Three Exotic Foods Creating Great Interest In m Circles

They are predicted to be the three hottest food trends on the alternative health scene – one is a mushroom, the second is an exotic fruit from Peru and the third is a Japanese berry. Each is being touted for an array of wellness-boosting qualities.

Let’s take a closer look at the “Big Three” holistic nutritionists are excited about:

Chaga Mushroom

This is a species of mushroom that grows on birch trees. Studies of the effects on adding chaga to the diet indicate this fungi may have exceptional power to enhance the immune system, including fighting cancer. The chaga is not pretty. It’s looks like a black, warty growth clinging to the side of dead birch trees. But intense interest in this healthy mushroom is growing both among the public and researchers.


This South American fruit resembles a large avocado except for its bright orange color. It’s native to the Andean valleys of Peru, Ecuador and Chile. It was a highly prized supplement to the diet of the ancient peoples of the Andes region. Europeans first make mention of the fruit in 1531.

Lucuma produces a blood sugar balancing effect in humans. It also been associated with weight loss. People who try lucuma often mention its energy-boosting effect. It’s rich in antioxidants, and therefore, bolsters the immune systems and may fight or prevent cancer.

Lucuma is also delicious. The taste is described as a combination of maple syrup and sweet potato.

Haskap Berry

For centuries the Japanese have called the haskap berry the “Fruit of Longevity.” It originates from Hokkaido and was brought to Canada in the 1960s. Food researchers call this berry a “formidable antioxidant superfood” because of the unusually high number of antioxidants discovered in its makeup.

The haskap berry is described as a combination of a blueberry, raspberry and black currant. It is delicious to taste.

Industry watchers say chaga, lacuma and haskap are the food trends to watch for healthy eating in 2018.

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