A glance at one of Fortress investments’ top dogs, Peter Briger

Also nicknamed as the king of debts, Peter Briger is a name that commands a lot of respect in the financial world. He is not nicknamed the king of debt because he has debts, but thanks to his impressive acumen of turning beaten down loans, illiquid investments or distressed debts into gold something he achieves thanks to his position in Fortress Investment Company. He is a self-made man who ranks among the top 400 of the world’s billionaires on Forbes list.Peter Briger has been an instrumental figure in the exponential success of Fortress investment group thanks to his financial proficiency. He joined the firm in 2002 and since then has served various positions but he is the current co-chairman and also investment manager a role he has been serving since 2009. As mentioned earlier, Peter’s main role in the company is to invest in companies undergoing distressed debts and help change the situation to a much favorable one, a role he has served exceptionally well helping soar the company to unimaginable heights. He also oversees the firm’s real estate business and has been with the company for close to two decades now.

A little background information about Peter Briger

Like most individuals in the pool of success, Peter Briger did not just wake up a successful man. His career path to becoming one of the most influential and successful people in the world of finance began at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business where he graduated with an MBA. He is also an alumnus of Princeton University. He later joined Goldman Sachs where he worked for fifteen years. Here is where Mr. Briger sharpened his skills and perfected his expertise in the art of investing in distressed debt.For instance, while here, Peter and his colleagues would purchase troubled mortgages, car loans and other assets which no one wants maybe due to economic problems or any other causes and then hold them until the markets were fully stable which is when they would sell them for a good amount of money. In other words, they would use the strategy of buy while low and sell when high. Even though this might seem effortless, it only takes a person with the expertise like Peter Briger to succeed. During this period at Goldman Sach’s is when Peter mastered the art of specialty investments and when he joined Fortress he put them to work immediately something that has helped the group amass a wider customer base. He also served various senior roles at Goldman’s such as being the co-head of the Asian management committee, being a member of the Japan executive among several others.

Philanthropic work

Even with all the success, Peter Briger is an avid supporter of charity work and is known for his big heart. He seems to understand perfectly the phrase charity begins at home which is why he gives back to his former school Princeton University by setting up sound startup initiatives to help grow the culture of entrepreneurship. He wants to encourage the journey of self-reliance to the Princeton community which is why he together with his other colleagues from Princeton came together to form the Princeton entrepreneurship advisory committee.

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