European Holistic Skin Care is Moving to the United States

Americans are not the first to be concerned with sagging skin and laugh lines. Most natural and plant-based cosmetics that are popular in the U.S. today have roots in the European culture. Holistic practitioners and those associated with alternative medicine have been preparing exquisite botanical and organic remedies for hundreds of years. Below are several successful European skin specialists who have been improving the appearance and condition of skin in this century.

1.) Augustinus Bader is a German professor who developed a unique skin lotion in 2007 that eliminates the need for some severe burn patients to endure skin grafts; he is an expert in regenerative medicine. With over 200 patents, his creams and lotions contain vitamins, compounds, and complete combinations of amino acids that coincide with the original composition of the skin. Fine lines, redness and dark spots are eliminated. He infuses his collection with evening primrose, avocado and argan oils.

2.) Rudolf Steiner was a scientist and philosopher from Austria who cultivated his own flowers and herbs for his skincare named Weleda in the 1920s.

3.) Dr. Barbara Sturm is a German orthopedic surgeon who observed skiers during her medical training to evaluate how they recovered from injury and trauma. She found inflammation was the common denominator that was in all parts of the body especially the skin. She designed cleansers, masks, and creams with the goal of enhancing youthfulness, and all her products include purslane. This plant has amazing anti-inflammatory and nutritional properties, which have been found to lengthen cell life.
4.) Nigma Talib is a London-based naturopathic doctor who says that all skin conditions from acne to dullness needs to be treated from the inside out. She healed her eczema and digestive issues this way, and early in her career, she knew that she wanted to be a physician that heals from the root cause of the illness. Her most recent product is called Anti-Pollution Drops.

These incredible skin care products are available today.

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