Doe Deere – An All Around Entrepreneur

Lime Crime Cosmetics was launched by Doe Deere in October of 2008. She originally registered an account on eBay in 2004 where she modeled her own designs, but then later decided to stray away from eBay and make Lime Crime official by launching an actual makeup line. Through much hard work and perserverance she managed to go from an unknown young woman to a budding entrepeneur with a blossoming company. Putting her knowledge of makeup and what women everywhere want, she was able to hit the mark and become a success.


Deere was born in Izhevsk, Russia in 1981, but moved to New York City as a young child. Having the experiences of two countries under her belt was a big contributor to developing her business idea. Her whole idea behind launching such a colorful makeup line was so that anyone anywhere would have an opportunity to express themselves. One big dilemma for most people is not being able to express themselves on the outside by how they feel on the inside. Doe Deere wanted to change that and give people that capability because she felt the exact same way. She wanted to create a style that did not just make your eyes pop a little, or make your lips look just a tad bit pinker and somewhat fuller, no. Doe Deere wanted to add glitter and bright colors to just about everything. They don’t call her the “Unicorn Queen” for no reason!


Deere is also good friends with singer-songwriter Melanie Martinez. Martinez has supported Doe through her amazing journey as CEO and founder of Lime Crime. Not to mention Melanie also loves the products and ideas that her best friend, Doe, comes up with. They share a similar creativity. Another amazing thing about Lime Crime is that all of the products are totally vegan and cruelty-free. Most makeup brands test on animals, but Doe Deere does not and will not. This is a business model that is of the utmost importance to her. She wants to make sure our fuzzy friends are all safe and sound, and she believes that there are other ways of testing cosmetics that are just as effective. Deere made it a point to make sure that her company made this of the utmost importance.


Before Lime Crime was famous, many people told Deere that she would not be able to sell makeup online because people would want to try her products on before they bought them. As we can see, from the success of Lime Crime, Deere showed them. She pioneered the “on-lip” lipstick swatch, which is now required with other businesses who sell cosmetics online. If you just show the customers what the product will look like on a model, it is just as good as being in a real store- scratch that- it’s even better! You get to be in your jammies and buy glittery lipstick! And that is a way to buy cosmetics that just about everyone loves. Learn more:

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