Susan McGalla: the iron lady in the corporate world.

Susan McGalla is a well-known American business woman. Currently, she’s an executive consultant from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was born on May 31, 1964, in East Liverpool where she was raised with her two brothers.

She attended Mount Union College where she earned a degree in business and marketing. Susan is among the top successful women in business, and she serves as the epitome of success as a woman and a leader. Through her hard work and determination, she was able to climb the corporate ladder in every company she joined. Susan worked in various marketing positions with American Eagle Outfitters, Joseph Horne Company where he started her career, and Wet Seal Inc.

Through her exemplary leadership performance, Susan has proved yet again that women can be better drivers of a company. She offers motivation to other women who are still under the cage of discrimination that even them can be dynamic leaders and can handle any challenge that comes their way.

The business world has been considered men-only sector for some years now, but women like Susan has proved that this is just another baseless myth. Women are now competing with men for corporate positions and even executive positions. Susan worked in various managerial positions in American Eagle Outfitters where she helped the company gain more exposure through her comprehensive marketing strategies.

Susan later became the president and chief merchandising officer (CMO) at American Eagle Outfitters. While here, she leads a launch of the company’s Aerie and 77Kids brands which shock the apparel market. Susan left American Eagle Inc in 2009 to become an independent private consultant for finance and retail industries; where she could use her expertise and experience in retail business to drive marketing strategies that drove sales.

Many women are known to have a unique personality capability that empowers them to undertake and blend responsibilities, this is right with Susan McGalla, while she was consulting with companies on their strategies for diverse markets, she was also a CEO of Wet Seal Inc where she replaced Ed Thomas in 2011, but she parted ways with the company in 2012.

After her departure from Wet Seal Inc, Susan founded P3 Executive Consulting Company located in Pittsburgh. She is also the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Her prowess in retail and fashion industry has given her a name, where she is considered the go-to person when it comes to retail marketing strategies and clothing campaigns.


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