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Health And Beauty Benefits Of Shea Butter


Shea butter is a natural substance which is extracted from the nut of a Shea Tree. The Shea Tree, or Karite Tree, is from the continent of Africa. For thousands of years, the nut has been used for health, moisturizing, and cooking purposes. Until recently, shea products were only used in Africa.



Shea butter has Vitamins A and E, other vitamins, and many essential fatty acids. It is said to be a superfood for skin. Shea butter is also used for mild UV protection from the radiation of the sun. Another traditional use is for the reduction of inflammation.



Shea smooths the skin and evens the tone. There are many cosmetic uses of shea. It reduces under eye bags and wrinkles and it acts as a lip balm.



Shea is used on scars to stimulate collagen production and growth. It works for skin elasticity or cellulite problems because it is an antioxidant. It can be used to soothe insect bites. Possibly Shea butter may even clear nasal congestion. It can protect the nostrils from germs.



EuGenia Shea is one of the companies that has developed numerous products using shea butter. They make lip balms and lotions, hair conditioners and ointments. Relief is offered for psoriasis, eczema, and sunburn. EuGenia Shea is a growing company, dedicated to developing new products and improving new ones.



The website at EuGenia Shea has a great deal of useful information and suggestions for shea butter use. The daughter is a former Wall Street analyst named Naa-Sakle Akuente. The mother comes to the table with years of experience in the shea nut industry and runs the shea nut business that provides EuGenia Shea with raw material.



EuGenia is a Greek word meaning “the origin of goodness”.