Nick Vertucci on his Start in Real Estate

Real estate businessman Nick Vertucci has been in his line fo w rok for a couple of decades. He started out in real estate full of uncertainty but his inking of curiosity and hope pushing him forward and motivated him to learn about the business and start practicing to bring financial stability and freedom to his family.

Nick completed his education at the Canyon High School and then went straight to work as his family had lost almost all of their assets. With the passing of his father, his family was left to fend for themselves, and Nick had to help with bringing in the income. He lived in a van for several years.

In 2001, Nick Vertucci started working at his companyCoastline Micro Inc as the President and Chief Executive Officer. The business was alive until 2007 and worked in computer parts sales. The dot-com crisis of 2007 brought it down. After that, Nick Vertucci’s income dwindled down to a bare minimum. Unable to restore the company, he took a chance on a seminar on real estate investment for beginners. That opened a new chapter in his life.

Nick Companies, Inc started up at the beginning of 2007 and is still going strong. The company provides solutions for business people working in real estate investment. It took some time to get where Nick Vertucci is today. He frequently speaks about taking a chance on an opportunity and going with your gut.

He explains that when he lost all of his livelihood and had a family to support, he directed all of his energy into educating himself on real estate. He started out with a lot of confusion as he left that seminar with more questions than he had answers. Still, he put his back into it and started studying.

One of the biggest pieces of advice that Nick Vertucci gives people is always to be open to learning more. Educating yourself on anything you want to take up as a career is essential and one of the best ways to do that is to listen to what professionals with experience have to say about it.

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