Traditional Chinese Medicine Is Effective In The Treatment Of Heart Disease, New Study Suggests

A brand new study suggests that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) may be as effective at treating heart disease as Western medications. Although more research is needed, doctors are hopeful that this study will inspire more Western scientists and doctors to take TCM seriously as a healing methodology.

This study looked at case histories published within the last 10 years. All of these patients used different Chinese herbal remedies to combat diseases that affected the heart including diabetes, dyslipidemia, and hypertension.

Researchers found that most of the Chinese medications were at least as effective as Western pharmaceuticals. All of the TCM herbs used in this study presented no negative side effects. A few herbs that had antihypertensive effects were Jiangya, Jiangyabao, Zhongfujiangya, and Qiqilian.

While this research is promising, doctors need more long-term evidence on TCM’s effectiveness over time. Doctors are also interested in whether or not TCM medications could be used with Western pharmaceuticals in the management of cardiovascular issues.

Study authors note that TCM practitioners don’t generally prescribe just one herb for one condition. TCM doctors usually create complex formulas taking into account the idiosyncrasies of their patients. These complex formulas are often modified over time to more effectively treat the symptoms each patient presents to the doctor.

It’s often difficult to study TCM in a Western laboratory setting. Since most formulas concocted in TCM have literally dozens of ingredients, it’s very hard for scientists to pinpoint the correlations between the chemical compounds and the patient’s symptoms. Also, most medications in China don’t go through as rigorous screening procedures as Western medicines do.

Most of the research in this study was conducted at Shandong University Qilu Hospital in Jinan, Shandong, China. Dr. Yuxia Zhao, a physician in the hospital’s Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, was the lead author.

This study was published in the June issue of Journal of the American College of Cardiology. The article was entitled “Traditional Chinese Medicine for Cardiovascular Disease Evidence and Potential Mechanisms.”

Economy Needs Holistic Medicine

The New York Times recently listed holistic medicine as a practice that is beneficial to the American economy. In a piece about the maintenance of a stable economy in the United States, New York Times Contributor, Anand Giridhara, discussed the role of holistic medicine and how it can be used to reduce federal spending on the 3 trillion dollar healthcare industry.

A large percentage of healthcare costs are spent on Americans who have entirely preventable diseases. Heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, stroke, and osteoporosis are all illnesses that America spends billions of dollars on, which can be completely avoided through an intake of adequate foods. Because these illnesses are so prevalent, holistic medicine should be offered as a more affordable way to treat these debilitating diseases. Because alternative medical practitioners use a wide variety of organic, plant based material in their treatments, the treatments do not require large amounts of money to be created or implemented into the regiment of patients.

The pharmaceutical industry is also a trillion dollar industry that feeds directly on the mainstream health care industry. Because of the monetary and legal power the pharmaceutical industry has amassed in the American economy, it has become quite difficult for holistic medicine to gain footing in the culture. With the progression of the internet as a tool for the advancement of education, holistic medicine has begin to become more and more relevant to a culture that is being made unhealthy by the food that they consume and the chemicals that the pharmaceutical industry sells them.

By adding a generous amount of holistic medicinal resources and education into the American economy, practitioners are changing the way that citizens view health care. The American culture at large is now realizing that the best healthcare is preventative care. Utilizing holistic practices can help to drastically decrease the amount of tax payer money that is spent on surgeries, pills, and hospital stays associated with preventable disease.

Holistic Medicine Rising in Popularity

While holistic medicine was once taboo in American culture, the dawn of the internet age has made the movement extremely popular again, according to the BBC. Alternative medicine is the practice of healing the human body’s sicknesses, disease, and other unwanted conditions through the use of natural remedies like herbs, spices, and vegetables. The practice of healing the body holistically has been used by every culture throughout human history and has only recently been pushed aside in favor of western medicine. Modern holistic healers recognize the progress of modern medicine and its development of new ways to heal humans, but typically believe that holistic healing is more beneficial for preventative treatment and the removal of disease.

Popular holistic health writers, like Katie Walsh of the Wellness Mama blog, often highlight the way modern medicine fails at preventing or healing disease. One of the reasons that holistic medicine has gained such popularity in the Untied States and abroad is the fact that modern medicine is riddled with issues. Pharmaceutical drugs are responsible for more than half of the drug overdoses that occur annually in the United States. When taken incorrectly, these drugs can be fatal. When taken correctly, they can be debilitating and can cause dependency.

The holistic food and medicine movement saw a surge in popularity in the 1960s during the hippie era. Although many historians rightly view hippies as an irresponsible group of people, their views on communal living and organic foods were actually quite beneficial to them. Following the hippie movement, the holistic movement did not gain popularity again until the early 2000s. During this resurgence, Americans began to demand more holistic health practitioners in their cities and sought health insurance that covered care by these practitioners. There are now holistic medicine health care facilities in almost every major United States city.

The increase in the popularity of holistic food has occurred for several reasons. It is evident that Americans have become tired of medicines that produce more harm than health.

Problems with Using Your Own Herbal Supplements

It can be daunting, frustrating and scary to visit a doctor for a medical ailment. You might keep putting it off because you don’t feel like you’re going to get proper help. Because of the problems that often come with visiting a doctor’s office, more people are now looking into herbal supplementation. Herbal supplements are all the rage because they claim to help with a wide array of medical and mental health issues without the harsh side effects of medication.

The problem with herbal supplementation is the fact that people often overdo their dosage and don’t get the proper diagnosis to start with. If you aren’t 100 percent sure of what you’re dealing with in the first place, you shouldn’t assume that you need a certain herb to make it better. In this case, it’s a good idea to first visit a doctor or therapist to get a diagnosis for your issues, allowing you to know which herbs will best help your situation.

Next, you need to make sure that you’re using the correct dose. Every herb bottle has dosage information on the back label, which tells you how much you should be taking on a daily basis. If you have any questions with how to use the product, be sure to ask a doctor rather than to assume it on your own.

If you’re trying to take a more holistic approach to your health, you might also want to consider visiting a homeopathic doctor. These doctors specialize in more natural remedies, so you won’t feel like you’re being handed a pill any time you go for medical help. These professionals are trained and knowledgeable about the different herbal supplements available on the market, which can prevent you from trying to figure it all out on your own. Just like with regular medication, you need to be aware of which herbs you’re using and how to use them properly in order to get the best response from them.

Eastern Medicine Treats The Human Energy Field

According to Western medical professionals, the mind and the body are separate, and they should be treated separately. Doctors learn how to treat one or the other. The split between the mind and body is not a scientific fact nor does nature recognize such a split. But Western medical professionals continue to treat people using archaic procedures, even though quantum physics says humans and all living things are forms of energy.

The fact that humans are pure energy is a fact Eastern medicine embraces. All humans and living things have an energy field or aura surrounding the body, and that has always been the basis for Eastern healing for centuries. Western medicine treats the physical body, and Eastern medicine treats an energy-field dysfunction. If there is an energy field dysfunction in what Eastern medicine calls the subtle body, Eastern healers help the body heal itself by finding the source of the energy dysfunction.

If Western medicine would bring the split between the body and the mind together like Eastern professionals do, the cost of healthcare would radically change. Physicist and author, Barbara Ann Brennan work is a good example of how Eastern medicine’s spiritual healing process works. Her first book Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field is a classic.

In that book, Brennan has drawings of the energy field, and she explains how the energy field works. She also explains how it impacts personal wellness as well as how it impacts other people. The human energy field is actually a seven-layer field, and there are different frequencies and different kinds of energy in each layer. Each layer performs a different function.

What Dr. Brennan and other doctors like her are doing is expanding the Eastern concept of healing. That concept has been around for thousands of years. Brennan is just giving people in the West the opportunity to understand the relationship between the mind and body better.

Western Medicine Is Confirming What Eastern Medicine Already Knew

In holistic medicine, the word disease is a ‘dis-ease.’ In Western medicine, disease means a breakdown, disorder, or an invasion of an organ or other vital networks in the body. The reason disease is ‘dis-ease’ in Eastern medicine is, illness is the body’s response to stress, depression, and other negative mental states. Neuroscientists at the University of Pittsburgh now know there are more neural networks that connect the cerebral cortex to the adrenal medulla. And they also know where these neural networks are in the body.

The new information about the number of neural networks and how they impact the adrenal medulla sheds a brighter light on how stress and other mental states alter organ function. The research also proves there is a real anatomical basis for psychosomatic illness. And the findings show that the meditation, yoga, Pilates and other Eastern exercises help the body respond to mental, physical, and emotional stress.

This University of Pittsburgh study identified the neural circuitry that connects the cerebral cortex to the adrenal medulla, and the researchers were blown away by the number of neural networks that sit in the inner part of the adrenal gland. The adrenal gland is right above each kidney. But the actual number of cortical areas responsible for controlling the adrenal medulla is still a mystery Scientist thought there were one or two of those areas, but this study proves there are more.

The study also shows that areas of the cortex are active when people sense conflict, or when they make a mistake. Those thoughts influence the adrenal medulla. In other words, just the thought of a conflict, traumatic event, or serious mistake sends negative signals to the adrenal medulla the same way as the actual event does.

Eastern medicine knew there was definite mind-body connection centuries ago, but Western medicine couldn’t scientifically confirm it. Many people suffer because they disregard the basic foundation of Eastern medicine, which is the mind influences what happens in the body.

Kratom: A Natural Pain Remedy?

The United States is undergoing a severe epidemic of opioid addiction, and the effects can be seen throughout the nation. While the causes of opioid addiction are varied, many experts point to the excessive use of prescription pain medication. As such, many are interested in finding less addictive, more holistic ways to manage chronic and acute pain. These medicines are often considered to be more natural and healthy, and America’s addiction to pharmaceutical drugs certainly supports the call for more natural medicines.

One such remedy has been found, the exotic South-Asian Kratom plant. One article outlines the basics of Kratom, and details how some people are recommending Kratom as a safer alternative to opioids. Kratom is a plant extract made from powdered leaves of the Kratom plant. It is most often available as a ground green powder; however, it may also be available in the unprocessed leaf form. The Kratom plant is from the same genus as the coffee plant, and as such it is known to have stimulant effects in small doses.

Kratom’s effects vary greatly based on dosage, and the dosage varies based on individual body composition and tolerance. At low doses, the plant is said to have a stimulative effect. At higher doses, the plant provides pain relief, drowsiness and a sense of euphoria. This sedative effect is what gives Kratom appeal for some users, and some groups have posited that this plant could be used to help treat opioid addiction and alcoholism. The negative side effects are greatly reduced, and switching to this less-addictive plant extract could save opioid users from an untimely death. While Kratom is not currently regulated by the FDA or approved for official medical treatment, some groups are pushing Kratom as a harm-reduction measure in America’s fight against opioid addiction.

India’s RSS Set To Release Cow Urine Medicines Online

For thousands of years, Indians have touted the health benefits of “gomutra,” which refers to the drinking of cow urine. Gomutra has been said to heal diseases as serious as cancer, leprosy, and epilepsy, as well as a host of minor ailments. In order to bring this traditional remedy to the world stage, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has set up a laboratory specifically for cow urine and is developing its own shopping website.

All of these new cow urine products are made in a lab at Deen Dayal Dham. RSS organizers say a few products that will available for purchase include cow urine oils for arthritis, Kamdhenu Madhunashak Chur for diabetes, cow urine eye drops, and even cow urine toothpaste.

The RSS will not add any chemicals to these products. The only added ingredient will be a bit of cow dung in a few incense products and soaps.

In total, there are 50 cows in this laboratory’s shed. Workers collect urine and manure each day from their cows and preserve it in ideal conditions.

The main reason the RSS decided to set up this lab has to do with high demand for quality cow urine products. Party leaders say members of various Indian communities have expressed interest in cow urine medicines for health and wellness. RSS leaders expect a huge demand for their products once they are released online.

All of these new cow urine medicines will be placed under the party’s “Kamadhenu” line. In addition to cow urine products, RSS organizers say they will add more kurtas to their website very soon.

All of these products will be available worldwide. RSS expects to add more cows to their shed to meet the demands of the global marketplace.

Many Hindus revere cows as celestial beings sent from the gods. Both the cow’s urine and dung have been used for centuries for medicinal, religious, and practical purposes.

Scientists are getting interested in the purported benefits of cow urine and dung. There are many lab experiments now taking place across India to verify the benefits of these ancient medicines.

To keep up to date on the release of these cow urine products, the RSS recommends visiting their main website frequently. The party’s official web address is

The Contraception Breakthrough That No One Is Talking About

An ancient Chinese medicine is gaining credibility as a 21st-century miracle daily and emergency contraceptive. According to published research by scientists at University of California, Berkley, they’ve identified two plant compounds that can prevent conception. These compounds would also provide a birth control option that’s free of hormones, 100% natural, has no side effects, non-toxic, and could be used any length of time desired.

Not everyone can safely use the different birth control options. Some people are allergic to latex, which is a key ingredient in condoms. Some people can’t handle the hormones present in birth control pills. The hormones in birth control pills have been proven to cause a myriad of health complications as well. But this new plant compound would bypass all of those negative side effects.

The plant compound works by preventing the sperm from whipping their tails to build up enough momentum to penetrate the egg. The sperm and the egg are not harmed by this hindrance. The compound simply prevents the egg and the sperm from meeting. And these plant compounds need a very low concentration to be effective. Researchers approximate the concentration to be about 10 times lower than the hormone in Plan B. They’ve nicknamed this miracle contraceptive compound “molecular condoms.”

This miracle contraceptive compound is a combination of lupeol, found in mango and dandelion root, and pristimerin, found in a plant called the “thunder god vine.” Previously, it had been identified that progesterone binds to a protein called ABHD2 and this helps to facilitate the whipping of the sperm tails required for fertilization of the egg. The two substances of lupeol and pristimerin work together to prevent progesterone from binding with ABHD2 and thus prevents the sperm from reaching its target.

Unfortunately, these compounds aren’t in a high enough concentration in their respective plants to become a cost-effective commercial alternative to current birth control methods. The researchers haven’t given up and are looking for alternative plant sources of the compounds. If they are successful, birth control will be revolutionized with a guarantee of 100% risk-free, 100% effective contraception.

Alternative Pain Remedy

The fact is that millions of people across the country suffer with chronic pain on a daily basis. They suffer with migraine headaches, backaches, knee pain, and more. Generally, people turn to their doctor for help to ease the pain. The doctors prescribe pills to help them cope with the pain. However, researchers discovered that an ancient alternative healing method is very effective at alleviating pain. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing method enjoyed for generations. Traditional doctors found that acupuncture might actually ease chronic pain more effectively in patients that suffer with chronic pain on a continual basis.

Changing Health Policies
The fact is that researchers have been well aware of the power of acupuncture to reduce pain for years. Now, it is starting to affect health policies in countries around the world. Traditional doctors are well aware of the studies and some would like to combine traditional methods with alternative health methods like acupuncture. It is interesting to note that researchers found that acupuncture is very effective at treating chronic pain. Acupuncture is also very effective at treating depression. Some studies report that acupuncture is more effective at treating depression than counseling.

About The Placebo Effect
Some might think that acupuncture is a sham science and that it simply produces a placebo like effect on some patients. Studies show that acupuncture works on chronic pain by stimulating the release of endogenous opioids that medicate pain receptors, along with inhibition of the pain impulses to the brain. More health research on acupuncture determined that acupuncture is effective and very cost effective too. The hope in some circles is that acupuncture will combine with standard medical treatment for patients that suffer with chronic pain and depression.