Wes Edens Trumps All

The Fortress Investment Group has been one of the most lucrative alternative management firms in existence. They currently operate over $72 billion with four different sectors. They are diversified in highly specialized areas which allows them to make complicated decisions in a nearly risk-free manner. They have their headquarters stationed in New York City but over 100 offices in another hundred different countries. This allows them to analyze trends around the globe in order to take the chance and risk necessary to make billions of dollars. Over 1700 corporations leave a large sum of their money at the Fortress Investment Group. This money is invested by over 1500 workers who are all interested in sector specific knowledge.

The Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by Wes Edens and four of his friends.Wes Edens is the $2.5 billion rich man who is stayed on the top 500 list of Forbes.com. He has two beautiful dollars and even more beautiful wife. He goes horse jumping and mountain hiking in order to unwind and think about the next business move.He started this company with his friends at the age of 25 in order to take creative and risky investments and turn them into lucrative opportunities. He is the top founder of the company and is trusted to lead the Board of Directors as the chairman. He is responsible for $27 billion in the company which resides in his private equity departments. He is responsible for investing and managing that money to ensure it continues growing wealth.

He also oversees all of their work in the real estate sectors. He has trained a team who is capable of keeping prices low and management costs almost negligible which allows them to gain long-term cash flows from their commercial real estate places and the residential ones as well.Wall Street Journal has reported he is one of the most creative investors they have ever seen since Warren Buffett. He has sold 8% of the company to the public to raise $600 million which he in turn used to make the entire corporation worth over $100 billion. He sold a $3.3 billion share to a Japanese equity firm in order to gain access to their global Associates.He owns the Milwaukee Bucks along with his friend and expanded out into the realm of the chart exports by owning various teams that play League of Legends.

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