Jeff Herman fights the statute of limitations

A statute of limitations is in effect in the state of New York, limiting a victim of sexual assault’s ability to press charges against the aggressor to five years. It does not matter what the excuses are, after five years, a victim will never be able to press charges against that person ever again. So if they are attacked by a person whom they cannot identify, it is very possible for that person to get off scot free. However, like ll laws, there is room for change and there are people who push for that change. The people in question this time happen to be the residents of New York, with a staggering ninety percent of residents supporting the bill. Supporting change, and disapproving of a limit to a person’s right to pursue justice for themselves in a court of law.
Leading this charge is actor and activist Corey Feldman, the man who, as a child, played the wisecracking Mouth in the beloved 80s movie The Goonies. Well, Feldman has grown up, and he wants change. Leading this push with Feldman is US volleyball star Sarah Powers-Barnhard. An organization, known as New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators, has also been pushing very hard for the bill to pass. The only real opposition the bill faces at this point are Senate Republicans.
Jeff Herman recently allowed a blog post on his firm’s website. Jeff Herman has been a supreme advocate for victims of sexual assault, sexual exploitation and rape for many years, and his work has turned him into a bit of a poster child for the movement. His firm has helped thousands of people, but nothing is more impressive than Herman’s personal work with the child victims of this crime. He has received special psychiatric training and developed his own methods on how to help children who seek justice through the legal process, and to help take some of the pressure off their young minds that a traumatic event such as this would undoubtedly create. This bill could possibly change legal processes when it comes to these heinous crimes for the far future, and may just be the pebble that starts a legal evolution, erasing the statute of limitations from the United States once and for all.
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