Anna Ross Leaves Oncology Career Behind To Pursue Holistic Medicine

Anna Ross has worked in oncology clinical research for the past 20 years. She has helped develop and test drugs for cancer. She has also had the privilege of traveling to 65 countries. After meeting several cancer patients, she became frustrated with the way that cancer patients were being treated.

Anna stated that our healthcare system is good at treating catastrophic disease. However, the current medical system is not designed to prevent disease. It is also not designed to reduce the risk of certain diseases. She likes the Eastern philosophy of medicine. It focuses on lifestyle and nutrition therapy.

Anna decided to leave her career in oncology to start a company called Anna Apotheca. This is a company that helps people get trained and certified in Eastern medicine. It also produces a line of teas. Anna stated that she is still in the same career. However, she is using whole plants instead of drugs.

Anna was decided to start a tea line after her aunt was diagnosed with ALS. She was overwhelmed after her aunt’s diagnosis. She was so stressed out that she could not sleep. She used tea to calm her nerves. It would help her sleep better at night.

Anna was motivated to create a better tea. She wanted to create a tea that would make herbs, vitamins and minerals more effective. Anna’s company already has a fanbase. Jen west is a health guru who used Anna’s tea while he was undergoing treatment for cancer. She also used Eastern medicine to help her body cope with the painful disease.

Jen stated that the flavor alone is enough to get people to try the teeth. There are also health benefits.

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