Aloha Construction Wins Big

It’s a prestigious award many businesses covet strive to achieve. The presenter is the Better Business Bureau. The recognition it gives to companies that have shown an abundance of excellence in their ethical practices is called the Torch Award. The nominations undergo a highly selective screening process. An outside panel of judges meticulously take their time in selecting a winner. It was a great year for Aloha Construction when it was the proud recipient of the award in 2017. The area they were recognized in was for Marketplace Ethics. What made this decision an easy one, according to the Judges, Aloha Construction is a constant contributor to it’s surrounding community. The award itself was created back in 1996. The Torch Award identifies those companies that stand out in social responsibility, leadership, best practices and maintaining a high standard in the organization of ethics overall. It all comes down to how a company is treating its customers, nearby community and staff.

Aloha Construction is honored to have received such a high end award that signifies what their company has been about from the start. They have always hired leaders to focus on ethical practices no matter if its in their life or on the job. Aloha Construction has an open door in seeking impacting feedback to make the appropriate adjustments in specific departments. Their work culture sticks to a high character for all staff. The company is dedicated to staying in line with their beliefs on how they treat one another.

With a strong leadership in place, it can ultimately unify the company as a whole with everyone understanding the purpose they are trying to achieve. Aloha Construction finds it necessary to utilize professionally skilled management to not only show great character, but behaviors that match their efforts within their community. They pride themselves on putting in place a strong human resources department determined to provide staff opportunities, training and growth. Lastly, Aloha Construction is aware that their leadership ethics blend into the community. This is why they make it a point to get involved with the local area and also work along side other businesses in the same industry.