Bob Reina: What It Takes To Make It

Bob Reina is someone that knows what it takes to make it in today’s society. It is why he wants to share his wisdom and his knowledge with as many people out there as possible. He knows people can really benefit from it and really gain something from it if they take the time to listen and really grasp what he is talking about in terms of being a survivor in today’s world and not quitting when times get a little tough. It is a given that times are going to get tough, but the character of someone is shown during those times. They find out what it is that makes them tick and what it is that makes them a survivor. Learn more:


While it is great to be a survivor, it is also great to be a winner and get ahead. People should not just be keeping their head above water. They should be at the top of their game all of the time. They need to stay sharp, do their homework, and focus on what they can control. That is hard for a lot of people to understand. They try to control everything, and they don’t end up controlling anything in the end. They need to realize what is within their grasp and what they need to just deal with and move on from in life.


When it comes to situations they can control, Bob Reina wants to see them take control of their situation. It is the same way he took control of Talk Fusion as the founder and CEO back in 2007. 11 years later, the company is at its highest point and it only promises to get bigger and better. With Bob Reina at the helm, he doesn’t know how to do anything on a small scale. For him, it is all about growing and getting the most he can out of Talk Fusion for himself, his employees, and most of all, the customers.


Bob Reina has gone on record in saying that with great power comes great responsibility. He does not shy away from that and it does not scare him. If anything, he uses it as motivation to keep looking for ways to make Talk Fusion even better and to allow the company to keep winning awards. While the goal of the company is not to win awards, it is validation from his peers and people in the know that they are doing something really special and something really meaningful.


It is why Bob Reina gets out of bed in the morning with so much excitement. He can’t wait to jump into Talk Fusion and keep moving the company in the right direction.

Talk Fusion Technology, an Innovation of Bob Reina, Revolutionizes Video Emailing

Bob Reina was a police officer who was always looking out for a new stream of income. He was unfulfilled in his job, and the pay was demoralizing. One day, a man introduced him to network marketing. That marked his debut in multi-level marketing, which has propelled him to the success he enjoys today.



He embraced the idea and took to marketing products. He first targeted his colleagues. He carried the merchandise in his police car. Though he worked passionately, the companies he worked for often disappointed him. He had to start all over more than once.



A failed attempt to send a video recording via email got him thinking of coming up with a solution to that technology hitch. He decided to develop a product that he would market using the network-marketing model. With Dr. Jonathan Chen, a friend who had a background in IT, this dream came true in 2007. Bob Reina co-founded Talk Fusion.



The company revolutionized communication through emails by developing a technology that makes it both enjoyable and simple to send video emails. Creating video emails with a professional look is now possible thanks to Talk Fusion. Unlike conventional email messages that may not be read by the recipient, videos are easily noticed. They deliver the message to the recipient as intended.



To send and receive video emails on the Talk Fusion platform, you choose a theme, and make a recording of your video or upload it from another device. When you press the send button, the video email is transmitted to your recipient.



It is equally easy to receive a video email sent using the Talk Fusion technology. It appears on the face of the email, and you do not have to open another link to watch it. It does not come as an attachment that you have to open through a link. By clicking on the video, it automatically plays on your screen.



Talk Fusion Technology uses network marketing to get its products to its clients. Unlike other companies where you have to wait for your distributor earnings to mature, Talk Fusion’s pay plan is instant.



Giving and supporting community projects is the company’s policy. Bob Reina believes that giving propels you to success. He encourages distributors to help by donating at least one account to a worthy cause. He is a firm believer in touching lives and bringing positive change in other people’s lives.

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Things you need to know about Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is not only a profoundly successful entrepreneur, but he has also strived to see that USHEALTH Group achieves the best to be among the most prestigious companies in the world. Through his expertise, he saw the firm establish itself in a vast number of countries thus increasing its production. Troy has over the past years received a high accreditation from prestigious organizations as well as individuals for his notable achievements and contributions in developing the firm. He recently won a very prestigious Planet Gold Award apprehending him as the chief executive officer of the year, and with this, USHEALTH Group has also gained a chance to enjoy the honor.

Troy McQuagge Son has always put success at the forefront in all his business operations, and since he took his current role in USHEALTH Group, he has always had a determination towards turning it into one of the best lucrative ventures in the world. Rebuilding the business into a captive distribution was one of Troy`s greatest steps and equipping the company’s Advisors with the knowledge to be the best saw his role in the substantial rise quickly.

Troy always targets to achieve the best, and he is never turning back. Troy`s turn at USHEALTH Group has seen him increase the firm`s level of production at a tremendous rate and his great establishment is one of the major proves of its prestigious nature. USHEALTH Group has also turned out to be one of the best insurance firms in the United States and has attracted a broad range of customers that are always pleased with their unique products as well as services.

The renowned entrepreneur was highly satisfied with the award and perceives it to be a significant step for the USHEALTH Group in general. He insists that the firm has always achieved most of its set goals, thanks to the considerable commitment of its team of employees towards offering the best to its clients. Troy looks forward to providing the best healthcare products to the firm`s customers and has a great determination towards addressing their issues and claims at haste. Read more about Troy McQuagge Son at

The One Planet awards have also profoundly contributed to the smooth operations of most firms through their exclusive awards and great motivation as well as reinforcement to the companies and particular individuals. Their awards act as an encouragement and total appreciation of the individuals for their great contributions towards giving people a better living.

Apart from Troy being into achieving success in his ventures, he is also highly concerned about peoples welfare as well as giving back to the community. With his kind heart, Troy has taken part in a significant number of charitable organizations through which he contributed massive amounts of money in aid of the disadvantaged individuals in the society.


David Giertz: Is Social Security Essential in Retirement Planning?

4/12/2018 Update:
David Giertz has some good information about retiring early, and what it’s going to take to get there. Whether you’re considering a Roth IRA, or if you’re looking into an investment option to build wealth in a safe way until you’re ready to retire, you need to know what to do. David breaks down the best methods, for the new 2018 tax laws here.

Are you among the people who believe that social security should be given little thought when planning for retirement? If this is your current case, then you should think about this again. A newly completed study has shown that most of the people who are retired or those who are already approaching retirement have great misconceptions and misunderstandings concerning social security. Experts are now saying that the result of the misconception is always less income and numerous unexpected taxes for the people who have already retired.

David Giertz has been in the financial market for a very long time, and he has a lot of expertise concerning retirement matters. The financial advisor has a lot of knowledge, and he has been offering people these skills so that they make profits and live good lives as they retire and go to stay at home. In a recent statement, David says that all his parents and even grandparents had pensions. However, these pensions dried and even went away when these people were still alive. David currently serves as the president of distribution and sales in an institution known as Nationwide Financial Distributors. In his work, the financial expert has assisted numerous people to make the right decisions in their investments. The reputation of the businessman has been rising in the competitive market.

Just recently, David Giertz and his organization decided to carry out a study and they realized that more than thirty percent of the people who were already retired were getting retirement benefits that were smaller than what they expected and wanted for themselves. During the study, the organization used nine hundred people who were fifty years and above. The people were divided into three special groups, and it was evident that they were all not happy about their retirement benefits. David now believes that planning for your retirement in time will be the only way to avoid getting into trouble. Most people believe that they should only start planning for their retirement when they are already approaching retirement. David, however, has very different ideas. According to him, the people who plan for their retirement early are considered to be safe compared to those who do not.

Unbelievable Information about Norman Pattiz

Podcast one Chief executive officer Norman Pattiz and the VP of Edison Research Strategy Tom Webster have in the recent past announced the last results of progressive inclusive studies of the advertising tests with five countrywide customer brands that are in the forefront across five varied service and product classes.


The main results of the findings include the following: Over 60% of the listeners of Podcast refer to a specific grocery brand just after the Ad runs which is up from 7% with the spectators in the pre-study. The independent product responsiveness greatly improved just before the research to the post-research by 47% for the financial service product, a 37 percent for the car after-market goods and 24 percent for a garden and grass product. Learn more:


In the post-research findings, over one-third of the respondents had a positive opinion of the car aftermarket merchandise which is up from the 18 percent in the pre-research. In the findings of post-research, 22% of those interviewed said that were “almost convinced” about using a lawn and garden product which is up from 16 percent conducted before the research. The response to a specific car promotion for aftermarket product greatly improved by 60 percent after and before the research findings. For the informal restaurant, it was 76 percent.


Norman Pattiz is the executive chairman and the founder of Podcast one. A deeply informative four-page feature in the Global Change Makers of the Forbes magazine of May 2016 celebrated the highly valuable” Key to his money-making media”. With more than forty years of experience in the field of radio syndication, Norm is also the establisher of Westwood one which under his reign in leadership was America’s greatest provider of sports, entertainment, news, Broadcast industry traffic and talk programming. Westwood one normally owned, distributed or managed CBS News, NBC radio networks, Mutual Broadcasting System, CNN radio, NCAA Basketball, NFL Football, The Super Bowl, March Madness, both the summer and winter Olympic games and a huge variety of talk shows and syndicated music.


In the year 2010, Norman launched and founded Courtside Entertainment Group to distribute and produce high-quality programming. Through the recognition of the untapped opportunities in the industry of audio-on-demand, Norman then established PodcastOne at the 2012 end. The firm fast became the leading distributor and producer of the audio on-demand programming. Currently, PodcastOne has popular brands and personality line-up and more than 200 of the modern popular podcasts.


Impressionable Facts About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz has revolutionized the way in which people conduct their business operations through his PodcastOne impressive features. The three hundred and sixty-degree features have enabled people to easily access both audios as well as live videos through their devices and advertisement for companies has now become comfortable. Besides, PodcastOne has not only exercised a high reliability but also is highly convenient, as its app has now been availed on google play, Appstore, besides many others. The firm has also intergraded its system into other phone systems through which individuals get to earn points through the mobile software.

PodcastOne has also collaborated with Mandt VR, with the aim of diversifying their production and they currently stream a vast number of videos for their clients to view. People can now access the PodcastOne products anytime as long as they have internet connectivity. Besides, people can now watch live shows as they stream in through their phones in new ways. Adam Carolla was the first person to make use of this capability, and he has received a high accreditation for that.

The Mandt VR firm has always relied on technology to conduct their activities, and their recent partnership with PodcastOne is perceived to be one of the greatest achievements of the business. The firm creates a connection through which one can easily stream the videos as well as live shows regardless of the location from the PodcastOne studios. Each major recording studios of PodcastOne has been installed with special equipment, to enable streaming of videos anywhere at any time. Mandt VR has already received Grammy Awards for their creativity and innovations. The firms Neil Mandt has showered appraisal to Norman Pattiz for his willingness to collaborate with the most innovative company as well as his desire to adopt the most advanced technologies to conduct his businesses.

Norman Pattiz has founded a vast number of broadcasting enterprises and was recently featured in Forbes Magazine for his great contributions to the media industry. Pattiz is the founder of Westwood One, which has grown to be one of the largest media platforms in the united states. The renowned media expert has always had a dedication towards achieving the best and sharing ideas with other interested parties. Norman encourages people to associate themselves with people who inspire them and add value to their lives as through acquiring their thoughts, one can quickly develop their lives and thus raise their living standards. Learn more: