Jeremy Goldstein: Why Stock Options are the Best Way to Go

Not a lot of people these days understand what stock options are. Back in the day, more people paid attention to the stock market and planned for retirement as a way of life. These days, people tend to live in the here and now.

Stock options aren’t as appealing as they used to be. For that reason, many corporations have stopped providing stock options as an employee benefit. Since this trend has taken effect, there a lot of business lawyers and experts, like Jeremy Goldstein, advising against this new trend.

While every corporation has its own reasons for doing this, they are three main reasons they seem to all have in common. For once, money isn’t really the issue here. It’s more about how corporations and their employees feel about stock options. Lately, stock options seem to have more disadvantages than advantages.

First, stock values can drop like a rock. People have seen stock values be up one day and take a tremendous fall the next day. If a stock falls too low, employees lose their ability to exercise that option, potentially leaving them in option overhang. Corporations don’t want that risk anymore.

Not only do corporations not want that risk; employees don’t want to risk either. That’s the second reason more corporations are offering different types of benefits. Employees don’t want potentially worthless stocks when they can have real cash they can control. Stock benefits behave too much like casino tokens.

Also, corporations don’t want to deal with all the paperwork and accounting burdens. It’s just easier to offer things like higher salaries, equities, or more personalized insurance coverage. While those benefits all sound amazing, Jeremy Goldstein still recommends that corporations give stock options another chance. In the end, stock options might be more preferable. Learn more:

Jeremy Goldstein is a highly educated business lawyer with over 15 years of experience. His experience started back in his college days. He has degrees from New York University School of Law, the University of Chicago, and Cornell University. After college, he started working at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz.

After perfecting his craft, he opened his own boutique law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC. Since then, he’s become most corporations’ go-to guy when it comes to compensation advice.


Holistic Mental Health Services Hit Bureau County

Pam Heil and Sarah Scruggs decided to try a different approach to mental health care in Illinois Valley. Instead of focusing on medication and the latest technological advancements in mental health wellness, the two founders decided to launch a holistic mental health facility. The facility focuses on the three key areas of the self, which are mind, body and soul. They use a several-point program that enriches various areas of their lives at once.

Toning the Body
Exercise and a healthy body can be the gateways to overall wellness. This facility focuses on providing Yoga lessons and ongoing Yoga classes. Yoga is a type of exercise that teaches relaxation, balance, and a connection with nature.

Improving the Mind Through Relationships
The program directors beleive that mental health can improve if an individual changes the relationships in his or her life. That could mean terminating relationships, beginning them or even changing them to more fruitful situations. Therefore, they pay close attention to their members’ upbringing, parenting styles, and overall relationships that they have in their lives. The specialists help such people to improve relationships that may be failing at this time.

Experiencing Community Love
Another unique aspect of this particular program is that it pushes community involvement and bonding. Many people are alone with no support, and that situation may contribute to their poor mental health state. This program is designed to encourage fruitful relationships that will help each member to grow immensely.

The new institute offers affordable Yoga lessons and membership. Its goal is to encourage people to join, not scare them away with outrageous fees. Many people are flocking to such facilities because they want to live healthy lives that don’t include a heap of medication. The company CEO is dedicated to continuing the programs and improving the lives of their members.

Yoga Is Officially For Everybody

For years, most of us have associated yoga with hip young people looking for ways to stay fit. While yoga certainly serves as an excellent form of fitness, it has benefits beyond sculpting the body. Yoga also helps to improve mood, energy and concentration. Its mind-body benefits make it appealing to just about everyone.

In a recent Sidney Herald article, yoga practitioners from all walks of life discussed their love of this ancient practice. One yoga studio owner discussed how her love of the sport was born not from a desire to stay fit, but rather a desire to feel rejuvenated after a difficult pregnancy and labor.

“I’m very holistic and into natural remedies,” Kayla Fox told the publication, adding that she prefers holistic medicine and tends to opt for natural solutions to health concerns.

While yoga is certainly for everyone, many older people or those who aren’t in peak physical condition worry that they won’t be able to keep up with some of yoga’s more challenging poses. While yoga can certainly be a rigorous form of exercise, it’s a rule in yoga that participants are allowed to go at their own pace. It’s very common to see yoga practitioners go into the reclining posture known as child’s pose when they feel as if they need a break. It’s definitely the norm in yoga to go at your own pace.

In response to those who say they can’t do yoga, Fox asserts that the only requirement for attending a yoga class is the ability to breathe. She states that she’s taught paraplegics and that all are truly welcome in her studio.

Fitness: It Starts in Our Heads

Our health and longevity may depend as much on what we think as what we do. A recent study published in Health Psychology proposes that what we believe about our exercise habits may significantly impact our level of fitness, even if our beliefs are not factual. This suggests that changing our thoughts about working out may help improve our health, whether or not we exercise more.

The study was birthed out of research by Alia Crum, who heads Stanford University’s Mind and Body Lab. With her co-author, Crum examined over 80 female hotel housekeepers who believed that they did not exercise much or at all, although most of their work was physical exertion. The researchers informed half of the housekeepers that they were meeting or surpassing national daily exercise guidelines of 30 minutes. When Crum studied the women one month later, the attendants reported that they felt that they were exercising more than previously. Although their routines had not changed, the women had reduced body fat and weight as well as lower blood pressure.

Crum and another co-author, Octavia Zahrt, consulted the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and the National Health Interview Survey, which comprises health statistics on representative groups throughout the country. The researchers zeroed in on data from over 60,000 participants who responded to questions regarding how they felt about their level of exercise. Next, Crum and Zahrt integrated the samples to information from the National Death Index to ascertain if and when participants passed away.

The scientists discovered a striking interconnection between early deaths of people and their belief that they were not active, even when their data suggested that they were exercising as much as others their age. The risk of premature death was as much as 71 percent higher than for the people who felt (accurately or not) that they got more exercise – even when Crum controlled for factors including tobacco use, socioeconomic status and chronic illnesses.

When Should you Visit a Chiropractor

Most people visit the chiropractor when there is a serious problem with their body after an accident. Experts are urging people to consider visiting the chiropractor in many other cases as well.

Some people suffer from chronic pain in the muscles and joints. When nothing else helps and painkillers have to be taken constantly, many would want to save themselves the side effects of pills. Misalignments in the skeletal structure can lead to muscle pains. A chiropractor will align the body in a way in which it performs optimally without tiring certain joints and muscle groups.

People who live a very sedentary lifestyle could benefit from a visit to the chiropractor. Hunched over a keyboard or a phone, too much pressure is placed on the shoulders and the upper back. A chiropractor will make sure that the spine is aligned correctly so any pain can subside.

People with pain in the lower legs and weakness could have a pinched nerve in the spine. If traditional therapy does not work, a chiropractor can fix this problem by shifting the weight off of the pinched nerve.

Frequent migraines and headaches can have many causes behind it, but misalignments of the neck and the back is also a common cause. Aligning the upper back and the neck joints reduced the episodes and intensity of headaches.

People who are extremely active are more susceptible to traumas and misalignments in the body. Exercises and especially sports can exert additional pressure on the skeletal and muscular structures. If the spine misaligns in such activities, pinched nerves, shifted disks, and other ailments are common. Visiting the chiropractor regularly will ensure that any arising problems are taken care of early on.

A visit to the chiropractor is not something done only as a treatment – it is a great preventive measure for future problems with nerves, bones, joints, and muscles.

Aloe Vera Could Be Used To Improve Fish Immunity, New Brazilian Study Suggests

A new study out of Brazil’s São Paulo University suggests daily supplementation with the ancient plant aloe vera could be used naturally improve the immunity of farm-raised pacu fish.


Professors were mainly interested in whether aloe vera had any effect reducing the pacu’s reaction to the bacteria Aeromonas hydrophila, which often causes diseases in fish. They were also curious to see if the aloe vera plant strengthened the pacu fish’s immune response to travel stressors.


In total, researchers examined 240 young pacu fish who were split up into four different groups. The control group was only given a standard diet without aloe vera extract. The other three groups were given 5, 10, or 20 grams of aloe vera spray in their commercial feed every day.


After ten days, scientists packed the fish up and sent them on a four-hour drive to another facility. Researchers then took blood samples of all the fish to see how they fared with the added stress of travel. They also injected a few fish with a placebo and others with the A. hydrophila bacteria to see if aloe vera had any positive effect.


When they examined the blood samples of the four groups of fish, researchers found that the aloe vera groups had a stronger immune system than the control group. They also found that fish who had aloe vera had a lower amount of the stress hormone cortisol in their bloodstream than the control group.


Researchers hope this study will encourage people working in aquaculture to consider using natural remedies like aloe vera to combat travel stress and bacterial infections rather than harsh antibiotics.


Fábio S. Zanuzzo, who works at São Paulo University’s Aquaculture Center of Unesp, was the lead author on this study. This study was recently published in Fish & Shellfish Immunology under the title, “Aloe vera enhances the innate immune response of pacu (Piaractus mesopotamicus) after transport stress and combined heat killed Aeromonas hydrophila infection.”

O2PUR Venture in E-cigs

The Tobacco industry is still going through the revolutionary process to all the major cigarette companies. Their portfolios are full of a wide range of combustible cigarette alternatives.

The cigarette market is moving from the traditional cigarettes, which requires the user to burn the tobacco in order to taste the nicotine and the flavor from the cigar. The heat-not-burn (HNB) technology is slowly stealing the show in the cigarette industry and companies like British American Tobacco (BAT) are banking on the technology.

The HNB technology is an electronic cigarette but unlike the earlier version, heats the real tobacco which creates a vapor that brings the nicotine and the flavor to the user. This vapor is free from the toxin chemicals produced once tobacco is burned making them an easier alternative. Since this tobacco-filled cigar needs replacement after use, the manufacturing companies enjoy a steady stream of revenue.

Basing on how the BAT HNB products are doing since they were rolled out in the market, it is evident the e-cigs have quickly gained. In just 10 weeks of being in the Japanese market, they have gained 5.4% shares. Today, e-cigs are already in 12 markets in which various e-cig devices exist from the traditional ones to the hybrid e-cigs.

O2PUR E-Cigs

O2PUR is another cigarette company that has taken over the E-cigs market with a bang. The co-owned company by Mr. Scott Barth, victor E Juice, and Vapex. It’s already five years since the company was founded.

O2PUR fame in the market is probably because of their various E-Cigs flavors. Their differently flavored e-liquids and e-cigs are available in different quantities, favorable for the users. In addition to this is the favorable prices for their e-cigs. As a matter of fact, they also do have special offers for some of their products.

However, O2PUR is very strict on the age of the consumer of their products, who should definitely be 21 years and above.

Dr. Jorge Moll provides Insights about his Career and Success

The field of medicine is quite complicated, and only the best brains survive. However, some people have made it their lifestyle. Although they have invested a lot of their time in it, the success seems to come naturally. This is the story of Dr. Jorge Moll, Founder, and Head of D’Or Institute of Research and Education. He has gone through the different levels of the field to become a distinguished doctor and researcher.

Dr. Jorge Moll is a well-educated man. He holds a Medical Degree in Neuroscience from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology from São Paulo University. He started off his career by undertaking his internship at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Dr. Moll has always had a passion for helping people to live healthy lives. One amazing thing is how he balances work and spending quality time with his family. You can tell how much Dr. Moll cherishes his family. It is among the things that came up during an interview with He gave an insight into his career and life story. The story depicts a man who is committed to achieving his dreams.

When asked how he implements his ideas, Dr. Jorge Moll mentioned that he usually has a lot of ideas. However, he picks those that can be translated into workable plans and would allow for collaboration. It means that he is a man with a deep interest in teamwork. Many successful people have reiterated the power of cooperation in coming up with innovative and practical ideas.

Dr. Moll advises people to have strong ethics in carrying out various undertakings in business or careers. He believes that enhancing skills and being honest will propel you to higher levels of your field. Dr. Moll also subscribes to the idea that, “get a job you love and you will never have to work.” He loves his job and endeavors to have a positive impact on other people’s lives as well as his area of work. These are some of the things that have enabled Dr. Moll to make significant strides in improving the world of research, education, and healthcare.



Securus Technologies and Drone Assessments

Drones are a big thing in contemporary society as of late. People rely on them for all kinds of uses. Examples are both utility assessments and photography. Officials who work in the public safety sector indicate that drones are a big source of danger in correctional facilities at the moment. People in those locations depend on drones in order to give inmates access to contraband that’s totally unlawful. Securus Technologies, however, is a Carrollton, Texas company that’s doing something to battle that risk. It’s recently revealed pilot programs that employ drone detection practices to banish contraband activities. Securus Technologies is a firm that concentrates on public safety software. It states that drone use isn’t exclusively a danger to people who work in public safety. The firm states that it’s also a danger to people who are incarcerated. A couple big examples of contraband are drugs and mobile devices.


Troy Rule is a law professor who works for Arizona State University in Arizona. He’s also an individual who supports drone legislation. He says that civilian drones are strong. He says that managing them is a piece of cake. He even says that they’re relatively economical. Rule believes that more and more criminals nowadays are grasping that drones can help them accomplish all sorts of problematic things. An individual who lives at a Victorville, California federal jail asked another person to use a drone to bring a couple of mobile devices to the center. This was in the spring of 2015. No one even was aware of that contraband activity for a total of five months.


Securus Technologies is a praised firm that has been racking up positive acknowledgement in the criminal and civil justice technology world. It has been the recipient of a Gold Stevie Award. This award was for the “Best Customer Service Training Division” classification. This was for the Sales & Customer Service Stevie Awards. This awards option has been around for more than 10 full years now. The Stevie Awards puts together numerous prominent business awards all around the planet. It puts together both the International Business Awards and the American Business Awards. People found out about these awards at a banquet that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. The banquet’s location was a dazzling hotel and casino by the name of Caesars Palace. 650 plus diligent executives showed up at the ceremony. These professionals come from all different areas of the planet as well.


Michael Gallagher is the Stevie Awards’ President. He established it as well. He thinks that the speedy and steady expansion of the Stevie Awards points to the strength of many different things. These things are strong customer service, business development and sales techniques.


Changing the Face of Elective Healthcare: Dr. Mark McKenna’s OVME

The idea of having retail establishments for elective healthcare had been percolating for awhile when Dr. Mark McKenna decided to launch OVME in 2017. McKenna’s experience in the medical aesthetics industry goes back to his investment in ShapeMed. ShapeMed was a wellness and medical aesthetics organization dedicated to helping people look and feel beautiful. It was the first time that the connection between wellness and cosmetic surgery was established. Those first few months between the time ShapeMed was launched in November 2007 and when the idea took off were rough.

The idea did take off. Other organizations noticed and adapted the medical procedures as part of their services. ShapeMed became the go-to place to get BOTOX treatments. Life Time Fitness made Dr. Mark McKenna an offer he couldn’t refuse to sell ShapeMed in November 2014. McKenna was asked to serve as the National Medical Director and served in that capacity for over a year. It was during this time that his idea of having a network of medical aestheticians available for consumers to select like they would a ride on Uber or a room on Airbnb bloomed.

Dr. Mark McKenna felt that the medical aesthetic field was too fragmented to assist consumers. He wanted consumers to have the ability to choose providers based on specialty and availability. He also felt that the overhead could be reduced so doctors could choose when they would be available. The nationwide application could possibly eliminate the guesswork in scheduling appointments.

This consumer based, technology-driven company is poised to change the face of elective healthcare forever. Clients using Dr. Mark McKenna’s OVME services will have tremendous opportunities to choose the medical aesthetics they want to perform the services they need.

The real “beauty” of this new network application is the connections both physicians and their clients can have in real time. Physicians like the application because they can schedule times and select hours they want to work. Consumers like the application because they can choose providers and get the service they need. McKenna does think that the popularity of this new network will only grow in the future.