Alternative Medicine to Be Used for New Contraceptive Device

According to a recent article published by the BBC, an alternative medical treatment is now being used in a new contraceptive device. The BBC reported that California researchers have, for the past decade, been developing a unique blend of chemicals extracted from the dandelion root plant that can act as a safe barrier for sperm. Dandelion root has been long regarded as a superfood for its ability to promote overall health in humans. The extract from this plant has been proven to alleviate digestive issues, relieve cancer symptoms in sick patients, and promote weight loss. Only recently, however, have studies indicated that dandelion root may be beneficial in the prevention of unwanted pregnancies.


California researchers have discovered that chemicals extracted from the dandelion root plant are able to bind the sperm of human males while allowing them to continue to survive and move in along their natural paths. When initially developing the alternative remedy, researchers faced tremendous backlash from intimidating companies that developed hormonal birth control. They also faced difficulties when attempting to develop a birth control, barrier method that had very fews side effects. Developers found a remedy to this problem, however, when they discovered the effects of dandelion root extract on human sperm.


In clinical trials designed to study the reaction between dandelion root extract and human sperm, results showed that the extract was actually beneficial to human subjects. In addition to the provision of contraceptive effects, dandelion root extract strengthen the body in such a way that it creates a beneficial environment for procreation should the individual choose to discontinue use of the extract. This finding has been welcome in the scientific community largely because traditional birth control methods are all linked to a decreased ability to procreate later in life. Researchers are continuing to study dandelion root in correlation to a new contraceptive device.