Jake Gottlieb Uses His Investment Skills To Help Homeless Youths

If nature will have its way, a person who is very much adept in financial investment will attract a lot of money resulting in him having so much money than he needs. It will only be natural for him to gravitate towards charity work to alleviate the conditions of those who are less fortunate than him. This is exactly what can best describe Jacob Gottlieb. He is a very successful investor and a fund supporter of several charitable institutions.

Gottlieb’s origin is not that impressive. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, in the city of New York. But his family is not native to the land. His father and mother were natives of Poland who have migrated to the United States in the 1960s. Gottlieb has several younger brothers. His early education in New York City is not really that impressive.

Working With Visium

It was his college years that he began to make a mark for himself. He studied at Brown University and got his B.A. in economics degree in its facilities in Providence, Rhode Island. Gottlieb also went to Medical School in New York University, NYC where he was awarded with a magna cum laude. He went further in his medical studies and got his M.D. degree at the same university. Gottlieb completed his internship in internal medicine also in NYC, specifically at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

But his passion for the stock market seemed to get the best of him and he completely stopped working in the medical field and began pursuing his goal of becoming a financial wizard. His father has encouraged him in this line of work having seen in the younger Gottlieb a natural affinity to picking good stocks to invest.

Riveting his career toward investment and finance, Gottlieb received his Chartered Financial Analyst charter in 2001. His certificate was given by the Association for Investment Management and Research. Gottlieb then put rubber to the road and took the position of a buy-side analyst investment portfolio manager in Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., LLC. He then went to work as an investment portfolio manager in Merlin Financial located in London, England. After that, Gottlieb became a founding member and worked at Balyasny Asset Management, L.P. Gottlieb then founded Visium Asset Management, LLC in 2005. This is his initial investment company. He served as the company’s Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner.

With the success of his investment ventures, Gottlieb must have more money than he can spend. He started focusing his eyes on the needs of others and turned his energies to charitable works. Gottlieb started supporting these organizations and donated hefty sums of his own money. One of the charitable institutions that he currently supports is Covenant House. It supports the needs of trafficked and homeless youths. This charitable institution has been doing its work for more than 40 years. It is glad to include Gottlieb in its list of regular donors.

James Larkin – Labor Activist and Important Historical Figure

James “Jim” Larkin lived from 1876 until 1947. He was an Irish activist who lived his life in a way that made him a folklore hero. James Larkin was the founder of the Irish Transport Union as well as the General Workers’ Union. He was a labor organizer.

James Larkin was born in January 1876 in Liverpool, England. He had very little formal education as he had to start working from a very young age in order to help the family survive. James Larkin had many jobs one of which was a foreman at the docks of Liverpool. James Larkin became committed to the cause and started directing his efforts towards helping workers receive better treatment.

James Larkin ended up becoming a part of the National Union of Dock Labourers, or NUDL for short. In 1905, James Larkin became a trade union organizer and dedicated all of his efforts to the position and his new responsibilities. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://spartacus-educational.com/IRElarkin.htm

In 1907, James Larkin was transferred to the city of Dublin. That became the home of his establishment – Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. The organization had the goal of combining all of the industrial workers into one regardless of their skill or experience, everyone was accepted.

A few years later, James Larkin led a number of strikes as he created the Irish Labor Party. The most consequential of these risings took place in Dublin in the year of 1913. More than a hundred thousand workers went on strike for about eight months.

It went down in history as the 1913 Dublin Lockout. The event ended in favor of the workers as they won the right to receive fair employment. That changed the way labor was organized in Ireland.

James Larkin initiated some activist events when the World War I broke out. He staged a number of anti – war demonstrations of significant proportions in the city of Dublin. In 1914, James Larkin emigrated to the United States of America.

The reason for that being that his Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union broke apart the 1913 Dublin Lockout. Eventually, James Larkin was deported back to Dublin, Ireland. That did not stop James Larkin.

As an avid Marxist, his activism continued, and he fought for his beliefs until the 1940s. He traveled to the United States of America trying to raise some money in order to continue to fight against the British. One of the most difficult times in his fight was in the 1930s.

James was arrested in 1920. He was convicted of communism as well as criminal anarchy. After three years in prison, James Larkin was pardoned and deported back to Dublin, Ireland. A year later, James Larkin formed the Workers’ Union of Ireland. That secured the recognition of the Communist International, and he received his praise in 1924.

James Larkin led a somewhat of a turbulent life. However, James Larkin managed to create a family in 1903. He married Elizabeth Brown, and the couple had four sons. The family lived in Dublin, Ireland. On January 1946, James Larkin took his last breath in the family home in Dublin