Lawrence Bender Hits a Home Run with Good Will Hunting

You would have a hard time finding someone who has seen Good Will Hunting and does not at least respect the movie for the classic that it is. Lawrence Bender did some of his best work on this film, which has been captivating audiences since it premiered in 1997. More than two decades later, Good Will Hunting is still revered as one of the best portrayals of the extraordinary that exists around us everyday. It is one of the roles that Matt Damon is most known for, and Robin Williams’ performance is considered one of his best.

While the acting is superb in this heart-warming movie, it is the magic behind the camera that brings it all together. Bender went above and beyond to bring out the personal struggles and emotions of these characters without going over the top. Bender’s role in making this classic the masterpiece that it is recognized as cannot be understated. He did real justice to the brilliant script and illuminated the beauty that is in the imperfection of romantic relationships. Without Bender’s keen eye for the rawest of human emotions, we would not have experienced this film as the deep dive into the human soul that it is. Bender’s gift is in that he lets the actors shine in their comfort zone and takes the audience to a deeper level of understanding by inserting just the right amount of context into each scene.

Lawrence Bender has been developing his talent for producing for decades, but he was not always involved in movies. After he moved as a child from The Bronx to New Jersey, he went to school at the University of Maine to study civil engineering. After developing an expert eye for detail, Lawrence Bender leaped into dance as a professional dancer. He likely would still be involved in dance to this day had he not suffered a major injury. To the benefit of film fans everywhere, this brought Lawrence Bender onto the movie set and eventually in the producer’s chair. He has been recognized with three Oscar nominations and is still producing amazing films and documentaries.