How To Naturally Alleviate Tooth Sensitivity

March 20 was World Oral Health Day. Tooth sensitivity is just one of the few oral health problems that people today have. It is a good idea to see a dentist if your teeth are more sensitive than usual. However, there are some things that you can do to alleviate tooth sensitivity while you are waiting to see a dentist.

You can use baking soda to treat tooth sensitivity. If the PH of your mouth is too low, then it can cause the enamel of your tooth to wear down. Baking soda can raise the PH of your mouth. You can rinse your mouth with baking soda water. Baking soda is abrasive, so you do not want to apply it directly to your teeth.

Rock salt can alleviate tooth sensitivity because it has antibacterial properties. You can use it along with mustard oil in order to get the best results. Mustard oil can help strengthen the gums. You can mix mustard oil with one teaspoon of rock salt. Massage the paste onto the gums and leave it there for five minutes.

You can also use regular salt to get rid of the tooth sensitivity. You can mix two teaspoons of rock salt with a glass of water. The warm salt water will act as a mouth cleaner.

Propolis is made from a substance that comes from the glands of a bee. It can help strengthen your dentin, which is the layer below the enamel. This can reduce tooth sensitivity.

You can get relief from tooth sensitivity by swishing sesame oil in your mouth. It helps remineralize your teeth and destroys bacteria. Additionally, you can use oregano oil. This is a powerful pain killer.

Holistic Medicine Can Be An Alternative To Pharmaceutical Drugs

Modern medicine has saved lives. People have used it to get relief from pain and treat grave illnesses. Modern medicine can also add years to a person’s life.

However, in many cases, pharmaceutical drugs can do more harm than good. Many people are prescribed the wrong medication and dosage. Others do not take the medication as directed. There was a study done by the American Academy of Physician Assistants that showed that 20 percent of people who are in the ICU are given the wrong medication dosage.

One million people visit the emergency room each year due to adverse reactions from medications. People who use medication need to be aware of all of the potential side effects. They also need to talk to their doctors about how the medications will interact with other medications.

Herbal remedies are an alternative to prescription medications. These remedies come right from the earth and can help people if they are used in the correct way. Herbal remedies have been around for thousands of years.

There are some people who are against herbal remedies. They say that people in third world countries have herbal remedies, but they are still dying because they do not have access to modern medicine. Others argue that herbal remedies can lead to death if they are not administered correctly.

However, the area is one of the factors that affect how effective herbal remedies are. They can be effective if they are used the right way. However, it is a good idea to consult with your doctor if you want to use an herbal remedy. This is especially important if you are pregnant, have a chronic condition or are taking medication.

Dr. Schnuffie’s Is A Natural Remedy For The Flu

The flu season has been winding down. It is known for being one of the worst flu seasons that we have had in years. Fortunately, there is a product that can help people naturally fight off the flu. The product is known as Dr. Schnuffie’s. It is a natural supplement that has the nutrients that your body needs to fight off viruses.

Dr. Schnuffie’s contains high doses of vitamin A, vitamin D, herbal extracts and zinc. It is different from many other supplements that are on the market today because it is highly-potent. Every ingredient in the supplement is known for the positive effects that it has on the immune system.

Dr. Mark Pettus is the director of medical education and population health at Berkshire Health Systems. He stated that supplements benefit most people because they do not get enough nutrients from their food. The vast majority of the vitamins in the supplement are fat-soluble. Many people follow a low-fat, which makes it even harder for them to get enough fat-soluble vitamins.

Every ingredient in the supplement can work on its own. However, it is the blend of ingredients that makes each one more effective. Vitamins are never found alone in food. Most foods contain a blend of vitamins. That is why taking vitamin C by itself will not be as effective for fighting off an illness as taking it with other vitamins.

Dr. Alan Inglis is one of the people who helped create Dr. Schnuffie’s. He has been trained in functional medicine. This is a practice that often incorporates the use of alternative medicine. His approach to medicine is to look beyond the symptoms and look at the whole person.

Dr. Inglis has also explained why Dr. Schnuffie’s is better than cold medicine. Cold medicine only treats the symptoms. However, Dr. Schnuffie’s helps the body fight off the virus and curbs inflammation.

European Holistic Skin Care is Moving to the United States

Americans are not the first to be concerned with sagging skin and laugh lines. Most natural and plant-based cosmetics that are popular in the U.S. today have roots in the European culture. Holistic practitioners and those associated with alternative medicine have been preparing exquisite botanical and organic remedies for hundreds of years. Below are several successful European skin specialists who have been improving the appearance and condition of skin in this century.

1.) Augustinus Bader is a German professor who developed a unique skin lotion in 2007 that eliminates the need for some severe burn patients to endure skin grafts; he is an expert in regenerative medicine. With over 200 patents, his creams and lotions contain vitamins, compounds, and complete combinations of amino acids that coincide with the original composition of the skin. Fine lines, redness and dark spots are eliminated. He infuses his collection with evening primrose, avocado and argan oils.

2.) Rudolf Steiner was a scientist and philosopher from Austria who cultivated his own flowers and herbs for his skincare named Weleda in the 1920s.

3.) Dr. Barbara Sturm is a German orthopedic surgeon who observed skiers during her medical training to evaluate how they recovered from injury and trauma. She found inflammation was the common denominator that was in all parts of the body especially the skin. She designed cleansers, masks, and creams with the goal of enhancing youthfulness, and all her products include purslane. This plant has amazing anti-inflammatory and nutritional properties, which have been found to lengthen cell life.
4.) Nigma Talib is a London-based naturopathic doctor who says that all skin conditions from acne to dullness needs to be treated from the inside out. She healed her eczema and digestive issues this way, and early in her career, she knew that she wanted to be a physician that heals from the root cause of the illness. Her most recent product is called Anti-Pollution Drops.

These incredible skin care products are available today.

Lawrence Bender Hits a Home Run with Good Will Hunting

You would have a hard time finding someone who has seen Good Will Hunting and does not at least respect the movie for the classic that it is. Lawrence Bender did some of his best work on this film, which has been captivating audiences since it premiered in 1997. More than two decades later, Good Will Hunting is still revered as one of the best portrayals of the extraordinary that exists around us everyday. It is one of the roles that Matt Damon is most known for, and Robin Williams’ performance is considered one of his best.

While the acting is superb in this heart-warming movie, it is the magic behind the camera that brings it all together. Bender went above and beyond to bring out the personal struggles and emotions of these characters without going over the top. Bender’s role in making this classic the masterpiece that it is recognized as cannot be understated. He did real justice to the brilliant script and illuminated the beauty that is in the imperfection of romantic relationships. Without Bender’s keen eye for the rawest of human emotions, we would not have experienced this film as the deep dive into the human soul that it is. Bender’s gift is in that he lets the actors shine in their comfort zone and takes the audience to a deeper level of understanding by inserting just the right amount of context into each scene.

Lawrence Bender has been developing his talent for producing for decades, but he was not always involved in movies. After he moved as a child from The Bronx to New Jersey, he went to school at the University of Maine to study civil engineering. After developing an expert eye for detail, Lawrence Bender leaped into dance as a professional dancer. He likely would still be involved in dance to this day had he not suffered a major injury. To the benefit of film fans everywhere, this brought Lawrence Bender onto the movie set and eventually in the producer’s chair. He has been recognized with three Oscar nominations and is still producing amazing films and documentaries.

Southridge Capital Gives Unique Financing Option

The world of private equity, corporate finance, and other types of finance and banking is a very competitive one. While there are many companies in the field that have been in business for a long time, one growing firm has shown that providing great service and adding value to their customers can help any organization to grow. One company that has continued to grow in the field is Southridge Capital, which is a firm that is based on Connecticut and is continuing to grow and develop its reputation.

Southridge was founded in 1996 and has since invested nearly $2 billion in capitals into its partnerships and investment companies. In that time period, the company has created a number of different service lines. One of the primary services that the company can provide today is securitization. Growing any business today requires capital and gaining access to traditional capital is not always an option for some businesses and business owners. In today’s environment, the value provided by the Southridge Capital securitization service is very valuable as it will give a creative and unique solution to solve complex issues.

While Southridge Capital can provide a structured finance and securitization service, the company can also provide a credit enhancement service. As mentioned on, this will help any organization to build their balance sheet and be more attractive for someone that is looking to improve their financial position. This could help any organization to obtain debt or additional equity that they need to grow into a larger company and reach their long-term company goals.

While Southridge Capital can provide a variety of services in their strutted finance wing, the company can also provide a lot of advisory services. Southridge Capital has a team of very successful professionals that have worked in a variety of industries. This provides them with very valuable insight that may not be met by another organization. Because of this, using the advisory services provided by Southridge Capital could be a great option for any organization. Southridge Capital can provide advisory and consultation services for a variety of different organizations in many different industries. For more info, visit

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Heal n Soothe Helps You Start Living Again

There is no magic pill for back pain, and many doctors would recommend patients stop searching for one. It can be difficult to live with pain, but there is a way. If you can mitigate your pain, then life becomes livable again. Heal ‘n Soothe is an herbal supplement that has the potential to ease your suffering. It was developed by a company that specializes in herbal supplements. The capsule is one hundred percent natural, so the ingredients have been sourced straight from the earth. The idea is that the earth produces better elements for the human body in its natural state than any laboratory can create.
Many people who have tried Heal n’ Soothe have had different experiences. Many have found the supplement to be favorable to their conditions. The back pain and arthritis that they suffer from can be managed with a little help. The company reputation is still growing, but Nutraceuticals is offering new customers a trial period to see if they like Heal ‘n Soothe. The trial period will show you how your specific condition reacts with the supplement, and it will give you the opportunity to mitigate your joint pain and arthritis. Heal n’ Soothe will continue to send you supplements until you voluntarily cancel your subscription, that way you never have to go through the hassle of placing an order every month.

The twelve ingredients present inside each capsule will always be sourced from the most natural herbs. They are all herbal supplements that interact with each other and compliment each other. The effect of each herb inside Heal ‘n Soothe presents a unique benefit to the human body. Many are there to promote enzymes which defend against pain and inflammation. There are also those ingredients which boost immunity and help purify the bloodstream. These ingredients are always added in the same ratio, and Heal n’ Soothe is completely transparent with the amount they put into each capsule. This is a great supplement for those who are searching for a holistic method of treatment for pain.

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Jeff Herman fights the statute of limitations

A statute of limitations is in effect in the state of New York, limiting a victim of sexual assault’s ability to press charges against the aggressor to five years. It does not matter what the excuses are, after five years, a victim will never be able to press charges against that person ever again. So if they are attacked by a person whom they cannot identify, it is very possible for that person to get off scot free. However, like ll laws, there is room for change and there are people who push for that change. The people in question this time happen to be the residents of New York, with a staggering ninety percent of residents supporting the bill. Supporting change, and disapproving of a limit to a person’s right to pursue justice for themselves in a court of law.
Leading this charge is actor and activist Corey Feldman, the man who, as a child, played the wisecracking Mouth in the beloved 80s movie The Goonies. Well, Feldman has grown up, and he wants change. Leading this push with Feldman is US volleyball star Sarah Powers-Barnhard. An organization, known as New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators, has also been pushing very hard for the bill to pass. The only real opposition the bill faces at this point are Senate Republicans.
Jeff Herman recently allowed a blog post on his firm’s website. Jeff Herman has been a supreme advocate for victims of sexual assault, sexual exploitation and rape for many years, and his work has turned him into a bit of a poster child for the movement. His firm has helped thousands of people, but nothing is more impressive than Herman’s personal work with the child victims of this crime. He has received special psychiatric training and developed his own methods on how to help children who seek justice through the legal process, and to help take some of the pressure off their young minds that a traumatic event such as this would undoubtedly create. This bill could possibly change legal processes when it comes to these heinous crimes for the far future, and may just be the pebble that starts a legal evolution, erasing the statute of limitations from the United States once and for all.
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Dr. Mark Mofid, Leading Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon and Gluteal Augmentation Innovator

Mark Mofid is a San Diego-based plastic surgeon surgeon who specializes in gluteal augmentation and facial reconstruction surgeries. He completed his undergraduate degree at Harvard University and his medical degree and residency at the Johns Hopkins School of medicine, and he is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery as well as the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery. Mark Mofid’s practice covers the La Jolla, Del Mar and Chula Vista sections of the city of San Diego, and his practice also includes his wife, who is a dermatologist. Dr. Mofid himself performs a variety of cosmetic plastic surgeries.

In a recent interview with Medical Spa MD, Dr. Mofid explained some of the details of his practice. When asked what kind of technology he uses most frequently, he listed the Cutera laser that they use for hair removal and certain vein treatments as well as chemical peels that are used for dermabrasion and facial resurfacing. The interviewer also asked Mark Mofid about nonsurgical options that he offers his patients, and Dr. Mofid said that nonsurgical options are popular and a necessary part of any plastic surgery practice. He also said that fillers, chemodenervation agents and other nonsurgical treatments are actually quite popular.

Mark Mofid has gained a reputation in the field of cosmetic surgeries for his dedication to making treatments safer for patients while still achieving results. He is perhaps best known for his innovations in the area of gluteal implants. Dr. Mofid realized years ago that most butt implants were destined to lose their appearance and sag over time, and he wanted a better product that was still perfectly safe to implement. The gluteal implant model that he created has become extremely popular thanks to its low profile and excellent intramuscular positioning, and because it simply looks more natural than older models.

Mark Mofid has been at the forefront of gluteal augmentations for years, thanks in large part to his work with Dr. Raul Gonzalez of Brazil, widely renowned as one of the leading gluteal augmentation experts in the world. While gluteal implants and augmentations have generally received negative media coverage in the United States, Dr. Mofid has sought to change that perception, and in recent years, public opinion towards these treatments has improved as the number of implants in the country has increased. Dr. Mofid continues to work towards new innovations in gluteal augmentations and in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery as a whole.

Youth-Enhancing Dietary Supplements from Jeunesse

The Youth Enhancement System developed by Jeunesse consists of skin care products and supplements that are designed to keep users feeling and looking young. Jeunesse’s YES caters to various skin care needs from anti-aging to moisturizing and a comprehensive range of supplements that are built to meet diverse requirements from fighting free radicals that cause aging to boosting energy levels for more youthful looks.

The AM & PM Essentials is a line of supplements that improve the vitamin and mineral intake of the user for better health. Jeunesse has used a proprietary formula that reduces premature aging. AM Essentials is designed as a daytime formula to improve the mood and increase energy while PM Essentials restore the body and prepare it for rest. Vitamins A, C, D, E, B6 & K, thiamin, biotin, and riboflavin are some of the ingredients present in the supplements.

Reserve is a diet supplement that is built to help the body defend itself by combating free radicals and the damage they cause. Jeunesse has used superfruits that are rich in antioxidants to give the supplement great potency. The fruits include dark sweet cherries, blueberries, concord grapes, pomegranate, and acai.

Another diet supplement from Jeunesse that improves health is FINITI, which is blended with fruits and vegetable extracts. It contains pomegranate extract, turmeric, coenzyme Q10, L-Carnosine, Astragalus root extract, and quercetin to boost the nutritional intake.

For rejuvenation of the mind, Jeunesse offers the M1ND dietary supplement that contains CERA-Q, which has been clinically proven to improve mental acuity. The blend of ingredients is inspired by eastern medicine and includes Gamma-aminobutyric acid, L-Theanine, and N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine.

Nevo is a caffeinated energy drink from Jeunesse that is designed to boost energy levels and refreshes the body. The drink contains 20% real fruit juice and available in four flavors. It doesn’t contain artificial flavors or sweeteners.

About Jeunesse

Jeunesse launched on September 9, 2009, and since then, has developed a range of revolutionary products that are tailored towards maintaining youth. The direct selling company created the Youth Enhancement System, YES, that combines skincare and nutritional products for a broad category of users. Jeunesse has had success selling cosmetics, supplements, and gear globally through its direct distributors who leverage the power of technology.