BBC Discusses Increasing Popularity of Alternative Medicine

A recent BBC News report has indicated that alternative medicine is growing in popularity in both the United States and the United Kingdom. The popularity of nontraditional or alternative medicine has been linked to several factors, including the consistently rising costs of healthcare related expenses and the mutually beneficial relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and failing healthcare treatments. Although the United States and the United Kingdom each have populations who have shown a great interest in alternative medical treatments, other developing nations have also experienced a rise in the popularity of alternative health care treatments.

Rising Costs of Healthcare Related Expenses in the United States and the United Kingdom

Healthcare costs are one of the primary reasons that most alternative health care users name for choosing these methods. Alternative health care generally costs very, very little and is widely available for use by the general public. By using certain herbs, spices, vegetables, or the extracts of these substances, alternative healthcare providers can distribute low cost treatments to almost any patient without the risk of allergic or chemical bodily reactions. To date, traditional health care costs make up about a third of America’s trillion dollar debt. Citizens of countries around the world are seeking to drastically reduce debts associated with western medicine by participating in alternative health practices.

Mutually Beneficial Relationship Between Pharmaceutical Industry and Failing Healthcare Treatments

A large percentage of Americans and the British who are making the transition from traditional healthcare systems to alternative healthcare site the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and failing healthcare treatments. The dawn of the internet age has allowed more and more individuals to understand the financial benefit that pharmaceutical companies gain by introducing expensive treatments despite their ability to cure illness. Because a large percentage of pharmaceutical drugs are designed to treat only the symptoms of disease instead of the actual disease, many people are seeking true curative treatments in the form of alternative medicine.

Winning The War Against Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a growing problem in this country. Childhood obesity hits around elementary school age and continues through high school. It is thought that childhood obesity is due to learning unhealthy eating habits at an early age, along with living in a low income home. Researchers in Massachusetts decided to turn things around for low income families in two small Massachusetts towns. The researchers focused on changing the behavior that led to obesity. For example, it is a well known fact that kids are attracted to all those unhealthy snacks, that line the supermarket shelves. Researchers decided to focus on teaching kids healthy food alternatives and more in their war against childhood obesity.

Physical Activity & Healthy Eating
Certainly, it just makes good common sense that eating sensibly and getting the proper amount of exercise, leads to weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle. The fact is that the average kid spends a tremendous amount of time in front of the television, computer, or playing games on a game system. Therefore, it should not be surprising that getting the kids up and moving should lead to weight loss. The study definitely demonstrated that changing bad habits worked. Certainly, this is good news for the kids in this country. However, the CDC or Center For Disease Control noted that we have a long way to go. One out of every five kids in this country is considered obese. This is a frightening statistic. Kids with obesity problems develop a number of health concerns later on.

Treat Alcoholism With Medical Marijuana

Most of us drink alcohol without thinking twice. Yet, chances are pretty good that we either know an alcoholic or someone who is in recovery. Alcohol addiction is very common and for those who have experienced it, the habit can be difficult to kick. Since alcohol is present at nearly every social gathering in our country, this makes it even harder to get alcohol addition under control.

The traditional way of dealing with it is to enter rehab and work hard to abstain from drinking. However, researching are now realizing there might be another way – using medical marijuana to treat it.

Why Quit Drinking?

Decades of studies have shown that alcohol is bad for the body and the mind, especially when drunk in excess. It is generally believed that a moderate intake of alcohol won’t cause harm, but those who are addicted consume far more than that. This is especially true for binge drinkers who tend to drink heavily for several days in a row. The body works hard to rid itself of the alcohol but in large quantities, this is incredibly difficult. The end result is that the body is overtaxed and many of the harmful chemicals from the body are simply not eliminated. Drinking can take years off of a person’s life.

Why Medical Marijuana?

Alcoholism is so common that it is generally accepted that rehab facilities need to find new methods to help people kick their addictions. In fact, with the conventional rehab methods, there is only about a 50% success rate. Although many programs have a proven track record, there is clearly plenty of room for improvement. Typically, benzodiazepines are prescribed during treatment, but these have been shown to have strong side effects.

That’s where medical marijuana comes in. Marijuana hasn’t been shown to be as addictive a substance as the benzodiazepines. There are also those who don’t experience addiction in any way from marijuana. Furthermore, it can be used to control the symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol. Marijuana is also a sedative and anti anxiety and it overall assists the process of coping with rehab. The conclusion is that it can greatly increase success rates for those who are in recovery from alcohol addiction.

For those who need to kick their addiction to alcohol, medical marijuana can greatly increase a rehab program’s success rate.

Based on Article: (From Reddit, Alternative Health Subreddit)

Alternative Medicine to Be Used for New Contraceptive Device

According to a recent article published by the BBC, an alternative medical treatment is now being used in a new contraceptive device. The BBC reported that California researchers have, for the past decade, been developing a unique blend of chemicals extracted from the dandelion root plant that can act as a safe barrier for sperm. Dandelion root has been long regarded as a superfood for its ability to promote overall health in humans. The extract from this plant has been proven to alleviate digestive issues, relieve cancer symptoms in sick patients, and promote weight loss. Only recently, however, have studies indicated that dandelion root may be beneficial in the prevention of unwanted pregnancies.


California researchers have discovered that chemicals extracted from the dandelion root plant are able to bind the sperm of human males while allowing them to continue to survive and move in along their natural paths. When initially developing the alternative remedy, researchers faced tremendous backlash from intimidating companies that developed hormonal birth control. They also faced difficulties when attempting to develop a birth control, barrier method that had very fews side effects. Developers found a remedy to this problem, however, when they discovered the effects of dandelion root extract on human sperm.


In clinical trials designed to study the reaction between dandelion root extract and human sperm, results showed that the extract was actually beneficial to human subjects. In addition to the provision of contraceptive effects, dandelion root extract strengthen the body in such a way that it creates a beneficial environment for procreation should the individual choose to discontinue use of the extract. This finding has been welcome in the scientific community largely because traditional birth control methods are all linked to a decreased ability to procreate later in life. Researchers are continuing to study dandelion root in correlation to a new contraceptive device.


Forbes Discusses Alternative Cancer Medical Treatments

In a recent news article, Forbes Magazine discussed the benefits and drawbacks of alternative cancer medical treatments in the United States and abroad. Alternative, holistic medical treatments have always been available as a method of treatment for illnesses since the beginning of human interaction with treatments and relief aids. It has only been within the last hundred years of medical history that the mainstream medical community has shunned the use of natural remedies for the treatments of various diseases and suggested, instead, the use of treatments made of chemicals and objects foreign to the human body. Because the cancer industry is extremely profitable in most developed nations, small percentages of certain populations have begun to make a shift from traditional, pharmaceutical industry influenced medicine to a more natural approach to cancer treatment. Forbes contributor, David Chan, discussed the trend of alternative cancer treatments and its effects on the human body.

Chan’s discussion of the available natural treatments for cancer is not extensive, to say the least. The physician from the Stanford Department of Oncology simply reasons that the treatments do not work because the government systems in the United States, Canada, England, and France are not investing in the study of the holistic treatments. According to David Chan, this is reason enough to determine that holistic cancer treatments are not profitable to the removal of cancer cells in the human body.

Many holistic treatment professionals and physicians would argue with the Stanford physician’s simplistic view of natural healthcare treatments, however. Dr. Max Gearson, the developer of the Gearson Method for cancer treatment, for instance, spent decades attempting to popularize his effective treatment for cancer and was met with hostility for daring to present science that did not allow for the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Dr. Chan failed to discuss the fact that the pharmaceutical industry has a large presence in most major political systems.

A Look At How Meditation Changed A Women’s Life

Suzy Stratner says she got introduced to meditation at work. Her first experience involved a guided meditation session with colleagues that lasted for about 10 minutes. After it was over, Suzy recalled feeling like she was just pampered at a spa.

The feeling of peacefulness and relaxation made Suzy Stratner wonder, what is meditation and why is it so calming. It also made her inquire if there were additional benefits to this holistic procedure on her health. What Ms. Stratner found out was that meditation is simply observing and focusing on your breath in its most basic form.

While it may seem simple and easy to do, meditation has a huge amount of benefits. For example, Suzy Stratner discovered that meditating can actually impact your behavior for the better. It can even change your brain composition and help regulate mood, which is an excellent tool for people who are moody or who suffer from mood swings.

There are also physical benefits to meditation. They include reducing inflammation, especially in the brain. The reduced inflammation can help with headaches and also reduces the risk of disease such as cancer and other chronic illnesses. Meditation can also help with with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, fear and the inability to sleep or insomnia. One can say that meditation is a wonder treatment. Stratner reports that helping people mediate through private sessions or group sessions is now a billion dollar plus business.

By just practicing meditation for about 5 minutes a day, Suzy Stratner noticed that she has become much more calmer. When she talks she is much more clear and to the point. Another benefit that Stratner has gotten from meditation is that she is now focused on the present and is not overly worrying about what to do next. Stressful situations such as traffic jams also do not faze her anymore.

Can Meditation Help With Anxiety And Depression?

A reader of the Huffington Post asked if meditation can help them deal with anxiety and depression. Huffington Post writer, Allison Fox did some research and wrote an article in response to this reader’s question. Here is what she wrote and discovered.

Meditation can indeed help people cope with depression and anxiety. One of the ways that meditation fights these symptoms is by reducing stress. Interestingly, meditation has been shown to reduce biological markers such as stress hormones in the body when practiced over a long period of time. This shows that not only can meditation make you feel better and more relaxed, but it can also have an impact on the cellular and biological level.

Past studies done into meditation and stress, depression and anxiety have all been positive when it came to the effects of meditation. There has been an issue raised with expectancy. That is people expected to feel better and less stressful after mediation and thus reported this during the research trails.

New studies have avoided mentioning that the study is about measuring the effects of meditation or impact on stress levels and anxiety. This is to get a more accurate readings and to confirm that the benefits do indeed come from meditation and not from something else. The new studies have also confirmed what the previous studies have. Meditation reduces stress and helps people with anxiety and depression cope with their problems.

Mental health experts say that meditation can be a great additional tool to fight against depression and anxiety. When combined with therapy and medicine, it can help patients get out of their depression or overcome their mental health issues. The best part of meditation is how easy it is to do. All one needs is some spare time and a quite room or place to just think.

James Larkin – Labor Activist and Important Historical Figure

James “Jim” Larkin lived from 1876 until 1947. He was an Irish activist who lived his life in a way that made him a folklore hero. James Larkin was the founder of the Irish Transport Union as well as the General Workers’ Union. He was a labor organizer.

James Larkin was born in January 1876 in Liverpool, England. He had very little formal education as he had to start working from a very young age in order to help the family survive. James Larkin had many jobs one of which was a foreman at the docks of Liverpool. James Larkin became committed to the cause and started directing his efforts towards helping workers receive better treatment.

James Larkin ended up becoming a part of the National Union of Dock Labourers, or NUDL for short. In 1905, James Larkin became a trade union organizer and dedicated all of his efforts to the position and his new responsibilities. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

In 1907, James Larkin was transferred to the city of Dublin. That became the home of his establishment – Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. The organization had the goal of combining all of the industrial workers into one regardless of their skill or experience, everyone was accepted.

A few years later, James Larkin led a number of strikes as he created the Irish Labor Party. The most consequential of these risings took place in Dublin in the year of 1913. More than a hundred thousand workers went on strike for about eight months.

It went down in history as the 1913 Dublin Lockout. The event ended in favor of the workers as they won the right to receive fair employment. That changed the way labor was organized in Ireland.

James Larkin initiated some activist events when the World War I broke out. He staged a number of anti – war demonstrations of significant proportions in the city of Dublin. In 1914, James Larkin emigrated to the United States of America.

The reason for that being that his Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union broke apart the 1913 Dublin Lockout. Eventually, James Larkin was deported back to Dublin, Ireland. That did not stop James Larkin.

As an avid Marxist, his activism continued, and he fought for his beliefs until the 1940s. He traveled to the United States of America trying to raise some money in order to continue to fight against the British. One of the most difficult times in his fight was in the 1930s.

James was arrested in 1920. He was convicted of communism as well as criminal anarchy. After three years in prison, James Larkin was pardoned and deported back to Dublin, Ireland. A year later, James Larkin formed the Workers’ Union of Ireland. That secured the recognition of the Communist International, and he received his praise in 1924.

James Larkin led a somewhat of a turbulent life. However, James Larkin managed to create a family in 1903. He married Elizabeth Brown, and the couple had four sons. The family lived in Dublin, Ireland. On January 1946, James Larkin took his last breath in the family home in Dublin

Mounting Evidence That Holistic Medicine Is the Real Lifesaver

Holistic medicine is a term which covers a rather wide range of subjects. It can involve everything from herbal medicine to healthy lifestyle choices. There’s usually one unifying factor for all of it though. Holistic medicine is medical practice which sees health as more than a collection of separate processes. Basically, holistic medicine aims to treat the whole person rather than a single isolated point on their bodies.

A recent study provides the perfect example of just how important this holistic view of the body can be. The study focuses on one of the single most important parts of holistic medicine. Herbal cures and medication practices are the most novel part of holistic medicine for most people. But it’s really just general preventive medicine that forms the basic foundation on which any holistic practice should be built.

This preventative medicine is usually fairly simple. Really, it just comes down to avoiding the most extreme health risks while embracing a few healthy lifestyle options. When people think of preventative medicine it’s common to imagine extremes where everyone needs to carefully focus on every single muscle in their body. In fact, this runs counter to some of the basic principles of holistic medicine. Again, holistic medicine focuses on the whole body and how connected biological processes are.

The study showed that simply avoiding obesity, not smoking and drinking in moderation was enough to add eleven or twelve years to someone’s life. That might be reduced to seven years if the moderate alcohol consumption is pushed up or down. It’s also notable that those extra years weren’t simply tacked on at the end of an extended period of biological decline. The extra years were the result of simply being healthier for a larger percentage of one’s overall average lifespan.

The results vindicate one of the basic principles of holistic medicine. Keep the system itself healthy and that health will extend to everything it touches. Healthy lungs translate to healthy breathing. Healthy breathing, in turn, helps to keep circulating blood healthy and oxygenated. This all comes together to prove that working with the body as a whole can improve every single aspect of one’s health.

Susan McGalla: the iron lady in the corporate world.

Susan McGalla is a well-known American business woman. Currently, she’s an executive consultant from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was born on May 31, 1964, in East Liverpool where she was raised with her two brothers.

She attended Mount Union College where she earned a degree in business and marketing. Susan is among the top successful women in business, and she serves as the epitome of success as a woman and a leader. Through her hard work and determination, she was able to climb the corporate ladder in every company she joined. Susan worked in various marketing positions with American Eagle Outfitters, Joseph Horne Company where he started her career, and Wet Seal Inc.

Through her exemplary leadership performance, Susan has proved yet again that women can be better drivers of a company. She offers motivation to other women who are still under the cage of discrimination that even them can be dynamic leaders and can handle any challenge that comes their way.

The business world has been considered men-only sector for some years now, but women like Susan has proved that this is just another baseless myth. Women are now competing with men for corporate positions and even executive positions. Susan worked in various managerial positions in American Eagle Outfitters where she helped the company gain more exposure through her comprehensive marketing strategies.

Susan later became the president and chief merchandising officer (CMO) at American Eagle Outfitters. While here, she leads a launch of the company’s Aerie and 77Kids brands which shock the apparel market. Susan left American Eagle Inc in 2009 to become an independent private consultant for finance and retail industries; where she could use her expertise and experience in retail business to drive marketing strategies that drove sales.

Many women are known to have a unique personality capability that empowers them to undertake and blend responsibilities, this is right with Susan McGalla, while she was consulting with companies on their strategies for diverse markets, she was also a CEO of Wet Seal Inc where she replaced Ed Thomas in 2011, but she parted ways with the company in 2012.

After her departure from Wet Seal Inc, Susan founded P3 Executive Consulting Company located in Pittsburgh. She is also the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Her prowess in retail and fashion industry has given her a name, where she is considered the go-to person when it comes to retail marketing strategies and clothing campaigns.


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