Knowing The Difference Between Aromatherapy And Essential Oils

Have you heard about aromatherapy? Chances are you probably have. What about essential oils? This is something that is far less known and even less understood. I break down the differences between aromatherapy and essential oils.

As its name implies, aromatherapy uses aroma or scents to help calm the mind, promote a feeling of pleasantness or relaxation and boost mood. It may seem weird, but yes scents can have a powerful impact on our bodies and brain. Some of it is psychological, and some of it is biological or can be explained by actual science. Here are some more details.

Many people assume that aromatherapy products will contain natural oils extracted from plants. This is not always the case! Many aromatherapy products have perfume or fragrances that are artificial or chemically derived. They may still smell great and have an impact, but they are not all natural like many people assume. Such chemically derived aromatherapy products may also lack the real healing effects that real essential oil will have.

It is highly recommended that the next time you want to purchase an aromatherapy product that you read the ingredient list. If you are just looking for a scented product, then this will not be that important. However, if you want an all-natural product that has a stronger effect on your body, then you need to purchase aromatherapy products that have an extract of essential oil or essential oils as the main ingredients.

Essential oils are plant extracts that have strong scents and healing properties. Many of them are antibacterial and antifungal. Some also have psychological effects such as calming our nerves and promoting sleep. Others have healing effects such as helping to clear skin infections and decongesting stuffy noises. The only real way to know which oils will work best for you is to experiment and try them out. So get experimenting!