Rocketship Education Is Conquering Apathy In the Classroom

Rocketship Education is an exciting way of bringing learning to disadvantaged children in poor economic areas. It is a dynamic public charter school system that is revamping the ways that education is presented to students. By establishing a real partnership between Rocketship and the community, parents, students, and teachers, Rocketship has been able to accomplish that which had formerly seemed impossible.

The typical school scenario for many children is based on their zip code and they are assigned a certain number of hours in the classroom where they listen to four or five different lectures a day regarding various school subjects. They are given homework and then they are tested on the amount of knowledge or facts that they have retained.

Rocketship takes a more proactive approach because students learn by doing and engaging. While there are some general sessions, they are mostly for organization and overall strategy sessions. Small groups are a big part of Rocketship’s grand strategy. Here students can concentrate specifically on the subject matter in a small group setting. Conversation and questions usually follow and learning takes place.

Digital learning is a big factor too. The students already know how to use laptops, smartphones, and tablets. do the format is natural and they take it like ducks to water. Repetitive items where facts are needed to be learned such as math, social studies, English, and languages are perfect subjects because the material can be presented in a fun way that the students understand and enjoy.

The key to the success of Rocketship Education is the partnership that is formed with the parents. When the parents realize what is at stake and how they can help, the enthusiasm is boundless. The parents can get as involved as they wish and it is a big help to everyone.

The students at Rocketship Education on the average earn enough credits to graduate a full year ahead of their counterparts at the public schools. This is a remarkable achievement, but it all boils down to a great effort from all of the participants. When the goal is made real and the means to reach the goal is within reach, wonderful things occur all of the time.