Stream Energy – Leading Philanthropic Company of The 21st Century

Stream Energy is a dallas-based business, company, and corporation that involves itself and its employees in many different philanthropy projects. Stream Energy’s most recent and notable philanthropic effort was after Hurricane Harvey struck and poured over 56 inches of rain in the Houston area.

Stream Energy used financial earnings from its successful energy sales business and company to be one of the first to fund recovery efforts, as well as attempt to ease the financial burdens of its own consumers. For Stream Energy, corporate philanthropy is part of the company’s DNA from the ground up. The energy company recently started its charity foundation, “Stream Cares”, to formalize its ongoing community efforts throughout Texas and all over the United States.

Releasing a philanthropy arm as a business or corporation is generally a new phenomenon in the 21st century. Doing so offers dual advantages for businesses and companies. The company gets to give back to the community, while earning the respect and long-term loyalty of current and potential customers along with the public.

For Stream Energy–which has built long-term ethical and philanthropic relationships with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross– employees and corporate leaders also participate in local giving. The company’s employees and associates give back to their communities in multiple ways–homelessness, especially in Dallas– being one they care very deeply about. Stream Energy played a unique role helping battle homelessness in the Dallas area. Partnering up with Hope Supply Co., Stream and its associates covered park entrance and meals of 1,000 plus North Texas homeless children at the annual Splash For Hope.

This event brings homeless children– many for their first time– to a local waterpark. This philanthropic event allows Steam Energy and its employees and associates to supply an experience of a lifetime, as well as provide money and supplies.

Another example of Stream’s local philanthropic efforts would be back in 2016 when Stream quickly and efficiently responded to aid Texas tornado victims in 2016. Working closely with the Salvation Army, Stream and its associates raised over one-thousand dollars for those in North Texas who lost their homes and businesses to the 2016 tornado.

Flavio Maluf Gives Business Tips

Flavio Maluf currently serves as president of the company Ecuatex and has been in the business since 1987. He first began in the trade sector of Evuatex but later transitioned into the industrial sector. Finally, in 1996 he was invited by his uncle to become an Executive within the company. Flavio Maluf’s uncle had been serving on the board for numerous years and believed that he could contribute a lot to the companies overall success. He has played a huge role in helping to modernize and partner Ecuatex in the community. Flavio Maluf is responsible not only for charity and community partnerships but of the rapidly expanding network of businesses that are currently being built in Brazil as part of Ecuatex. Visit Flavio Maluf on facebook.

Recently, Flavio Maluf spoke about the myths and truths behind building a business and the kind of work it takes to become a succesful entrepreneur. He explained that just because one becomes their own boss, doesn’t mean that they will be working any less. They actually have to put in more work and more effort because they become the sole leader and only one responsible for a big network of people. They often don’t get the days off they want or even vacations they want to take because they must put a lot of time into growing the business. Flavio Maluf also explains that people don’t have to take huge risks to become succesful. While risks do play a large hand in helping a company develop, all risks are very well calculated and actually make sense to take. One of the last topics Flavio Maluf goes over is the idea that it doesn’t take a giant sum of money. While it does take a good amount of financial planning, not all business models require owners to have a lot of capital. There are investors who aren’t interested in helping companies get on their feet when they really believe in the business and model.

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Aloha Construction Wins Big

It’s a prestigious award many businesses covet strive to achieve. The presenter is the Better Business Bureau. The recognition it gives to companies that have shown an abundance of excellence in their ethical practices is called the Torch Award. The nominations undergo a highly selective screening process. An outside panel of judges meticulously take their time in selecting a winner. It was a great year for Aloha Construction when it was the proud recipient of the award in 2017. The area they were recognized in was for Marketplace Ethics. What made this decision an easy one, according to the Judges, Aloha Construction is a constant contributor to it’s surrounding community. The award itself was created back in 1996. The Torch Award identifies those companies that stand out in social responsibility, leadership, best practices and maintaining a high standard in the organization of ethics overall. It all comes down to how a company is treating its customers, nearby community and staff.

Aloha Construction is honored to have received such a high end award that signifies what their company has been about from the start. They have always hired leaders to focus on ethical practices no matter if its in their life or on the job. Aloha Construction has an open door in seeking impacting feedback to make the appropriate adjustments in specific departments. Their work culture sticks to a high character for all staff. The company is dedicated to staying in line with their beliefs on how they treat one another.

With a strong leadership in place, it can ultimately unify the company as a whole with everyone understanding the purpose they are trying to achieve. Aloha Construction finds it necessary to utilize professionally skilled management to not only show great character, but behaviors that match their efforts within their community. They pride themselves on putting in place a strong human resources department determined to provide staff opportunities, training and growth. Lastly, Aloha Construction is aware that their leadership ethics blend into the community. This is why they make it a point to get involved with the local area and also work along side other businesses in the same industry.

Top Selling Industries in Market America

For people who are hoping to succeed with Market America, they need to know about the top selling industries. These are the categories where certain products and services are offered. Given that Market America offers plenty of different industries, it is easy for one to find an industry that he is passionate about. For those who want to make a significant amount of income, they would have the best chance when they find the top selling industry. One of the best things about finding these industries is that people are going to be able to enjoy the success of staying with the trend.

One of the top selling industries in Market America is health and fitness. One of the reasons that this is such a top selling industry is that there are so many people that are hoping to improve their health and fitness. A ton of people are struggling with their fitness and health. Therefore, it might help if they have someone refer them to some supplements that might help them with their goals. Some of the top selling marketers in the industry goes in depth on all of the different aspects of fitness which include the reality of body chemistry and other factors.

Another top selling industry cosmetics. After all, people do want to look good and feel good about themselves even in the politically correct era. While people like to chant the mantra of not judging by appearance, they do understand that if they do not like the way they look, then they are going to be faced with unsatisfied feelings about themselves. At the same time, they are also aware that society judges them by their looks as well. Therefore, Market America is good about helping people maximize their appearance, their feelings and their life overall.

OPSkin’s Malcolm CasSelle launches WAX

OPSkins Organization is on the limelight. It is the world’s number one bitcoin dealer, a prime candidate in the fuels of the size of market and user demand for a decentralized portal. It is the world’s leading seller of in-game virtual assets, has numerous clients from all over the planet and above all that is launching a new product by the name WAX in full, Worldwide Asset Exchange.


WAX is a p2p trading market for computer-generated assets. It is built on a blockchain basis and decentralized smart contacts that will enable for traders effectively to trade virtual products with one another. WAX is set to be a solution to the hitches of fraud and geographic fragmentation in the virtual assets market. This platform will allow the clients to tokenize their gaming assets and spontaneously trade them with fellow gamers without even clicking on their monitors. There is also the aspect of wax tokens which acts as a smart contact for trading and a store value for purchasing game tools. This new product was launched under the leadership of Malcolm CasSelle who is very positive about it.


Malcolm CasSelle is a business mogul who acts as the C.I.O of OPSkins. He has a Master’s from the University of Stanford and a degree from MIT in Computer Science. He was the founder of one of the Afrocentric culture media production sites, NetNoir. He also previously worked as a consultant to the Pacific Century CyberWorks’s CEO and also held the position of CEO of the global social network in the year 2012. CasSelle also took part in the founding of a social media tracking software called Timeline Lab and purchased SeaChance org at the end of 2012 and served as its GM and senior vice president for four years after which she Tronc’s CTO of new ventures.


In the year 2017, CasSelle took on the role of CIO at OPSkins and has since then done a phenomenal job in the establishment. Other than his work at OPSkins, He is also an active investor in companies like Zynga, Facebook and a number of companies that are in the business of bitcoins. Malcolm has shown great satisfaction and anticipation in the launch of her latest project, WAX.


Talk Fusion Opens New Office In India

Talk Fusion recently announced it is expanding into India. The company has plans on opening an office in New Delhi. In a recent interview, the founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, said people associated with the new office were excited to take part in the company’s compensation platform.


The manager of the office is Guru Lal Singh, who said Talk Fusion is going to build a company culture that is focused around the success for the office in India. Guru also said he has hopes that India would would become one of Talk Fusion’s marketplaces in the world.


Reina discussed that he would be heading to India soon and he was looking forward to meeting with new team members to collaborate with them. He said that India was a great location to spread Talk Fusion’s disruptive technology and he was hopeful that the company’s technology would enrich the lives of many residents in India, as well as people’s lives in other regions in the world.


About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is an international company that offers video communication solutions and marketing products to individuals and businesses. Bob Reina launched the company back in 2007, and since then it has continue to grow and offer innovative products. Besides offering various marketing products, the company offers an income opportunity. What differs them from other companies is Talk Fusion offers an Instant Pay Compensation Plan.


Talk Fusion Products/Services

Talk Fusion offers a range of products, including its video suite package. This includes video email, video newsletters and live meetings. Others include video chat and signup forms.


If you want to learn more about Talk Fusion, its products or opportunity, then visit the company’s official website. That’s where you can find out a lot more about this innovative company. Learn more:

Talk Fusion Opens New Location in India

Talk Fusion is a 10-year old video marketing startup and direct selling company that has grown very quickly in its short life. Now, the company is seeking even more growth by opening up a training facility in New Delhi, India. The location will help be a meeting hub for new associates so they can get the training and support they need.


Bob Reina, the company’s founder and CEO, said he was very excited and optimistic about the move. He views India as a country poised for massive disruption in the tech sector, especially with business marketing services like video, which Talk Fusion specializes in.


Talk Fusion offers a variety of video marketing services to help businesses stand out. For instance, they have email templates that businesses can choose from and select simply by logging into the portal. There are also live conferences, live chat, and embedded videos in emails that companies can leverage to reach their audiences in better ways.


The company grew to fame after getting top ratings in app stores around the world in locations like Indonesia, Japan, and Switzerland. In addition, they revolutionized the industry by offering pay plans that pay associates within minutes of making a sale, allowing them to better provide for their families and meet sales goals. Free 30 day trials are available to try the app out in various regions.


The company was founded in 2007 when Bob Reina was working for the police force in Texas. He wanted to send a simple email to a friend with video in it. Due to the difficulty he had doing this, he realized he could help people by creating a service around it. Out of that, Talk Fusion was born.


Talk Fusion isn’t just about revenue and business growth, however. They constantly give back to the community, thanks to their visionary CEO’s wishes. They help women’s shelters, children, animals, and community service organizations around the globe. Learn more:

Talos Energy helps Mexico Attains its First Private Oil well in 80 Years

After approximately eighty years, a privately owned company has installed a private Oil Well in the Mexican waters. This is seen as something that would place the country in a better position to compete fairly with other oil producers in different parts of the globe.

Initiation of the project

It was an affiliation of several companies that took part in the drilling of the private well. Talos Energy, in association with Premier Oil Plc, and Sierra Oil Gas all contributed toward the commencement and completion of the project. The activity that began on May 21, 2017, was the first of its kind since 1938. It was reported in the previous week by Premier that the project is the first offshore oil well to be owned by Mexico since 1938 when the nation entered into the oil industry.

Talos Energy

Talos Energy is an oil company that was founded in 2012. Talos has its headquarters located in Houston, Texas. Timothy S. Duncan is the Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy and has been serving this position since its founding in 2012. Talos Energy is an oiland gas company that majors in the development, exploration, and production of natural gas in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

The Founding of Talos Energy

Talos Energy was founded in 2012, by Timothy S. Duncan, who is also the overall leader of the company. The gross capital, $600- million that was used as the capital to start up the company in 2012 was raised by Apollo Global Management, alongside Riverstone Holdings. In 2017, Talos Energy made official the plan of exploring and drilling an oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. As mentioned above, Talos allied with other oil companies to help in drilling the private well in the Gulf of Mexico; the project commenced in February of the same year.

The Oil Well that was drilled by Talos Energy in the Gulf of Mexico is an element that gives Mexico the chance to leverage its market potential. Besides enjoying the best competitive advantage, Mexico would benefit economically by accumulating revenue from the oil products. Though Talos Energy is a private well, it is an important project that can be used to spearhead the economic development of the country.

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Bob Reina, The Revolutionary Behind Talk Fusion

According to an interview conducted by Lynn Fosse, the Chief Editor of CEOCFO Magazine, Bob Reina said that his vision remained the same until the day he created Talk Fusion. His vision has always aimed at assisting people to get out of the average level to the extraordinary. Bob says that his vision is the backbone of everything the company does from the inventions of their products to their global business opportunity.


He noted that video was going to be big enough to transform the way people market their businesses and communicate entirely. He knew that merging the powers of video and email would assist entrepreneurs and business people across the world to get attention and become more profitable which led to the creation of Video Email.


After retiring as a policeman, Reina was looking viewing a house he was interested in purchasing when the idea of Talk Fusion came to him. He was trying to send his mother a quick video of the property via email, but it couldn’t go through. That’s the path that led him to create Talk Fusion. As a policeman, Reina learned to always look to the future to plan his next move. He says that he carried on the philosophy to Talk Fusion where the company’s culture of innovation and forward thinking has led to the company’s great success.


Reina acknowledges he has always remained passionate about assisting people. It was the reason he became a police officer and began Talk Fusion. Bob regards himself as a servant leader with the responsibility to reach out and change the lives of others. He is also a great philanthropist giving back to the community and local animal projects.



Located in Florida, Talk Fusion has been in operation since 2004 with the primary objective of developing unique video technology for business as well as social communication. Bob, the CEO of Talk Fusion has been honored on many occasions for enabling Talk Fusion to meet the future. Integrated into the firm’s services are video talk products like live video chat, video newsletters, and market analytics. Talk Fusion strives to create cost-effective and easy to use video technology.


Talk Fusion Will Email Your Videos Perfectly

Talk Fusion recently did a live television broadcast on a world-leading television show. The owner of Talk Fusion talk about the services they provide. This main service is email marketing. What Talk Fusion does is help people get more personal with their viewers. Talk Fusion experts came to the realization that people respond better to videos than they do to written content. So, business owners can send videos to their clients through Talk Fusion. These videos can display the business, the services, the people who work for the business, and it can even include a personal message from the owner of the business.


What the owner of Talk Fusion expressed is how Talk Fusion experts condense the video file to fit everyone’s email. They do this without the business owner having to sacrifice any of the material on the video. Additionally, Talk Fusion does not just take a video and send it out. They actually master the video. They add colorful designs, catchy phrases, and other unique things to each video. Talk Fusion is one of the only companies on the planet that offers this type of service.


The owner of Talk Fusion began his career as an officer of the law. It wasn’t until one day he had a hard time sending a video that Talk Fusion was started. Starting with sending videos of vacationing, the owner of Talk Fusion was able to quit his job in a matter of months. He is now one of the largest business owners in the world. Business owners from all over the world use Talk Fusion on a daily basis. Most of these individuals have left a positive review on the Talk Fusion website. Anyone interested in viewing these reviews can do so at any time. More reviews come in by the day. Learn more: