, Walden has also taken the initiative to educate people through the various books that she has published. She is a great author of the book Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and through it, she has educated people on the importance of the procedure as well as the possible risks associated with the procedure, especially if someone visits an unqualified medical personnel. Her career has been marked by positivity and a vast number of individuals that have sought her expertise regarding the various types of surgeries that she conducts have been highly pleased with the results.


Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Saad Saad Revolutionizing Surgery

Dr. Saad is an acclaimed pediatric surgeon who has a passion for promoting methods and procedures that seek to decrease pain and risks that his patients undergo.


Dr. Saad has been successful in developing modernized pediatric surgical procedures and even has two inventions patented under his name. He has considerable experience of over 40 years performing difficult pediatric surgeries. As his contribution to the community, Dr. Saad Saad has been involved in eight medical missions in West Bank and Jerusalem where he has operated on poor children free of charge.


Dr. Saad’s first invention which is the Catheter with the Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device helps patients to bypass X-rays and MRI scans in a bid to find the catheter. The advantage of the device is that it is small and portable and can be used in emergencies. Moreover, doctors can use it instead of guide wires that are used to locate the placement of the catheter.


The second invention is a suction irrigation device that has assisted to improve the utilization of endoscopes. The body liquids can prevent a doctor from getting a clear visual picture since they obstruct the view. The suction irrigation device sucks any liquid that might hinder the endoscope from doing its work which is to show a clear picture of what is going on the body of a person.


In 1971, Dr. Saad Saad attended Cairo U Med Hospital where he specialized in pediatric surgery and thoracic surgery. He is certified to practice by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and is licensed by New Jersey State Medical License. Dr. Saad is located in New Jersey’s Eatontown area and he has an office in Forked River in the same state. He is also affiliated to practice and admit patients in various hospitals such as; Monmouth Medical Center, Clara Mass Medical Center, Riverview Medical Center and Jersey Shore University Medical Center among others. As a physician, Dr. Saad has been able to treat 32 conditions including; Chest wall deformity, blood disorders, congenital heart disease, gallbladder diseases, constipation, hemorrhoids, imperforate anus and pediatric tumor among others. Moreover, he has been able to conduct 12 procedures including; Acid reflux surgery, appendectomy, gallbladder removal, bronchoscopy among others.


In 2014, Dr. Saad received Patient’s Choice Award, an honor that is usually bestowed upon physicians who have had tremendous service towards attending to patients. The award is usually voted by patients who recognize physicians who have had a great impact on their lives. Additionally, in the same year, he was awarded the Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award, an honor that recognizes physicians who portray excellent bedside manners and treat patients with kindness. He has made a name for himself because he has the knowledge, education, and expertise required to practice. Learn more:


Contribusions of Dr. Saad Saad

Article recarping Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is considered as one of the most successful Pediatric surgeons among children ranging from infants to teenagers. He has served both in his home country and some other foreign nations. He is renowned for his generosity for in some cases he performs surgeries for free in the case of poor children. Being a medical practitioner has enabled him to come up with new and advanced pediatric surgical procedures.


His passion for the field of medicine begun when he was a teenager after discovering that unlike his two older brothers who were working in construction, he wanted to work in an air-conditioned room. In this regard, Dr. Saad worked hard and managed to secure a medical degree dated 47 years ago; graduating with second-degree honors. He served as Surgeon-in-chief and the Co-Medical Director of Hovnanian Hospital. He went back to the Middle East in the 1980’s where he was commissioned to serve as a pediatric surgeon for Saudi Arabia Royal family.


Dr. Saad managed to be in that rank because of two main reasons: He was the only pediatric surgeon in the US who understood and spoke both Arabic and English fluently. Having been in many states, he was in a position to learn both languages and so it was comfortable for him to fit in either of the society. Being in a position to speak Arabic, he was treated well when working in Riyadh where he worked for the royal family. Secondly, he was in a position to use his surgical skills to help patients and earn trust from the Royal Family.


He is known for serving people with passion. This included treatment of the smallest and sickest patients. He believed that there was a possibility of restoring health to the most infected patient. Coming from a low-income family, he also served the poor, and he was kind to them. He treated all the patients equally regardless of religion, financial status or color. Amongst his success is the creation of surgical Residency program meant for Saudi students. This has enabled students to train into medical courses without the need of traveling abroad. Among other inventions, he came up with Cather with tracking mechanism which allows doctors to locate the catheter without scanning the patient’s body. He also advanced the visual function/irrigation Rigid Endoscope which helped to view the inside of patient’s body during an examination/surgery.


He managed all these milestones because he believed that necessity created the need to come up with a new invention. He operates under some rules which promote his efficiency. He believed that all are created equal and thus they should be treated equally. Learn more: