Scott Rocklage’s Journey to Inventing a Cure

Expansion Therapeutics, a renowned health company, has been on the forefront in raising funds to fight against various genetic disorders. Some of these disorders include the deadly myotonic dystrophy type 1 which is a leading disorder for muscular dystrophy. The health company donated about 55.3 USD towards the fight against the disease. According to research conducted, the symptoms become visible once the RNA gets to toxic heights. Other companies that took part in the financing include 5 AM Ventures, RA Capital Management, Kleiner Perkins, Novartis Venture Fund, Alexandria Venture Investments and Sanofi Ventures among others. Interesting to note, RNAs are particles that are relocated from DNA and transformed to proteins. However, when the RNAs molecules rise beyond the norm, they become toxic and result in the DMI condition. When this happens, the body begins to weaken as the vital organs such as the heart, central nervous system, muscles, respiratory system, and gastrointestinal system start to malfunction. The DM1 condition is quite fatal as it can affect an entire family and the case becomes fatal and problematic with each new generation. At the moment, medics have not come up with an effective treatment for the illness.


Expansion Therapeutics develops a medication that battles the RNA molecules in the human body. The company’s mission is to fight the diseases that are related to expansion repeat disorders. These are illnesses that are passed on from generation to generation and are resistant to medication. The illnesses have been realized to have defective genes that are as a result of the production of repetitive DNA. A great example of such a disease is the DM1 that is caused when the DNA repeat triggers the overproduction of the RNAs which is termed as toxic. The company utilizes the research that is conducted at the famous lab of Matthew Disney who holds a Ph.D. The respected Scott Rocklage, managing partner at 5 AM ventures and chairman of the Board of Directors of Expansion Therapeutics, briefed on this matter and revealed that Matthew Disney is the man behind the research team.


About Scott Rocklage


Scott Rocklage holds a prestigious position at 5 AM Ventures as the managing partner. Scott brings to the table more than 30 years of experience in the field. His ample knowledge and expertise in the fields have led to the success of various research that he has engaged in through the years. Scott Rocklage joined the renowned University of California and attained his B.Sc. in Chemistry. He later pursued a Ph.D. in Chemistry at M.I.T. Learn more:

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